From the Principal

Refugees and more

Dear Parents, Students and Friends,

Migrant and Refugee Week

Each week in Australian politics there is a reference or story of the far right and their views on immigration. On August 15 a new member of the Senate used his maiden speech to focus, in a divisive and hate-filled manner, on one immigrant group. This man was elected to the senate with a ridiculously small number of votes.

Last week’s political disappointment had shades of these views which are also endorsed by a tiny portion of our society.

Last week was also Migrant and Refugee Week. Pope Francis writes, ‘Every stranger who knocks at our door is an opportunity for an encounter with Jesus Christ, who identifies with the welcomed and rejected strangers of every age (Matthew 25:35-43)...Many migrants and refugees fleeing from war, persecution, natural disasters and poverty.’ Francis calls us to hold a shared response which can be articulated by four verbs: to welcome, to protect, to promote and to integrate. (Australian Catholic Refugee and Migrant Office, Welcoming, Protecting, Promoting and Integrating Migrants and Refugees, 2018)


Our Annual Walkathon, which was held on Friday 24 August, was as always an enjoyable day for all involved. This year there was a little rain that fell on our walkers, but interestingly there were no complaints. Perhaps we have an awareness of the importance of rain for our farmers.

The money raised this year will go towards three worthy causes: the College Band to help with purchasing new instruments, to help the Emerton Parish in Western Sydney and to help Br Peter Corr with his work in training teachers in East Timor.

Father’s Day Breakfast

In celebrating Father’s Day I am keenly aware that not all of our students have fathers. These boys grow up in wonderful, caring families. Our Father’s Day Breakfast is being held in La Valla Hall on Friday morning this week. The P&F have put considerable thought, organisation and planning into this event. We always enjoy this morning as it is a great way to celebrate our fathers. If you would like to attend please click here to register.

Tony Duncan

From the Assistant Principal

Walkathon and more

College Walkathon

Thank you to the boys and staff for their participation in this year’s Walkathon. This is more than just a walk around the streets of North Sydney, it is an opportunity to come together as a community with a cause in mind. As you know, this year the College has elected to raise money for 3 areas. Firstly, to assist in the upgrade of the College Band equipment along with supporting the St Mary’s twinned parish of Holy Family Emerton. Finally, an equal portion will be sent to Br Peter Corr to assist the teachers' college in East Timor. We have requested that each student contribute at least $30 to the Walkathon fundraising efforts. To assist in distributing the funds quickly I would ask for your support in sending through the contribution as soon as possible. This can be done by cash or card, either by the student or contacting the College. Regardless of whether or not your son attended the day it would be the expectation of the College that students and parents support the fundraising efforts by contributing.

Communication with the College

The College website and student diary lists a number of avenues for parents to contact the staff. The website also has an up to date listing of assessment tasks due each week for every year group. Please feel free to phone or email the College if you have any questions or concerns regarding your son’s schooling. It is always our aim to address your enquiries as soon as possible. It is also essential that the College has the most recent contact email address and phone numbers. All the College communications are sent to parents via email.

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Year 10 English

Year 10 are currently studying the Shakespearean drama text, Macbeth. In an attempt to make the text more real, we had Bell Shakespeare visit the College and perform parts of the play. This was a great experience for the students as many of them have never had a theatre experience before.

The performance demonstrated the relevance and numerous ways that the play can be performed which coincided well with their upcoming assessment task.

The students engaged positively with the performance and hopefully they will reap the rewards from the experience.

Janette Durand
Leader of Learning - English

On Tuesday 14 August, Year 10 were treated to a performance of Shakespeare’s famous play Macbeth by the Australian Bell Shakespeare group. In Year 10 English we are currently studying the text of Macbeth, so this tied in well to what we have been doing in class. The performance was staged in the hall and although simple it was very entertaining and informative. It was set up and staged as a rehearsal, which we all believed, until they revealed that it was in fact the real thing. This added to the entertainment value and gave the performance a unique feel. We all enjoyed Danny’s performance as Macbeth and were very engrossed in watching the way he developed the character. On top of this it helped with our understanding of the underlying themes as well as the ‘translation’ of the text. Personally it was the first play I have ever seen and I know for the people in the same boat it was a great first experience of professional theatre.

Will Micheletti
Year 10, Kelly 6

Last week, Year 10 watched the famous play Macbeth written by Shakespeare. This was performed by a group of three who have been studying Shakespeare and his plays. In English, our topic for this term is on the play Macbeth and this performance was shown to us to give us a better understanding of what the play was about. The performance was set out in the form of a theatre and that gave us an idea of what Shakespeare's plays were like. The group had also made it more entertaining for us by having a few comedic sections throughout the play. I thought they made the play very enticing and interesting and it has helped me and I’m sure a lot of other people have more of an understanding of the play itself.

Max Rees
Year 10, Montagne 6

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Practical Maths - Year 12 General 1 Mathematics

The Year 12 General 1 Mathematics class is currently undertaking their final assessment of their HSC year. The task looks to incorporate a practical component that uses some of the skills that many of the boys will be using when they leave the College. The boys are required to use both estimations and more precise mathematical calculations to look at the cost of laying turf in the Costello Quadrangle as well as the costs involved at giving the outside of the hall a new coat of paint. Perhaps the boys will have some recommendations for Mr Duncan at the end of the task?

Sean Mullaly
Year 12 Math Teacher

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PandF Father's Day Breakfast

Cultural Week

School Notices

Enrolments Year 7, 2021


Teaching Professional Learning Day

Teaching Learning Culture at MCNS

Recently teachers at MCNS spent a day engaged in professional learning. The day was centred around improving our practice for your sons. The day used small group activities across a number of initiatives to continue with whole school improvement. One main focus is on the development of our school wide pedagogy to match our vision for learning.

Our Vision: DARE TO BE

Our Pedagogical Principles (what we believe):


An outline of the day included:

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14's Marist Soccer Champions

The U14's Marist College North Shore soccer team had a fantastic season, which culminated in a 3-1 grand final win over Kogarah a few weeks ago. The boys displayed great teamwork and discipline all season. They trained hard and played some very exciting football to back this up. Each member of the team should be extremely proud of what they accomplished together. Becoming champions for the second season in a row is a great achievement. Well done boys. Bring on next season!

Click here for all photos.

Ben Smuts
Soccer Coach

UNSW Co-op HSC Workshops for a Cause

“UNSW Co-op Scholars Charitable Society are holding ‘Workshops for a Cause’ for 8 HSC subjects – Chemistry, Economics, Physics, Engineering Studies, English Advanced, 2U Maths, 3U Maths and 4U Maths – across 8-9th September. The 1.5 hour workshops are just $15 each ($10 early bird price) and are facilitated by tutors with excellent HSC results (all 98+ATAR, high Band 6 mark in their tutoring subjects). Students will not only strengthen knowledge of the syllabus, receive comprehensive study resources and gain insights into how to maximise exam marks, but will also be supporting 100% Hope. All proceeds will be donated to the charity which aims to deliver quality educational opportunities to underprivileged children in Uganda. Please search for ‘HSC Workshops for a Cause’ on Facebook or follow the link to the Facebook event for details about booking”

The high academic calibre and experience of UNSW tutors who have recently been through the HSC journey will ensure that effective and targeted strategies are shared to help students excel. All tutors have been awarded the UNSW Co-op scholarship for all-rounder excellence and they’ll be more than happy to share tips about balancing various commitments across study, work, extracurriculars and also their university experience which may be of interest to the students.

All proceeds from the workshops will be donated to 100% Hope – a charity that empowers underprivileged children in Uganda through projects in the sphere of educational development and building self-sufficient communities.

Ann McGovern
Director of Teaching and Learning

Youth Online Membership Card

sStanton Library has a new Youth Online Membership Card.

These cards allow free access to the wifi and all online resources. They do not require ID or a Parent or Guardian’s signature. Any high school student under 18 years of age can apply for one in person at Stanton Library.

Stanton still of course has the standard library memberships which can be set up with a parent or guardian signature and proof of address. Lane Cove and Mosman Library cards can also be used at Stanton Library.

As many of our students use Stanton Library outside of hours, just a reminder to be courteous and respectful of all Library staff and other members of the public (meany who are young children) who use the library facilities; hot food and drinks are not permitted at any time, and swearing is definitely not acceptable behaviour for any Marist student.

Please see the flyer below for the Youth Online membership.

Goal Setting Year 7-10

Student Goal Setting Year 7-10:

It is that time of year where students are asked to revise the goals they set for themselves at the beginning of the year. We ask that the first step in the process is that boys take some time to go through these goals at home to get parent input into what has gone well throughout Semester One and to also discuss what needs to still be worked on. 

In some cases, students may have achieved all of the goals they set, so may need to think of some more challenges to set for themselves for the remainder of the year.Parents and students would have received some valuable feedback through the recent Parent/Teacher/Student interviews held earlier this term to help in these discussions.

Over the coming weeks, your son’s tutor teacher will also discuss your son’s progress with these goals and will make amendments to these in Sentral. These goals can be accessed through the Parent and Student Portal.

Ann McGovern
Director of Teaching and Learning

Semester One Commitment Awards Year 7-11

In the last edition of High Notes, students were recognised for commitment to their studies during Semester One 2018. A commitment award is given to a student who demonstrates consistent effort in everything he does within a particular class - he does not have to be at the top of the class academically to be acknowledged for this award. Congratulations to all of the students who received a commitment award for the Semester One efforts.

Ann McGovern
Director of Teaching and Learning

Moving to NAPLAN Online 2019

Click here for further information regarding moving to NAPLAN Online in 2019.