From the Principal

Advent and more

Dear Parents, Students and Friends

I have been waiting for the first days of summer and Sunday didn’t disappoint. We begin a new season, such as summer, with optimism. Who would have thought that the holidays are just around the corner?   But….

Our church begins the season of Advent, also with great optimism. This time, we know, is one of preparation for the birth of Jesus. Advent calls us to stop and consider life prior to the great feast of Christmas.

Pope Francis spoke about Advent recently and said, ‘We are inclined to new things because we are born for great things. We are born to be with the Lord. When we allow God to enter, true newness arrives. Life should not be spent in waiting for things which may never arrive; but in expectation, in the desire for the Lord who always brings newness. This does not mean waiting around doing nothing, but being active in love. Christians are called to keep and spread the joy of anticipation: we await God, Who loves us infinitely, and Who, at the same time, waits for us to be with Him forever in Heaven.’

Marist Catholic College North Shore

We have begun the gradual process towards co-education at Marist, just last week enrolment offers were sent out to a great group of boys and girls for 2021.

Last Friday I attended the annual general meeting of the Metropolitan Combined Catholic Schools Sports Association (MCCS). The first item of business was that Marist Catholic College North Shore be invited to join the association in 2021. The proposal was endorsed unanimously by the eight Principals of the association schools.

Happily, in 2021 when our boys move off to the competitive sport in MCC, the girls will be competing in the MCCS Sporting competitions. The MCCS offer a great range of sporting options for the girls including: Netball, basketball, hockey, waterpolo, Oz Tag, tennis, touch football, volleyball and more.

Parents and Friends End of Year Social

I am most appreciative of the great work done by our P and F in 2018. They have brought their own style and method of undertaking our community events. Our End of Year Social was held on Friday 23 November, despite the challenges of wind and rain, the support of the parents and friends was apparent and the good cheer was abundant.

Tony Duncan


From the Assistant Principal

Learning, Faith and more

The great challenge for young people is to listen to Christ's voice in the midst of so many others. His invitation is a personal one "Come and follow me." Disciples are born from their personal encounter with Christ, and missionaries from disciples. Mary is the model of discipleship.
Evangelizers in the Midst of Youth 210

As the 2018 school year draws to a close we are reminded that the year for the boys has been filled with many experiences across a myriad of avenues. Each day they encounter new ideas, are challenged to be critical in their thinking, to be creative, listen and work with others. The modern student must be able to communicate his learning, not merely be a sponge. The learner of the 21st century needs to be able to work and collaborate with their peers. Education is about finding a balance, an opportunity to explore all aspects of the learning community. There are four areas that play great significance in the boys learning, areas that they would experience everyday at MCNS.


The College, in its evangelising mission, aims to bring Christ to all. Guided by the charism of St Marcellin, students and staff live out the theme “Imagine” amongst a faith filled, spiritual community.

Quality Education
To develop a lifelong learner is the goal of MCNS. The highly experienced staff work tirelessly to ensure that the boys have every opportunity to engage with their education. Through goal setting, study skills sessions and classroom interactions, the boys come to value the place of a quality education in their lives. The College’s Vision for Learning - Dare To Be will set a blueprint for the direction learning will be focussed in 2019 and beyond.

Through our House system the boys develop a strong sense of belonging and inclusiveness during their time at MCNS. Many bonds are formed over the years between so many different individuals, and all differences being valued despite the traditional various friendship groups. The younger students are able to be supported and mentored by the older students as they make their way through the years.

Social Justice

An awareness of others and the need to place ourselves in their position is a key feature of the holistic education offered. Through Solidarity, Immersions and service in support of local initiatives, the boys are able to engage with aspects of social justice and an understanding of the issues at hand.

Rick Grech
Deputy Headmaster
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Faith Formation

Advent and Friday Morning Prayer


We live in busy times. As I reflect on what’s happening on the school front, we have been completing exams and final assessment tasks, marking, reporting and preparing for 2019. The ‘lull’ that was once enjoyed at this time of year seems to have been confined to the distant past. On the home front, holiday preparations are being finalised.  In stores, for weeks now, the Christmas decorations have been on sale and the marketing machine that is Christmas shopping is in full force.

By contrast, Advent - the 4 Sundays leading up to Christmas, asks us to slow down. It is a time of preparation for Christmas. We remember the First Coming of Jesus - His birth, and we also look forward to His second coming at the end of time. We profess this belief in the Creed by saying that ‘He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead and His Kingdom will have no end.’

Waiting is not easy! Nevertheless, we wait. This Advent, as we charge towards Christmas, let’s try to have some time where we reflect upon whom we are waiting for. Of course, we all should enjoy the excitement, gift giving and time with family and friends, but in doing so, let’s try to keep the Christ in Christmas.

Friday Morning Prayer

Friday morning before school, two Tutor Groups lead Friday morning prayer. This time of prayer is very special where we take the opportunity to stop and focus on a particular issue or event which serves as a theme. Coordinated by Mr Gabriel Rulewski, Friday Morning Prayer continues to provide an opportunity for encounter and to build on our relationships with God.

Last Friday, the Moore house led a prayer on Advent. As a response, staff and students lit a votive candle for someone in their thoughts and hearts. This simple ritual really connected with the boys and in a tangible way, helped them to bring the light of Christ into the world.

I would encourage all students and staff to come down to the Faith Formation Room once in a while to share in this special experience.

Anthony Munro
Director of Faith Formation

Creative and Performing Arts


Just a quick update on our sixth day of the Dance Coaching Clinics today at Marist College North Shore. What a wonderful way to connect our primary and secondary students through the Arts. All students demonstrated focus, determination and built positive relationships all whilst being challenged creatively. To our primary principals, teachers and students thank you for embracing & engaging with this creative opportunity, to our secondary coaches congratulations on your commitment to dance and growth in leadership through mentoring and finally to Mr Duncan thank you for your kind hospitality and opening up your incredible learning spaces. A big thank you to the fine young gentleman who actively engaged and hosted the event.

Iris McGillEducation Officer CaSPA - Eastern Region 


English Expo

Newman Program

2018 Newman Symposium


Season of Giving

At our recent Headmaster's Assembly, William Gallen, our Faith and Solidarity Captain spoke about our upcoming Christmas Appeal:

"As Christmas approaches, we begin to look forward to the gift giving season. By giving gifts to each other we are igniting a sense of community spirit. And in this time of generosity we have to remember those who aren't as fortunate. So, why don’t we extend that generosity to those who are forced to suffer hardship, and are starved of this joy we get to experience each year. With the likes of homelessness and poverty at our doorstep, I believe we could all spare even the smallest of gifts to make someone’s special time of year, just a few more smiles richer."

This year there are two charitable causes we are inviting you to consider supporting. The Vinnies Christmas Hamper Appeal and Catholic Care's Gift of Goodness Campaign.

Vinnies Christmas Hampers
Each tutor group will be asked to donate items to complete a Christmas hamper or two which will be distributed by the local Vinnies conference to local families who are facing financial or emotional hardship this Christmas. We will be asking for donations from Weeks 6-9 and have assigned different items to different Year Groups in each house. Please see below for details.

Gift of Goodness Campaign

This is a new initiative of the Archdiocese of Sydney that looks at raising funds for the crisis support and counselling services that Catholic Care provides year-round for people and families facing hardship. In Week 9 students will be invited to donate any gold coins or spare change which will then be used by Catholic Care to support their services. A letter and donation envelope will also be sent home in Week 8 with more information.

There are always many requests for charitable support, especially at Christmas time, but any support of either initiative you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Wishing you and your families a blessed Advent and Christmas Season.

Gabriel Rulewski
Solidarity and Youth Ministry Coordinator


Year 10 Dance with Mount St. Benedicts

It was a great thrill for Marist to host the Year 10 girls from Mt Saint Benedict College on Friday, November 30 for the annual Year 10 dance between our two schools. 

Throughout the day the students all mixed well together, socialising at recess and lunch as well as during the dance. As some students from both schools had attended the NASA trip earlier this year and retained friendships from that, connections were already made and subsequently, the more traditional practice of the boys and girls retreating into their own groups was forgotten. 

Personally, it was a great honour to make a speech, to those at the dance, on the topic of domestic violence and respect for women. This speech was written and delivered by Elliot Inman, myself and two students from Mt Saint Benedict. The girls worked well alongside us and it was a pleasure, we greatly appreciate them doing this and we all learnt a lot from this experience. They provided intelligent perspectives on the issue and spoke very well. 

I'd like to extend my gratitude to the students from Year 9 who participated in the day (as Mt St Benedict have more students per year than us). I did this last year and it isn't easy to dance and even socialise with girls older but they did so respectfully and admirably. Also, to the teachers who organised not just the day but dance lessons beforehand, which were sorely needed. The day ran very smoothly and a credit to all who organised it.

I greatly enjoyed the day and am confident that the majority of those who attended did too.

Aiden Brennan
Year 10 Kelly 5


School of Languages

Shoaland Griffiths, Year 8, Kelly 4, attended the NSW Minister’s Awards Ceremony (Community Language Schools) in October. Shoaland was the recipient of the Highly Commended 2018 Award - senior section. Shoaland has been learning Japanese since he was 5 years old.

On behalf of the MCNS community, congratulations.

Taekwondo Champion

On Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 November Christian Turner, Year 7, Moore 5, competed in the State Championships for Taekwondo at Homebush. Not only did he secure the National Championship Title, he also achieved Gold in both his Individual and World Taekwondo Poomsae event formats.

Congratulations on your amazing achievement, Christian.

Golf Champion

Congratulations once again to Aidan Powter, Year 11, Kelly 4, on qualifying for the 2018 Bonville Champions Golf Trophy.   Aidan is the elite of the elite and this is arguably the most prestigious junior amateur golf tournament in the country with contestants playing only by invitation.

Players are only invited to this event based on winning a tier 1 tournament in the previous 12 months (Aidan won the State Age Match-Play Golf Title back in September at Mount Broughton).

The event starts Tuesday 4 December through to Friday 7 December. We wish Aidan all the very best in this tournament.