From the Principal

Year 12 Graduation

Dear Parents, Students and Friends

This is our final week of Term 3 and also Year 12’s final week of school prior to their HSC exams in Term 4. We end our week with the Year 12 Graduation Ceremonies which should bring a positive and fitting conclusion to this part of their secondary education.

As a College we are very proud of the achievements of this fine group of Marist Men. They have done well in all aspects of school life and as a group have maintained a strong bond of unity.

We have discovered two of our Year 12 students who did not miss a day of school in their six years at MCNS. Oliver Grenot and Layton Chu will be receiving an award at our Graduation Assembly on Friday saluting their achievement.

We will sadly be farewelling our French teacher Ms Madelyn Kugel at the end of this week. Madelyn has been with the College for two years and will be working in another form of education from next term.

We wish Mr Sherringham and Mr Giles well as they take Long Service Leave for Term 4. Both will return in 2019.

Yesterday, School Captain Felix Jenney, received the 2018 ADFA Education Award from the Defence Force Academy. Felix is one of fifty students in Australia to receive this award for his leadership.

The next step in our College’s history will take place on Wednesday October 17 2018 with our Open Afternoon. We have invited families with sons and daughters who are currently in Year 4 to our Open Afternoon to offer them a chance to hear of our plans for co-education in 2021. This will be the commencement of the enrolment process for these students.

Tony Duncan

From the Assistant Principal

End of Term 3

End of Term 3

The final day of Term 3 is Friday, 28 September 2018. ​There will be usual classes for all students in Years 7-11 in the morning. The whole school will then attend the Farewell Assembly in La Valla Hall. Students will be dismissed early, immediately following the Assembly, at approximately 1.30pm.

As you would be aware the conclusion of Term 3 at Marist College North Shore culminates with the Graduation of the Year 12 cohort. Our Graduation Assembly is one of the most important days on our Calendar. It is an opportunity to farewell our Year 12 students and to thank them for all they have contributed to the College. It is the expectation of the College that all boys attend on days of specific importance and those that promote the community aspect of the College regardless of when the event falls in the calendar.

All Year 11 Students will be attending the Year 12 Graduation Mass at St Mary’s Church on Friday 28 September. These boys are to assemble in the Quadrangle at 4.45pm in their full winter school uniform.

Rick Grech
Assistant Principal

Creative and Performing Arts

Year 7 Clay Creatures

Currently Year 7 Visual Arts students are creating their Clay Creatures for their assessment in the Stranger Things Unit. The students have investigated Strange Creatures from mythology, ancient, medieval and contemporary art, and media sources such as movies, literature, television. Global issues which impact on the environment and the human condition have also been explored as themes in their art making which involved drawing, computer art and clay modelling. Year 7 B Visual Arts have thoroughly enjoyed creating their Clay Creatures and at the same time are delving into deep thinking and creative problem solving.

Carolyn O'Brien
CAPA Leader of Learning
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Community Notices

Mulan Auditions


Year 12 Hospitality Excursion

Last week the Year 12 Hospitality class had the opportunity to go on a excursion to the Fish Butchery and the Saint Peter restaurants in Paddington. These restaurants are owned and operated by Head Chef, Josh Niland and Marist’s own, Ms Julie Niland.

At the restaurant Josh explained to us the operations of their kitchen and the functions of each piece of equipment. We were all highly attentive, asking plenty of questions and ensuring we got the most out of this experience. We learned about the history of the building where Saint Peter restaurant now stands and discussed the methods used by the Saint Peter staff in reference to technology and other developments in the hospitality industry. Afterwards we enjoyed a lunch of fish and chips made at Saint Peter. It was a really enjoyable and highly useful excursion.

At the Fish Butchery, Josh showed us through an expanse of leading edge technology and then spoke about the practices that the establishment employs. He focused on the sustainable food practices of the business, as well as hygiene and safety practices, which provided us with good revision for our upcoming exams. The Fish Butchery is known for the way it prepares the fish, they do not wash the fish with water and they scale the fish with a knife instead of a descaler in an attempt to provide the greatest quality of fish in Sydney. Their efforts have been recognised in a plethora of media articles and awards. Most notably Josh was awarded “Chef of the Year” by Gourmet Traveller for 2018. We were very thankful and feel very blessed for the opportunity to learn from such a great Chef!

Thank you to Ms Niland and Ms Eggins for organising the excursion and case study. 

Ethan Cook and Angelo Mendonca
Year 12 Hospitality

Football Representatives

Congratulations to Kyle Devine and Jack Obern who have been selected to represent Football NSW at the 2018 National Youth Championships, this event is the highest level of competition for our State teams.  It also provides a pathway and opportunity for NSW players to become identified for other A-League clubs and various National Youth teams. This event will take place in Coffs Harbour over two days.

The school community is very proud of Jack's and Ryan's football achievements and wish them luck in any future endeavours.

Study Skills Pastoral Care Lesson

On Wednesday 19 September Year 9 students participated in a Study Skills pastoral care lesson to help them prepare for their Assessment Week in Term 4 Week 6. The Pastoral Care lesson was initiated by the Pastoral Coordinator of Year 9, Mr Fitzgerald and designed by Ms O’Brien (Director of Diverse Learning).  The aim of this lesson was to revise and reflect on effective study strategies. Early preparation for examinations and effective study strategies can assist students to achieve their academic potential and to alleviate any anxiety issues.

A teacher mentored the Year 9 students in each House group using a Study Skills Booklet which was designed to inform, evaluate and set goals for their upcoming examinations.

The Study Skills lesson focused on developing the students:
Organisation skills
Note Taking Skills
Effective Study Strategies
Study Timetable
Home Study Environment
Awareness of study distractions and strategies to remove distractions
Where help is available at school
Goal Setting and implementation of strategies for Exams

The parents of Year 9 students also received a copy of the Study Skills Booklet to help support their son with an effective home study environment and routine. Building strong home and school partnerships is essential for students to achieve their academic goals and for their self efficacy.

Carolyn O’Brien
Director of Diverse Learning