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The future and more

Dear Parents, Students and Friends

Three Women

During this part of August the Church recognises three women who have shown Christ’s presence in their lives. St Mary of the Cross MacKillop worked to bring education to students throughout Australia. Her oft repeated expression was to ‘never see a need without doing something about it'. Mary MacKillop is the first Australian Saint and a former resident of North Sydney. She would have been a visitor to both our St Mary’s Church North Sydney and to our school. Mary MacKillop died in North Sydney on August 8, 1909.

The second woman recognised is Edith Stein, Sister Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, a Jew, Carmelite Nun and Martyr. Edith Stein began life in a Jewish family in Breslau, Germany. She lost her faith and commenced a life of study firstly at the University of Breslau and later at the Gottingen University. She converted to Roman Catholicism and then became a nun. On August 7, 1942 Edith was murdered at Auschwitz concentration camp.

The third woman is Mary, Jesus' mother whose Assumption into heaven is recognised on August 15. Mary’s role and example to us as Jesus’ first disciple and her absolute dedication to his life and mission is an example of love that we hold dear.

Two of Many Outstanding Students

Hats off to two of our Marist Men who are achieving in the Performing Arts. Jett Balbi from Year 12 has recently received well deserved praise for his work in dance. Jett has previously received national recognition in this field. See Student Achievements for the the full article.

In 2019 Adrian Escudero-Genc will be touring Germany with the Sydney Children's Choir - Gondwana Choirs. During this tour his choir will perform with the Berlin Symphony Orchestra.

The Future 

Last week there were two decisions that have brought excitement to our discussions about the future of MCNS. The first was that a firm of architects has been selected to undertake the master planning of the North Sydney Catholic education precinct. Part of their brief is to design the new area for the Year 7 and 8 students.

The second was the decision to commence the enrolment process in Term 4, 2018 for the first co-educational group of students starting at our school. These boys and girls are currently in Year 4 in primary school and will commence their schooling at Marist Catholic College in 2021.

Staff Development Day

This Friday the teachers will be working to develop our school-wide pedagogy which is supporting our "Vision for Learning". The teachers have nominated that Dare to Be will be supported by having our students Engaged, Relational, Thinkers and being Challenged. The hope is that our teachers build into their classes opportunities for students to engage in their learning, which will also focus on one of these strengths. It is great that the MCNS teachers are passionate about their work and vocation.

Tony Duncan

From the Assistant Principal

Walkathon and more

Our College Walkathon is a community event which allows the boys to not only support the fundraising efforts of the school but enjoy a day with peers, friends and staff. The College Walkathon will take place on Friday 24 August and will no doubt prove to be a great day of community spirit along with a hint of giving to others. As you would be aware, this year the funds raised will be evenly distributed to supporting the replacement and upgrade of the College Band instruments, to support the work of the Holy Family Parish at Emerton and Marist Teachers College in East Timor run by Br Peter Corr.

Our Marist College North Shore community is renowned for living out the gospel values in our continued efforts to help others. While the various fundraising activities are enjoyable and raise funds for ourselves and others, these activities have other benefits. It’s often been said that “it is better to give than to receive”, but you may not realise that this cliché is actually endorsed by research. These activities can improve your quality of life in several ways.

Student Leadership

The College has begun to work with our current Year 11 boys to elect our Student Leadership team for 2018/2019. Drawing from the exemplary model of our current leadership, Mr Brown, Mr Munro and myself have led the boys through the process of discerning the valued roles of leadership. The student leadership roles within the College play an important part of the fabric of our daily life at MCNS. The student leaders are role models for our younger students whilst having an active role in performing duties within the specific portfolios. I wish the boys well in the continuing process over the coming weeks.


Already we are heading towards the middle of Term 3 and this would be an ideal time to start considering uniform options for Term 4. Again the boys will be invited to wear shorts in the summer months provided they have the appropriately sized socks and are able to keep them up. Please take this opportunity to ensure also that the shorts are correctly fitting along with the school shirt.  A reminder also that all boys will be required to be in the new blue colour school shirt from the beginning of 2019.

Richard Grech
Deputy Headmaster

Creative and Performing Arts

Cultural Week


Write A Book In A Day

Another year and another opportunity for some of our students to experience what it is like to meet a deadline. We had a group of students who spent twelve hours planning, writing and illustrating a book for adolescent children who are battling cancer in hospital. This was a great experience that challenged many of the students and their ideas around writing. We will attach the finished stories for you to enjoy over the next few weeks.
Tracey Dunne Literacy Coordinator
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Regional Youth Forum

On Monday 30 July, Jack Jones, Sean Netting and I were fortunate enough to attend the Sydney Catholic Schools Youth Forum for the Eastern Region. During this event we heard inspiring addresses from Dan White (CEO of Sydney Catholic Schools) and Sister Noelene Simmons (President of Australian Catholics Religious Against Trafficking in Humans) about the widespread nature of human trafficking and the reality that it is still a problem in the world today. After these talks we discussed the crisis and what our faith calls us to do about it with a range of students from across the many different schools in the region.

If you would like to learn more about the issue of human trafficking and slavery, and discover what you can do to take action against human trafficking please access the ACRATH website here:

Aiden Brennan - 10MT6

Indian Immersion

The 2018 Indian Immersion was, for the nine boys and three staff, a truly unforgettable experience. Starving our materialistic values and comforts, we embraced the mountainous challenge that India was going to furnish, with an open mind and plenty of antiseptic. The nine day journey in West Bengal, proved to challenge and mould each of the boys, as we realised the true definition of an ‘Immersion’. Moreover, the bonds made between each of the boys and the many children, will sincerely be remembered and cherished for a lifetime. Travelling throughout West Bengal we got to experience the bustling city of Kolkata and also the mellow countryside of Burdwan, particularly Galsi and Talit.

Kolkata was a challenging experience as the majority of people lived in abject poverty on the streets. The noise, pollution and the heat proved to be unbearable. Seeing people washing at public washrooms or getting bombarded by beggars gave a reality check about the different lifestyles in comparison to the multicultural Australia. However, seeing the work of the sisters of Mother Teresa taking care of the children in the orphanage was a special experience. In a society that is riddled with many problems ranging from social inequality to poor health, the opportunity to interact with the children there and reading the story of Mother Teresa at her Museum reminded the boys about the importance of immersion, how it’s an opportunity to step out of the hustle of our own lives. We discovered how important interactions with the people were and how they could spread happiness and love.

After a lengthy train ride, we arrived in the much anticipated countryside of India, which manifested all the characteristics opposite to the busy city. A much slower and relaxed lifestyle was refreshing, settling into the new scenery, and new accommodation - the mosquito nets were drawn for the next three days. After our first day with them, the initially shy boys at St Francis De Sales School were quick to engage in banterful conversation and begging for stories about life in Australia. A rivalry was brewing as we took to the soccer pitch countless times in an attempt to dethrone the boys of their consecutive years of success. Over the many days of reading, evening rosary, morning mass and soccer we got to know each of the rich characters of the boarding boys, making nicknames for each other and piggy back rides became common practice.

The neighbouring girls who board with the Sisters, were no exception to the glowing friendliness seen from the boys, welcoming us with a song, to which we replied. The exchange of names and signatures accompanied with laughs and a dance was another unforgettable interaction.

Along with visits to the surrounding villages, we were able to experience the many forms and traditions of Indian culture. Amongst the feet washing, feasts and dances, each of the two villages we visited were beyond welcoming.

In such little time the boys in Galsi became more of a second family to all of us. Seeing the kids bubbly energy and smiles throughout our stay made us want to connect with them even more.

One moment I remember was on my first day there, a couple of us after a reading session sat down on the stairs where we were bombarded by a group of younger boys, they wanted to know about Australia and what school is like. We ended up staying down for well over an hour lost in a conversation talking about soccer and singing a lot of different songs with them. Reflecting on this moment I realised the importance of being present for people, how a simple conversation can go a long way for people, the smiles of their faces throughout helped us see the impact that we were having in their lives.

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2018 College Walkathon

Father's Day Breakfast

Community Notices

Sporting Stars of Marist

If you know of any past students of Marist College North Shore or Marist Mosman that have represented Australia in any sporting pursuit (during or after their schooling years), please do not hesitate to contact the school so we can display them on our "Wall of Honour" in our school gymnasium. Examples of past students include: Matt Shirvington, Athletics, Matt Hayes, Sailing and Ken Irvine, Rugby League.

Drought Relief Fundraiser


Commitment Awards Semester 1

Year 7-12 Commitment Awards for Semester 1

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Year 12

A Star Is Born

Year 7 Study Organisational Skills Pastoral Care Lesson

On Wednesday 8 August all Year 7 students participated in a Pastoral Care lesson with a focus on effective organisation skills to manage their homework and assessments, and also the use of their College diary. This lesson was devised as a follow up to the highly successful Year 7 Student and Parent Study Skills Seminar in May with Dr Prue Salter (Enhanced Learning Educational Services).

The College’s academic focus is developing a Growth Mindset using goal setting and effective strategies. A Growth Mindset is where academic ability and talents can improve with effort and dedication.

A Growth Mindset is where one can learn from mistakes, make changes and implement strategies to achieve goals. To support the Year 7 students achieving their 2018 academic goals, the Study Skills Pastoral Care lesson and accompanying booklet provided the students the opportunity to reflect on their current organisation skills and homework routine.

The students were guided by teachers through the lesson where they focused on:

  • General Organisational Strategies
  • Organising your College Diary
  • Diary Planning for Term 3
  • Organising a Study Timetable
  • Managing your Workload
  • Having an effective home study environment
  • Recognising and managing distractions
  • Seeking Help at School 
  • Study Strategies 
The students were asked to take home their booklet and share with their parents as there are a few homework strategies to improve their home learning environment and organisation skills.

Thank you to the teachers who conducted the Pastoral Care lesson and Mr Tony McDonnell, Moore House Coordinator, for recognising the need to provide support for the students.

Carolyn O’Brien
Director of Diverse Learning

Light Performance Photography

On Friday 10 August evening, Ms Amy Dunlop and I participated in a Community Light Performance event at Centennial Park which was organised by Peter Solness who is a Light Painter. The event involved over 100 people who were either photographers or those who interacted with light to create a vast panorama of moving and spinning vortexes of colour in an amphitheatre setting. The aim of our participation was to learn how to manipulate light in a landscape setting for the students at the College, in particular students in Year 9 and 10 Photographic and Digital Media and Year 11 and 12 Visual Arts classes.

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AFL Team

A letter to the Headmaster from Mr Glenn Morgan:

I just witnessed your Marist Boys win the AFL Sydney Cup. After two tough qualifying games, your Marist boys faced off against a visibly bigger St Joseph's team in the Grand Final. Marist trailed by 11 points at half time against a very talented and physical opposition.

However, you must have taught your Marist boys something about teamwork and persistence, because they all banded together and gradually wore down the opposition. Marist drew within four points at three quarter and ran out very convincing winners. Talk about courage conquering all!

You should be very proud of the boys’ Marist Spirit. Your coach, Rob Taylor, was also an outstanding ambassador for your school.