From the Principal

Year 12 and more

Dear Parents, Students and Friends,

Future Plans

By now parents and guardians should have received an invitation via email to a Community Consultation Symposium for the North Sydney Educational Precinct.  The purpose of these meetings is to hear about possible plans for the future of education on the St Mary’s and Marist site and for the community to give their response and ask questions.

These meetings are to be held in the Ron Dyer Centre (between St Mary's and MCNS) on either: 
Tuesday 10 October 7pm – 8:30pm OR
Wednesday 18 October 7pm – 8:30pm

I think these are really important opportunities for our parents to hear of the possibilities for our school and to ask any questions that they feel necessary.

Prayer for Year 12 Students

Please keep our Year 12 students of 2017 in your prayers over the coming months as they prepare for their HSC and as they face this last week of their formal classes at Marist. We are very proud of our Year 12 Marist Men. They have worked well as a group and have been outstanding leaders and ambassadors for our school.

At the end of this school term we give thanks to God:
For all the teaching and learning that have taken place in our school,
both in and out of the classroom,
For the talents and gifts that have been shared and the challenges that have been faced
For the burdens that have been lifted and the hurts that have been healed
For the respect and care that have been given.
We give thanks for the friendships that have just begun and for those that have grown.
For the faith that has been lived in our daily struggles,
For the hope that has lifted our hearts 

And for the love that has kept us going.
We give thanks for the community that we are and we ask you Lord

Bless our Year 12 students
As they begin the final preparation for their exams: may your Spirit inspire them with confidence and calmness.

Bless our families as we take our holidays, may our time together leave us with memories to cherish. Pour out your love on us that we may return renewed and refreshed to continue our journey together. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Tony Duncan

From the Assistant Principal

Student Leadership and more

Student Leadership

The College has recently completed the process of nomination and selection for the Student Leaders for 2017/2018. The positions were announced at our recent Cultural Assembly. A thank you to Ms McGrath and the Year 11 boys for their work during the process. We look forward to working with you. 

A special mention to the outgoing student leadership team. Led by Luka and Will, this group of young men have represented the student body with pride, respect and authority. They have worked extremely well in partnership with the staff and College Leadership team whilst completing their own school work and commitments. I wish the boys, along with the Year 12 cohort, the best of luck in their final days at MCNS and for the HSC exams next term.

Term 4

A reminder to students and parents Term 4 will commence on Monday 9 October, Day 1 of the timetable. Boys are invited to wear the College shorts but I encourage boys and parents to ensure they wear the correct socks, in the correct fashion, with the shorts.

Richard Grech
Deputy Headmaster


Write A Book In A Day

Write a Book in a Day was an overwhelmingly fun experience. The aspects of the creation of the book and the importance of teamwork were crucial and I came away after 12 hours of writing exhausted but having learnt a great deal. I would definitely recommend being part of this day to anyone.   Click here for the full story.

Chris Kay
Year 8 Kelly 6


Origami Engineering - Paper Planes 2017

The third annual MCNS Paper Planes Challenge was held this year during what was a very eventful and busy Week 6. Each year, we look to determine the best origami engineers in the school, challenging them to keep a single piece of paper in the air for as long as possible (the time challenge), or to get it as far as possible (the distance challenge). They are only permitted to fold their paper - no rips, tears, cuts, or sticky tape are permitted on the planes.

This year’s challenge saw some excellent throws, with the distance event going to Jonah Edwards (Year 8 Montagne 1), with a throw of 23.5 metres. Elliot Copas (Year 9 Kelly 6) and Matthew Cappetta (Year 9 MacKillop 5) took out second and third with throws of 22.5 and 19.6 metres respectively.

In the time challenge, Lucas Curtin (Year 9 Montagne 3) came in as a dark horse to win with a flight time of 8.12 seconds, with Isaac Hatziioannou (Year 8 MacKillop 6) and Oli Walls (Year 9 Kelly 4) finishing the podium with 7 and 5.06 seconds of flight respectively.

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Chess Championships

On Friday 8 September the annual Marist College North Shore Chess Championship took place in the La Valla Hall. Students from all houses and year groups came together to compete over 7 rounds of chess. Chess clocks were set so that each player had 15 minutes to move for each match. Running out of time would most likely result in a loss, but rushing could cause you to make a mistake - the key is striking a balance between the two. There were plenty of tight matches that were pressed for time, moving quickly and leaving onlookers in suspense. Students always played against opponents who had won the same amount of games as themselves and so the competitiveness increased over the course of the day. The focus that the students demonstrated and the spirit of the day was a fantastic experience for all. The Sydney Academy of Chess organised the event with the arbiter, Neil Wright commending the students on their conduct in participating in the tournament.

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School Notices

Uniform Shop Timetable


10/10/2017       Kristina Dodd,   Claudia Mattini
17/10/2017Teresa Ukrainetz,   Kirsten O'Riley
24/10/2017Murielle Ryan,    Belinda Leatham
31/10/2017Kristina Dodd,    Claudia Mattini
7/11/2017 Teresa Ukrainetz,    Kirsten O'Riley
14/11/2017Murielle Ryan,    Belinda Leatham
21/11/2017Kristina Dodds,    Claudia Mattini
28/11/2017Teresa Ukrainetz,    Kirsten O'Riley
5/12/2017Murielle Ryan,    Belinda Leatham

Community Notices

Community Announcements


Hyundai Commercial

Koen Brown successfully auditioned recently for a part in a Hyundai TV commercial. As a result he spent 2 days on location in the Kamay Botany Bay National Park shooting the commercial. There was a crew of over 40 people on site including a ‘precision’ driver, talent doubles and car polisher! Look out for Koen on the new Santa Fe ads when they hit the screen in the next couple of months.

Student Starting in 2018

We would like to share some exciting news about one of our new students starting in Year 7 next year, Albert Diab.

Albert will be appearing on the Channel 7 hit family show, Little Big Shots this Sunday at 7pm on Channel 7.

Little Big Shots is a reality program, founded in the US by Ellen DeGeneres, that showcases amazing kids with their quirky and fascinating talents. Albert is 11 years old and he was very fortunate to be successful with his application.

Albert, also known as Dr. Albert, is an Anatomy/Human Body Expert.

He can also be seen on the Little Big Shots AUS YouTube Channel at:

And many more!

Be sure to catch him showcasing his amazing talent and see all the episodes with all the talented children!