From the Principal

Advent and more

Dear Parents, Students and Friends

Our Church year is broken into a number of seasons or times. Some that come to mind quickly are Christmas, Easter, Lent and Advent. The time following both Christmas and Easter is called Ordinary Time. At Mass we see the priest wearing green vestments. Next Sunday is the Feast of Christ the King which is a relatively recent feast and one that has been moved to mark the end of this Ordinary Time and the beginning of Advent.

Very technical stuff. The hidden beauty in these seasons is that they remind us, as one writer says, of the 'gift of time' and of our purpose in life.

I have noticed that life in 2018 seems a bit busy. Is this an age thing or are we actually managing busier and possibly more complex lives?

I would like to hear this question argued out. In the week that has just passed we celebrated 100 years since Armistice Day and the end of World War I. I would imagine my grandparents, if they were here, would hold a pretty strong case that life is actually simpler, with so many medical wonders at our fingertips. We are not recovering from the devastations of war.

Time being a gift is also a challenge. Spending time, wasting time, using, managing, short of, time for.… it is an interesting challenge to consider the value we place on time. Do we live for tomorrow, for the weekend, for holidays or do we live in the present? I am trying to live in the present because it is real and true and not a biased personal construction of what might be or what might have been. Very much trying to live now. Not sure of my success.
Over the next few weeks we begin the preparation for Christmas with Advent. We can ponder the reality of our lives and the place of Jesus in our world. Jesus’ teaching is still incredibly challenging with his emphasis on love of neighbour. How can we use our time to bring this love to others?

New Parents and Friends

Last Wednesday night at the P and F AGM we thanked both June McFadyen and Colin Lynch for their support of our Parent and Friends Association. June has completed three years as Treasurer and Colin brought innovation and energy to the role of Secretary. We owe each of those who take on roles such as these a great debt of thanks.

The 2019 Parents and Friends Leaders will be:
President:  Veronica Rios
Vice President: Fiona Lucas
Secretary and Parent Coordinator: Lyndal Jenney 
Treasurer:Linda Hogan

Christmas Drinks this Friday

Come and join us in our final Parent gathering for 2018. This is a very simple community gathering to celebrate the end of a good year at Marist. 

Tony Duncan

From the Assistant Principal

End of Year Preparations

Significant dates for the remainder of Term 4
  • Year 9 are in the middle of their assessment week which began on Monday 19 November. 
  • Years 7 and 8 will begin their assessment week on Monday 26 November
  • Year 10 will have a week of activities beginning Monday 10 December
  • Year 10 and 11 Champagnat Gold is Wednesday 12 December. The final day for Years 10 and 11 will be Thursday 13 December. 
  • Years 7, 8 and 9 have Champagnat Gold on Friday 14 December and conclude on Monday 17 December.

Please check the College website if unsure of any dates or contact the College directly.

Mary’s House

Again this year MCNS is supporting Mary’s House, a refuge for Women and Children escaping domestic violence. Year 10 students together with Mount St Benedict College will participate in a dance on Friday 30 November (during school hours) to show their support of this charity. They are also selling wristbands to their peers to raise money for this cause over the coming week. We invite community members to make a donation toward this worthy cause (please send an envelope with money enclosed to the school office clearly labelled Mary’s House Donation).


As we progress into the second half of Term 4, some students might attempt to convince parents that there this is little learning taking place at school and therefore infer it is acceptable to stay at home. Valuable learning experiences continue to take place until the last day of the school year. Generally, the attendance of the boys at MCNS is quite pleasing and is reflected in their general well being and attitude to learning. I would encourage parents to support the College and ensure that students maintain a regular pattern of attendance and continue with their learning and social experiences for the remainder of the year.

Optional End Of Year Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews

The teaching staff will be available for optional Parent/Teacher/Student interviews on Monday 17 December. Staff will be available in the La Valla Hall from 1pm-3pm. No appointments are necessary.


The uniform shop will be open on Wednesday 10am - 2pm. The last day for the uniform shop in 2018 will be Wednesday 12 December.

Rick Grech

Assistant Principal


Australian Geography Competition 2018

For the last few years, Year 10 students at the College have participated in the Australian Geography Competition. This is a nationwide competition open to all year levels and gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their geographical skills, knowledge and understanding. Over 72 000 primary and secondary students entered the competition this year. Marist College performed exceptionally well receiving a high number of Distinctions and High Distinctions. The following boys received their certificates last Wednesday at the College assembly.

Matthew Cappetta
Declan Crowley
Marcus Farmer
Oscar Harmstorf
Robert Hunter
Robert Mueller
Harry O’Brien
Neal O’Brien
Lucas Parsons 
Jude Pascoe
Izaac Saide
Will Schreiber

High Distinction
Tom Djani
Bailey Liddell
Tobey Lim
Jack Lucas
William Micheletti
Jamie Moran
Lucas Murphy
Thomas Nohra

However, the most outstanding achievements were by Ethan Cook and Russell Cronan who both placed in the highest 1% of Australia for the competition. This is a fantastic effort. Well done to both Ethan and Russell and all the students who received Distinctions or High Distinctions.

Michael Latham

HSIE Leader of Learning


Immersion Program

Late in Week 4, Year 10 gathered in the Faith Formation Room for the launch of the 2019 Immersion Program. It was an opportunity for the boys to learn why we as a College invest our time and energy to go on immersions. The reason being that immersions allow us an opportunity to leave our comfort zone and have an opportunity of encounter. An encounter with those on the margins and an encounter with Christ. They are amazing adventures to be sure but they are also one way that we can live out the Gospel message of Christ to love our neighbours and learn about the positive mission work that the Catholic Church does throughout the world.

All students in Year 10 are welcome to apply and are reminded that applications are due to the front office by the end of Week 6. If you would like more information or an application form for your son then please contact me through

Gabriel Rulewski

Solidarity & Youth Ministry Coordinator


P and F Christmas Celebration

School Notices

Fittings for 2019

Our Year 7 fitting day, for students commencing at MCNS in 2019, will take place on Saturday 1 December 2018.

We are asking for volunteers to assist on the day from 8am - 12.30pm or 12.30pm – 4pm. If you are available to assist please contact Uniform shop via email or phone the College on 9957 5000. Morning tea and lunch will be provided.

On this day the Drama studio converts to a large fitting room. Once fitted, the item list is then passed onto the volunteers in the Uniform shop for item collection. Parents then queue up to pay for the goods.

2019 sees the compulsory wearing of the new dark blue shirt and the Junior Tie. It will assist the Uniform Shop greatly if these items are purchased in Term 4, and not the week prior to students returning in 2019.

June Mitchell
Uniform Shop

Community Notices

Music Fellowship


NRL Gala Day

Last Thursday 8 November we had eight boys from Year 10 represent the College at a primary schools Touch Football gala day as referees. The boys enjoyed the day very much and learnt a lot about the sport and the role of officials in sport. We had some wonderful feedback from the organiser of the gala day about the boys and the work they did on the day. I would like to say a huge thank you to the eight boys involved and Mr Sells who accompanied them.

Simon Jenkins
Rel. Sports Coordinator

Trek to Reach Out

This summer my son, Matthew Clark in Year 10, and our family are participating in the challenging Trek to Reach Out to give children in one of the poorest countries in the world a chance to improve their lives. Following decades of political and internal conflict, education is a key stepping stone to peace in Myanmar.

With three teachers in our immediate family and a son in teacher’s college, we have a deep commitment to education in building capability and hope for children and the broader community.

Your generous support will provide funds for vital programs that will directly benefit teachers and children across Myanmar through Catholic Mission, such as school building and renovations, support for children to attend school, and teacher training. The difference your support will make:

• $100 can cover the cost of training one teacher for six days at Pyinya Sanya Institute of Education.

• $50 can contribute towards the cost of education resources for remote schools that rarely have access to quality education.

One hundred percent of your support goes to Catholic Mission and donations over $2 are tax deductable.

For more details, you can visit the Catholic Mission website at:

A heartfelt thank you for supporting our fundraising to further education for children in Myanmar.

Vera Fiala
Mother of Matthew

Sport Results

MCC Round 4 vs Bankstown

It was a very successful day with almost every team bringing home the win. All teams played strong, those who won made it convincing.

Touch Football 
A Grade : 15-0 (Win)
B Grade : Bye
15's : 9-0 (Win)
14's 13-3 (Win)

A Grade : 33-42 (Loss)
B Grade : 35-31 (Win)
15's : 66-29 (Win)
14's : 56-21 (Win)

All teams had a bye

115-22 (Win)