From the Principal

Creative and Performing Arts and more

Dear Parents, Students and Friends

Last week

Two events from last week stayed with me in a very positive way.

Firstly, the Creative and Performing Arts presentations on Wednesday. The Headmaster’s Assembly featured the work of the CAPA Faculty. There were two items that were unique in this assembly. The song "Northern Downpour" performed by Lewis Watts, Felix Powling, Charlie Gibson, Frederick Roberts and Sebastian Hughes was excellent. This was followed by a drum solo by Frederick Roberts. Frederick had the full attention of the entire school community.  To see Frederick's amazing solo performance click here.

That evening we were entertained by the Year 11 Drama class who performed "The Play that Went Wrong". Mr O’Regan and the Year 11 students worked hard to prepare this performance. The play went for over an hour and the boys had to learn a huge number of lines of script. It was very funny. The audience really enjoyed their work.

The Visual Art Major Works were on display. Each of these pieces showed the creativity of the student each using very different media to convey their ideas. Ms O’Brien was rightly proud of her students.

The TAS faculty displayed the major works for the Year 12 Design and Technology and Industrial Technology Timber classes. These students have created some excellent and also creative projects. Mr Chandler was also delighted to be showing off the work of these students.

The evening ended with musical performances from the various College Bands and individual performers. Mr Herbert does an amazing job of encouraging such a variety of musical talents. The Senior Band and the Jazz Ensemble were very good.

The second event from last week that inspired me was the Father’s Day Breakfast. Martin Dennett organised this event with the support of the Parents and Friends Leadership in Ray Djani and Veronica Rios. The speakers were a pair of academics under the title of "Future Crunch". The premise from "Future Crunch" was that the world is actually getting better not worse as the media would have us believe. They were encouraging our students to have an Opportunistic Mindset. "Future Crunch" listed areas where our students could look to find opportunities to make the world better. Much of this was through skills that can be developed in coding and through the use of new technologies that could be used to solve problems for humanity.

Well done to the P&F on bringing together a very large group of fathers and sons to hear this inspirational presentation.

Tony Duncan


From the Assistant Principal

Communication and more

All members of a school community are continually learning, this includes the staff, parents and the students. The staff spend many hours working individually and collectively, on extending themselves, trying news things out and generally looking for ways to improve themselves and the students. Mr Heiss wrote in the last edition of High Notes about the learning the staff have undertaken. Secondly, much of our learning takes place in a collective environment. We learn best when we work with others, learn of others and often when we facilitate or instruct others. Working with others can also present problems, we must learn to work with others, accept their opinions, their way of approaching problems. Much is written about 21st Century learning and the attributes of a modern learner. Although there are differing models presented, the two key components of most models are collaboration and communication. These two attributes are also two of the most important as listed by employers. The ability to speak and listen to others and work with them in a team is vital in any thriving learning environment.

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Creative and Performing Arts

Year 11 Course Production The Play That Went Wrong

Bennet Johnston reflecting post show: 
"Everything went wrong...which is good."

This year, the 2017 Year 11 Drama students staged the comedic farce, 'The Play that Went Wrong' . The budding thespians, as part of their assessment, needed to first audition for the production, then once their roles had been allocated, learn their lines and remember the insightful (and dare I say - Masterful) direction, from their bearded sensei - Mr O'Regan. The play surrounds a seriously amateur theatre society attempting to stage a 'Who 'Dunnit' murder mystery in 1917 England (move over Downton Abbey). Led by the deluded, and self titled 'visionary' Director Chris Bean, played with great nuance and comic timing by Leo Metzker, the captain of this Titanic flop attempts to steer his theatrical 'ship' away from the iceburg, instead colliding irrevocably and metaphorically with with the sun.
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Cultural Week Celebrations and Events

The 2017 Cultural Week was an opportunity to celebrate the hard work and special talents that the students at Marist College North Shore have shared with the College community. The week mainly focuses on the Year 12 Visual Arts Body of Work Exhibition, the Spring Music Festival, the Year 11 Drama Course Production and the Cultural Assembly which all occurred on Wednesday 30 August.

The Year 12 Visual Arts Exhibition showcased the student’s Body of Work which was recently completed. The students produced highly innovative and creative Body of Works demonstrating high skill level and sophisticated conceptual depth. The class worked diligently and in a collaborative manner where they used a Growth Mindset Model to learn from mistakes and integrated strategies to achieve their desired outcomes. The student’s family and friends were in awe of what the Year 12 Visual Arts students achieved and there were many proud parents at the exhibition who witnessed what their son’s have achieved. I would like to acknowledge the team approach which is evident in the CAPA KLA. Many teachers worked with the students and Ms O’Brien to share their skills and expertise so the students can achieve their potential. Thank you to Kathleen McGrath, Amy Dunlop, Gabrielle Nicholson and Tony McDonnell.

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Write A Book In A Day

This was the day in which Robert, Jack, Oscar, Tom, Oscar, Henry and Nathan got to spend to day writing together, and what a day it was! We had great fun and ended up with a very unique book that really challenged our talents. I hope to be able to have this experience again next year. Thanks and I hope you enjoy reading 'Con Artist'.

Nathan Ring
Year 9 MacKillop 2


Walk-A-Thon 2017

The 2017 MCNS Walk-a-thon was a great success thanks to the spirit in which the boys participated and the assistance we received from parents and staff. Feedback from the day was very positive, and this has much to do with the behaviour of the boys. From the day the Walkathon was launched up until the morning the colourful costumes started making their way into the school, the boys demonstrated the good-humoured and good-mannered approach we have come to expect from them. Thank you to all of the parents who were able to help on the day. An event such as this is not possible if not for the many extra hands needed to mark cards and assist with the barbecue.

Just a reminder to return all money ASAP so as to achieve our fund raising goals for the event.

Sean Mullaly
Administrator Coordinator

School Notices

Uniform Shop

There is a Uniform order form available on the school website, this can be emailed directly to the Uniform Shop on the following email address

Tuesday Opening

From the beginning of Term 4 the Uniform Shop will also be opening on Tuesday each week. Tuesday opening times will be 8.00am – 12.00pm.  If you are able to assist me in the Uniform Shop during the Tuesday opening, it would be greatly appreciated.  Please contact me on the above email.

June Mitchell
Uniform shop

Community Notices

The Athlete's Foot


National Skills Week - Hospitality Commercial Cookery Competition

Tuesday 29 August 2017, three Year 11 Hospitality students attend the Sydney Catholic Schools Eastern Region ‘World Skills Hospitality Commercial Cookery Competition’ hosted by Waverley College.

Kyle Adams competed against 14 other students from Sydney Catholic Catholic Schools and was fortunate to have two peers supporting him on the day. Both Ethan Cook and David Sarwono received continual praise for their tireless efforts helping with the washing up and preparing lunch for the spectators. Kyle was the smiling competitor who took the challenge in his stride, completing the three course meal according to the time plan and received praise from the two industry judges, both who were experienced chefs. 

Kyle was extremely successful and was awarded 2nd place on the day. Kyle had two weeks to prepare and practise for the competition as limited assistance was given on the day. All elements of the cooking process were marked and the competition was very tight, requiring a count back at the day to determine the top three student chefs.

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Year 12 Study Skills Seminar

On Thursday 24 August, Year 12 attended a study skills session titled ‘The HSC Countdown’ with Dr Prue Salter from Enhanced Learning Educational Services. The aim of the Seminar was to assist Year 12 organise together a strategic plan of attack between now (post HSC Trial Exams) and their final HSC exams. The HSC Trial results have now been returned to the Year 12 students and the Seminar focused on how to effectively respond to the teacher’s feedback and how to maximise their learning potential. The session focused firstly on what students need to do before the end of term. Dr Salter outlined in the seminar how essential completed study notes are and for students to work thoroughly work through their returned Trial HSC papers (using the checklist provided).  Students can then pinpoint areas of weakness and seek help.  It is essential to practice essay writing and to do as many past HSC papers as possible before then end of term to obtain feedback from teachers.

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