From the Principal

Good Luck

Dear Parents, Students and Friends,

The whole of the Marist College North Shore community is aware and keen to support the Year 12 students as they commence their HSC examinations this week. We have admired the unity displayed by this group of young men throughout their time as the senior class.

The Graduation Ceremonies at the end of last term leave us with positive memories of our farewell to a group of students who we are proud to call Marist Men.

We will keep these students in our prayers as they commence these final exams. We pray that their efforts in preparation are justly rewarded in the examinations.

To the students of Year 12,  I hope that you will take with you the values of the College particularly about being "others-centred" and work to make our world one in which the value of every person is respected.

Tony Duncan

Faith Formation

Good Luck

Dear Year 12,

As your time at the College comes to an end, I look back on my four years with you with fond memories. I can remember being struck by the cohesive nature of your group, your generosity and affable nature. In recent years, your embracing of Ministry Week, the Year 12 Retreat and involvement in Solidarity speaks volumes of your awareness of others and serves as a mark of your character as members of society.

I trust that you will look back on your school years with fondness and remember that you will always be members of our College family. With best wishes for a tremendous future.

Mr Munro
Director of Faith Formation

Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

Good Luck

Wishing you every happiness and success in whichever direction you choose to go.

Mrs Milena Vuckovic
MacKillop House Coordinator

Good Luck

Year 12,

May good fortune become your faithful companion during your life and take good care of you every second of it. Wishing you all the best for your exams and beyond.

Mr Davidson
Kelly House Coordinator

Creative and Performing Arts

Good Luck


I wish you more than luck in your upcoming exams. Trust in the preparation and hard work that you have done, for it will not betray you.

If you're feeling stressed, take a walk around the block or through the bush to clear your head.

Nicholas O'Regan
Drama Teacher

Good Luck

It is with such happiness and a little sadness that I say farewell to the class of 2017. I am very proud of the Year 12 students in particular those who took advantage of the afternoon study opportunities made available in the Academic Resource Centre. The class of 2017 showed such leadership in their approach and commitment to study and their collaborative and supportive nature saw the theme of 'Unity' lived daily. Special farewell to the 2016 Indian Immersion students and the Visual Arts class, seeing their growth as Marist men and working with them has been a considerable highlight in my teaching career. Wishing all students all the best for their HSC exams and good luck for their future endeavours.

God bless,
Carolyn O'Brien
Director of Diverse Learning


Good Luck

Dear Year 12,

Wishing you all the very best for your upcoming exams. Just a little reminder that whatever you do or don't do, your results in English are going to your ATAR; so make them count!

Do well!
The English Department

School Notices

Good Luck

The kindness and amount of care you boys show to each other proves how amazing you really are. You've already succeeded in my view, all the best with the exams, you'll do just great!

James Burke (IT guy)


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