From the Principal

Merry Christmas and more

Dear Parents, Students and Friends

This is our final High Notes for 2017. It is a chance for me to just sum up the year and to wish you a happy Christmas.

We have four teachers who are leaving MCNS at the end of this year. We are sad to be losing them but delighted to have been with them for part of their journey in teaching:

Peter Bennett is retiring from teaching. Peter commenced at MCNS in 2009 from another career in business. Peter has been an outstanding teacher. He knows his students and brings about the best in their learning.

Michael Dela Cruz has been our Youth Ministry Coordinator and more recently has gotten some excellent HSC results in Software Development and Design. Michael is going to teach at St Ignatius College Riverview.

Nick O’Regan has been our Drama Teacher and after only a short time here will be be returning to acting next year in his field of comedy. Nick was most generous in leading the College Production for the last two years. We will miss his energy and enthusiasm.

Jane Rorke has taught here for eight years. Jane is an excellent science teacher and has been really supportive of our boys in sport. Jane will be also moving to teach at St Ignatius College Riverview.

2017 HSC Results

You may have heard something of our wonderful HSC results. Ours is a regional, comprehensive boys’ school. We work with all students to bring out their best. This year the trend of improving results has continued. Again each of our measures has shown improvement. Our school does not offer scholarships. All of our results have been achieved through the hard work of the teachers and the students. Our results have improved each year for the last four years. It is very satisfying for our teachers to see such continued improvement each year.

206 Cadet Unit

Last Sunday I was the guest at the 206 Cadet Ceremonial Parade. It was a great experience for me to see how much work these cadets have put into the presentation of their unit. The 206 Cadet Unit use the Marist College grounds and rooms each week and often the Cadet leaders come from our senior students. I wish to highlight the work of three of these cadets: Dylan Sharp, Chris Magee and Thomas James. Each of these young men have shown great leadership through their work with the Marist Unit.

I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a relaxing new year. I hope that you and your family experience some of the peace of Jesus Christ this Christmas.

Tony Duncan



Marcus Silvio was shortlisted to display his Industrial Technology Major Project (kayak) at Shape 2017 at the Powerhouse Museum. Unfortunately, his project didn't make it into the final selection. 

However, he has been also nominated to present it at the Sydney Working with Wood Show. He will be advised in the coming months whether or not he is successful.

This is an outstanding achievement, considering on average 15 projects from Ind Tech make it to the Power House Museum.

Peter Sherringham
TAS Leader of Learning

HSC Results