From the Principal

Reflection and more

Dear Parents Students and Friends
Dearest Lord, 
teach me to be generous;
teach me to serve You as You deserve;
to give and not to count the cost,
to fight and not to heed the wounds,
to toil and not to seek for rest,
to labour and not to ask for reward
save that of knowing I am doing Your Will.

St Ignatius of Loyola

On Tuesday 31 July the Church celebrates the life of the great saint, St Ignatius of Loyola. St Ignatius was born in 1491 in Castile, Spain and died on July 31 1556 in Rome. He was one of the great figures in the Catholic Reformation, a Spanish theologian and the founder of the Society of Jesus or the Jesuits.

Kelly House is named after Fr Kelly SJ the parish priest of St Mary’s North Sydney. It was Fr Kelly who asked the Marist Brothers to open the school on this site in 1888. As we celebrate our 130 years of Marist Education in North Sydney it is good to remember the great connections that we have with the Jesuit Fathers.

Over the 130 years it is entirely possible that almost every important Mass that has been said for our College has been led by a Jesuit priest. Over this long period of time there would have been great friendships formed between the early Jesuit Fathers of the parish and our founding Marist Brothers.

Last Friday, some members of Kelly House gathered in the Faith Formation Room for prayer where the Faith and Solidarity Captain Ethan Cook and the Kelly House Captain Cameron Jenkins led a brief reflective prayer on the life of St Ignatius.

Assembly Last Week

We hold our Assemblies a few times every term. In preparation for our last Assembly I was speaking with Mr Grech who rightly felt that that it may run short and we may have time for a brief House Meeting afterwards. This didn’t happen because we had an unusual Assembly. Each Assembly has a theme and they are in many ways unique. This Assembly came together with different items and it was very special.

The Assembly prayer was led by the College Captain, Felix Jenney, and Vice Captain, Riley Sanders. Riley spoke about the importance of integrity. Integrity is one of the words that is featured in the 2018 College Theme designed by the student leaders. Click here for Riley’s prayer.
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From the Assistant Principal

Semester Two and more

Semester Two

With Semester Two well underway, it is an opportunity for the boys and their families to assess firstly how Semester One has gone but also take the chance to look at the student's specific goals set at the beginning of the year and see where they are up to. With all parent/teacher interviews conducted, both students and the parents have been given the opportunity to examine what needs to happen in this semester to ensure that each boy reaches his full potential both academically, spiritually and socially. The boys must ensure they have regular conversations with their tutors, class teachers and House Coordinators about their progress. Our learning journey is not successful without the support of those within the community. At MCNS we continue to strive to establish positive relationships that facilitate good learning and opportunities for individual challenge and success.

Student Attendance and Lateness

It is compulsory for all students under the age of 17 to attend school regularly unless they are undertaking full-time employment, an apprenticeship or traineeship. I would ask parents to assist the College in ensuring that your child attends school on a regular basis. In the event of an absence, an explanation must be received within seven days of your child returning to school. There have also been concerns raised recently about a number of students late to school in the morning. In talking to parents, the problem lies in the student “taking their time” to get ready and prepared for school. Punctuality is a necessity of life, it is expected in the workplace and is expected at school.
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Faith Formation

Sacramental Programme

The sacraments not only initiate us into the life of the Church but also strengthen and heal us so that we may be of service to the world. They are an important way that we experience the Grace and presence of Christ in our lives.

This week an email will go out to invite students, who have not received any or some of the sacraments, to consider and discuss with their parents whether they would like to participate in any upcoming Sacramental Programmes run by the College.

Gabriel Rulewski
Solidarity and Youth Ministry Coordinator


Year 8 Picture Books

During Term 2, Year 8 studied picture book theory in class and wrote an essay about a picture book we analysed ourselves. At the end of the term we had some time to create a picture book of our own, putting the skills and techniques we had learned into practice. The story topics ranged from journeys to Mars to The Les Murray story.

Linda Hutchinson
English Teacher


Barangaroo Field Trip

On Tuesday, 26 June and Tuesday, 3 July, Year 10 students undertook a fieldwork trip to Barangaroo. This was an opportunity for students to consolidate their knowledge and understanding of the topic, 'Changing Places'.  Barangaroo is in a constant state of change. Students investigated the causes of change and the impacts of change, not only at Barangaroo but on the wider community. 

In addition, students learnt about the environmental considerations at this precinct with much of the structure striving to be 'carbon neutral' and 'water positive'. The fieldwork trip also enabled students to develop their geographical skills through topographic mapping, sketching and observations. The students were fortunate enough to be guided by experienced indigenous leaders who also added an Aboriginal cultural perspective to the tour and activities throughout the day.

Michael Latham
HSIE Leader of Learning


Mathematics Homework Club Term 3

Each Wednesday afternoon during Weeks 3 - 8 there will be a Mathematics teacher in the Academic Resource Centre to help students in Years 7-10 with homework or assessment preparation. Students are to come prepared with their own work to complete during this time and teachers will be there to assist. 

When: Wednesday Week 3 - 8
Where: Academic Resource Centre
Time: 3:25 pm (for approximately an hour)

A reminder that students also have access to past papers through Google Classrooms for the Mathematics level they are studying which will help them with revision and exam preparation.

Please encourage your son to attend, this is a great opportunity to get some extra help - don’t miss it!

Amanda Conde
Mathematics Leader of Learning


Debating Presentation

Over the 130 years that Marist education has occurred at North Sydney, there have been many stories that have been lived out by the student alumni of this College. I would like to take the opportunity today to draw a few of these stories together, both to explain what is happening today, as well as to reflect on how these stories and our history as a Marist College affects every one of us sitting here today.

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Newman Program

Self Drive Vehicle Project

Year 8 Newman are currently working on a self driving vehicle project as part of our enrichment program. Students are building their vehicles and utilising CAD, 3D printing and Unity coding as part of their project. We have been really lucky to have former student and recent Computer Engineering graduate Cian Byrnes mentor our class for this project.

Cian's knowledge in the area of self driving vehicles is immense and has aided in creating an amazing learning opportunity for our students. We look forward to testing our vehicles and code in the coming weeks and demonstrating the vehicles in operation at the Newman showcase evening.

Sean Dowe
Newman TAS Teacher


Wadeye Clothing Appeal

In 2017, 9 students along with 3 teachers set out on an immersion to a remote Australian Indigenous community called Wadeye. Wadeye is a town that has some significant social issues and the students decided upon their return that there was a real need for clothing, especially children’s clothing. Piloted by Ms Durand the students sought the generosity of the local school community here at North Shore to donate some pre-loved clothing to send up there.

As expected there was an overwhelming influx of donations given and as a result we were able to send 15 boxes of clothing up to the community. 

The residents of Wadeye were extremely grateful for our donations and through the Women’s centre there, the clothing was distributed to the people most in need. Some of the clothing was also used in a fashion show put on during NAIDOC week in the centre of town. 

Fortunately, the 2018 Northern Territory immersion group were on hand in Wadeye to see this.

I would like to thank the many people of our school community along with the 9 students, Ms Durand and Mr Collis for making this clothing drive such a great success.

The clothing boxed up and ready to be shipped

NAIDOC Week celebrations in Wadeye with our clothing donations.

Greg Angelou
NT Immersion Coordinator

Cambodia Immersion 2018

My experience of Immersion is something that I will never forget. We spent nine great days at Sala LaValla, a primary school for disabled children in Cambodia. These children are outcast from society due to the common held belief in karma; that the children are being punished with a disability for a wrongdoing in a past life. 

During our time at the school we experienced what life is like for the children there and whilst it has similarities and differences to our own school experience, it soon began to feel very familiar to me. All the kids are happy, bubbly and always have a smile on their face. They have an incredible attitude and just get on with learning, swimming and playing some intense games of hockey even when they may have a disability that hinders them from doing any of these things. Something that you learn and never forget from Immersion is that the small things matter. 

The interactions with the kids at the school mattered most to me. I remember during one of the lunch breaks, a girl in Grade 6 grabbed my hand and asked “Do you sew?” I replied, “No, I don’t know how to.” So the girl then ran off and came back with her sewing mat and taught me how to sew that very lunch. This simple act made me realise that it was not only us, as the Immersion group, teaching the kids but the kids teaching us and us learning much from them. This interaction and many others with the kids throughout the time spent with them forms one of the strongest connections you’ll ever have in your life and something that is unforgettable in every way.

As we spent more and more days at the school the kids became a second family to me. You develop and feel a common bond with each and every one of them, even though we could barely speak a few words to each other. You learn so much on immersion and it’s something that if I could do all over again, I would do it in a heartbeat. It’s a unique and challenging experience and while you can’t save the world on Immersion you can have a massive impact just by doing the small things.

Tom James
(on behalf of the Cambodia Immersion Group)


Careers Term 3, Week 2

For a full update on Career opportunities please click here.


Trivia Night Wrap Up

TRIVIA NIGHT 2018 – Oh What A Night! What a wonderful evening we had – so many thank you’s!

First of all thank you to everyone who attended on the night, it’s nothing without your participation. Thanks for the effort put in to achieving the theme, it was awesome! Your enthusiasm and generosity really made the event.

Massive thank you to all the wonderful prize donors, such an important and valued part of the evening. So many great prizes and many, many happy shoppers. All the money raised contributes to improving our school for all, so THANK YOU so very very much!

And thank you also to the brilliant organising team from the P and F and the Year 10 parents, who volunteered their time to organise all the prizes, set up the hall, clean up afterwards and a huge shout out to the decorations team – weren’t they brilliant.

The whole night was a fantastic fun evening and if you would like to be involved with organising the Trivia Night for 2019 – WE WANT YOU! Suggestions welcomed for next year’s theme, so please make yourself known to the P and F Committee and don’t forget everyone is welcome to every meeting, the next one is on Wednesday 1 August, we’d love to see you.

P and F Committee

Community Notices

St Ignatius Feast Day

Marist Event

For further information click here


CaSPA Selection

It is with great delight and pride that I have the pleasure of announcing Koen Brown, a year 10 Drama student, has been successful in his audition to be part of the CaSPA 2018 Senior Theatreworks Drama Ensemble.

This means that Koen will be performing in the play Fast by Fin Kennedy along with other Drama students from Sydney CEO schools.

Koen will be touring the show for 4 days in Week 6 of Term 3, performing at various schools across Sydney.

Previous to his inclusion in the Theatreworks Drama Ensemble Koen performed in a lead role in the College Production of The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard.

We are very proud of Koen and his obvious talent and commitment to Drama. He is a fine ambassador for our College.

Samantha Slattery
Drama teacher

MCC Finals times and locations

We would like to congratulate the 14's Rugby League team, the 15's Rugby League team and the 14's Soccer team for making it into the MCC Finals on Thursday 2 August 2018.

The times and locations are as follows:
14's Rugby League: Coogee Oval at 1pm
15's Rugby League: Leichhardt Oval at 11am
14's Soccer: Arlington Oval at 12.30pm