From the Principal

Happy Mothers Day

Dear Parents, Students and Friends

On Wednesday at 9.00am we are holding our Mothers’ Day Assembly. We are doing this early because next week our Year 12's are heading off on Retreat and we are also mindful of mothers with children at other schools who would like to attend a similar event. The Mothers’ Day Assembly is one of my favourite assemblies of the year.

Our religion is based on the ideal that God is love. I often think that in creation God is giving us a great clue as to the nature of God when God has given us the relationship of a mother as an example of what love and God resemble.

As if to really underpin this example Jesus’ Mother Mary has a most special place in our hearts. Mary in her motherhood is there to support us as we face the inevitable obstacles of life.

Pope Francis recently wrote: In her own life, Mary saw many difficult moments and like a good mother she is close to us, so that we may never lose courage before the adversities of life and might feel her support in facing and overcoming the difficulties of our human and Christian journey.

Reading is important
One of our goals this year is to improve students’ literacy. We have placed it as a significant goal in our Annual Improvement Plan. We have been fortunate to hire Jo Talwar to work with our students in their reading and writing.

Last Friday, Jo Talwar and Tracey Dunne, our Academic Resource Leader, took a team of Year 7 students to the Australian Reading Championships. You may remember that we qualified for this final last term. The boys finished fifth in Australia for reading! Fifth in Australia is amazing!

Please speak to your son each week about what you are reading. Talk to him about books he is reading. Read with him. Get him to read to you. Share a novel he is enjoying. Encourage him to find a book that he enjoys. We will be doing Reading on Tuesdays every week in Tutor group commencing in Week 4.

Future of the school

Sydney Catholic Schools recently released the decisions about the future of the College. These were emailed to all our school community, click here to view. This communication indicated the College would move to becoming a co-educational school and that the first girls are to be enrolled for the commencement of 2021. This week I will be attending three important meetings for the development of these plans. The first meeting is with the priests and principal’s of our Catholic feeder primary schools, the second is the Steering Committee and the third is a committee looking at the mission and identity of the future school. Though it is early days, there is a real excitement about planning the future of our school. Later in the term there will be a Symposium for parents to hear about and to respond to these plans.

Tony Duncan

From the Assistant Principal

School Safety and Security

Slow down for children
40km/h School Zones help protect children on their way to and from schools at the times and places where they are often in high numbers. This lower speed limit reduces the risk and potential severity if an incident occurs. School zone signs, dragon’s teeth road markings and flashing lights improve the visibility of school zones. The 40km/h school zones are in force from Monday to Friday, including school development days, also known as student-free days, as some students may attend their school on these days.  It does not apply on weekends, a public holidays or a publicly notified school holiday for government schools.  

School zones operate from 8am to 9.30am and from 2.30pm to 4pm. However, there are a small number of non-standard school zone times in NSW, which are identified by red/orange school zone signs showing the times when school zone flashing lights operate.

College security
The College places a high regard on the need for a safe and secure environment. To this end I remind parents and students of the details regarding the College grounds. Students entering the College in the morning will be required to use the pedestrian gate located next to the main gate. This gate will also be closed at 9.00am and any students arriving late will need to report through the front office. At lunchtime, Year 12 and boys going to St Leonards Park will also enter and exit via the pedestrian gate. The main driveway gate will be opened at 3.00pm for dismissal and remain open until 6.00pm. No boy is to enter the College grounds in the morning and then leave to visit the shops etc. Once students arrive, they are to stay on the College grounds. Parents visiting the school for extended periods of time, ie canteen are asked to use the intercom system to gain access to the College. All other enquiries or visitors are requested to enter via the main office. These procedures are in place to ensure the safety of all members of the Marist North Shore community. Over the holiday break the College has installed a number of security cameras. These cameras are designed to provide an additional layer to our current safety and wellbeing plan. The cameras are concentrated on the entrances and exits of the College.

With Term 2 in progress it is now the expectation that all boys have and wear the correct winter uniform, including hairstyles and general presentation. The College tie is to worn at all times, with the top button of the shirt done up. Shoes should be clean and polished. I urge parents to please make sure that all measures are in place to have the boys looking their best, in the correct uniform, every day.

College photographs
A reminder to parents and students that the College will be having our photo day on Friday 25 May. The boys have received the envelopes and details for ordering the photographs.

Rick Grech
Deputy Headmaster

Faith Formation

Marist Youth Forum

Over the weekend Marist Youth Ministry hosted a weekend for Year 12 students from Marist Schools across Sydney who wanted to think about their talents and strengths and reflect on their vocation in life.

"The Forum provided us with the opportunity to connect with the wider Marist community in a spirit of openness and discernment. We come back to day to day life with new perspectives and attitudes on our own individual calling. In faith, we hope that God’s plan for each of us will be made known and shown through our words and actions throughout the rest of our lives."
Linus Wong
Year 12, Moore 2

Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

Paul Dillon - DARTA Presentation

Creative and Performing Arts

Drama Excursion

On Friday 4 May the Year 11 and 12 Drama classes ventured out in the evening to see The 39 Steps at Newtown High School of the Performing Arts. It was an opportunity to see the performance standard of their contemporaries.

A 2 hour spy thriller based on a Hitchcock classic, the play demonstrated the difficulty and skill required for 10 students to fluidly transform themselves to play 130 roles. Marist students were thoughtful and perceptive in their consideration of the production in our after show ‘chat’ and were engaged by many of the innovative theatrical techniques employed by the students and their teacher /director. There was plenty of food for thought and I do hope it will help students when they shape their own dramatic works.

Samantha Slattery
Drama Teacher


Kids Lit Nationals

Congratulations to Andrew Johnston, Finn Napier, Lachlan Dent and Taras Myronov for representing MCNS and coming 5th in the Australian Final of Kids’ Lit Quiz Australia 2018.

The National Finals were held on Friday 4 May 2018 at Trinity Grammar School, Summer Hill.  There were 11 teams and 44 students from various schools of different states.

It was a tough competition in which challenging questions from a range of categories such as Types of books, Titles, Authors and Opening lines of books were asked. Since there was negative marking in the competition and for every incorrect answer the points could be deducted the students had to be extremely cautious before hitting the buzzer. It was great to see our students showing high level of collaboration and teamwork while responding to the questions. Well done boys!

Jo Talwar

Literacy Teacher

Religious Education

Year 12 2U SOR Buddhism Excursion

On Friday 4 May Year 12 Studies of Religion II Students travelled to the Nan Tien Temple near Wollongong as part of their Religious Tradition Depth Study on Buddhism. This temple is the largest Buddhist Temple in the Southern Hemisphere. With a special focus on Puja, the act of worship, the boys toured the Main Shrine, which is the most important building and also called the Great Hero Hall. In front of this shrine, there are a series of steps, reminding adherents of their aim to gain enlightenment. Inside the Great Hero Hall, the five Buddha's of Confidence, Longevity, Wisdom, Inner Beauty and Peace grace the shrine with 10,000 smaller Buddha's, showing that everyone can achieve Buddhahood.

The students also visited the Pagoda containing the ashes of deceased persons and also explored the Buddhist Museum. Another highlight was taking part in the ‘Bathing Buddha’ ritual. This ritual highlights a universal message that "it's easy to wash away physical dirt but it's much more difficult to cleanse one's 'inner dirt' of greed, anger and ignorance." Water is poured over the shoulder of the Buddha statue 3 times, with each washing representing the elimination of evil thoughts, the cultivation of good deeds and a focus on saving all sentient beings.
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2018 Immersion Dinner

On the Friday of Week 10 last term, we hosted our Immersion Fundraising Dinner in La Valla. In the last edition of High Notes we thanked those individuals and businesses who through their support made the evening possible.

We can now announce that we raised a total of $20,521 on the evening. This money will go a long way in supporting the communities we visit in India, Cambodia and the Northern Territory.

So once again, a heart felt thanks to all those people whose contributions in time and financial support helped to make the evening such a success.

Gabriel Rulewski
Solidarity and Youth Ministry Coordinator


Careers Term 2 Week 2

Dear Parents and Guardians,

For a full list of career opportunities please click here.

Nicola Brown 
Careers Coordinator



On Monday 9 April 2018, Mr Brown and three of our senior boys, Sean Auer, Will Byrne and Daniel Bowers, attended the RSL and Schools Remember Anzac Ceremony at the restored War Memorial in Hyde Park. In the shadow of the colossal monument hundreds of students from across Sydney, as well as, State Government leaders including Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Education Minister Rob Stokes, gathered to pay their respects to Australia's fallen soldiers and current veterans for their service and sacrifice. This year marks the 100th Anniversary of the end of the Great War and so the ceremony focussed heavily on the horrors of that particular conflict and on war itself. The boys were respectful and and along with the students of other schools were allowed to place a wreath at the foot of the Memorial to honour the fallen.

Daniel Bowers 
Year 11, Kelly 2

Community Notices

Reflection Morning

Book Launch

Steve Biddulph Presentation


2018 Athletics Carnival and Results

The annual Athletic Carnival was held on the last day of Term 1, Friday 13 April, at E. S. Marks Athletic Track, Moore Park. It was the first time we have used this venue and it was a better option as it catered for a group our size.

All events were run in a Tabloid formation which was also good change to the conventional format that we have previously used.

The boys were able to participate in more events than usual and this was well received by all age groups. The weather was very warm for April at 27 degrees.

Congratulations to all on very successful carnival with the hope of many more to come at this new venue.

Mr. Giles

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Professional Learning


Recently teachers at North Shore spent a day engaged in professional learning. The day was centred around improving our practice for your sons and focussed on creating a culture of collective efficacy for our teachers. Collective efficacy refers to how teachers at North Shore make a difference for your son by working together and sharing their successes. The day began at 8.30 am, continued through till 4.30pm and was lead by different teams of school based experts.

An outline of the day includes:

While this was a jam packed day, it builds upon the ongoing commitment of every staff member at MCNS. This is evidenced in the ongoing professional learning meetings that take place each Monday afternoon. Furthermore, Pastoral Coordinators and Leaders of Learning meet every second Wednesday to ensure the leadership of learning and wellbeing in the college is on track.

I would like to unbiasedly support the incredible dedication of the staff at Marist College North Shore.

Please feel welcome to ask your son’s teachers what they find interesting in the ongoing teacher professional learning at MCNS. All these endeavours are directed at providing your son’s with the best possible learning experiences.
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MCC Year 10 Gala Day

On Thursday May 3, a team of Year 8, 9 and 10 students attended the MCC Year 10 Gala Day. The purpose of this competition was to determine which school would progress to represent the Metropolitan Catholic Colleges Diocese in the Combined Catholic Colleges Knockout Competition. At the end of Term One Marist’s A Grade team won this honour in their Gala Day and Marist’s junior team were attempting to achieve the same feat.

They were drawn to take on Pagewood in the first round. Marist were third seed and Champagnat Catholic College Pagewood (CCCP) was sixth seed. However, at the first whistle, it was clear this was not going to be an easy match. CCCP came out firing and managed to score a looping header over our goal keeper in the first five minutes of the match. This was to be their only shot at goal all game. The rest of the first half Marist tried to find a way to get back into the game, but were getting out muscled for the ball and nothing seemed to be working.

At half time a few changes were made and Marist came out looking like a completely different team. They controlled most of the possession and were pressing high for a goal to make things even. With about six minutes to go Marcus Lal got the equaliser with a silky finish from about eighteen yards out. Following this, Marist had a few more chances to snatch victory during regulation time, but the game would finish in a draw.

Penalties were needed to decide the winner on the day. Pagewood ended up victorious 6-5 on penalties and Marist were left wondering what might have been had they started the game the way they had finished it. Congratulations to all the boys for their efforts and behaviour on the day.

Matthew Fitzgerald and Jamie Collins

Bill Turner Cup Report

After a 2-1 victory over Northern Beaches Christian School in round one of the competition, Marist were drawn to play Chatswood High following their convincing win over Cammeraygal High.

The game was played on Friday May 4th at Blackman Park. It was a blustery afternoon and not the ideal conditions to play football, but this would not faze the team on this day. Marist started the game with a high intensity and never slowed down. They were pressing high and contesting everything making many 50/50 balls their own.

It took about ten minutes before Marist first found the net through Marcus Lal. It was not long after that when Chatswood conceded an own goal. Ryan Devine then consolidated Marist’s strong first half with a beautifully placed shot to beat the keeper.

The second half was much the same as the first, with Marist becoming even more dominant as they continued to break Chatswood down and hold possession of the ball. Marist were rewarded with a nice goal through Joe Vodden and then later in the half Marcus Lal scored a brace when he finished a penalty kick.

This was quite a polished performance from the team and a well deserved win. However, there are still many things to work on leading into the next round. Marist now face Knox in the third round of the Sydney North Division. If victorious, Marist will progress to the semi final.
A big thank you to all the parents who came out to support the team and to Mr Chandler who drove the team to the venue.

Man of the Match: Seisa Melbourne

Team Members:
Matthew O’Donohue (c)
Buster Obern (vc)
Rorie Keenan
Ruari Foley-Jones
Jordi Tidor
Adam Waite
Cameron Powter
Marcus Lal
Inigo Castro
Callum Brown
Ryan Devine
Joe Vodden
Christian Archibold
Massimo Vescio
Lachy Lal
Luca Gwozdecky
Seisa Melbourne
Jack Coombs

Year 7 Study Skills

Gymnastic Champion

During the April school holidays Ewen McConville competed in the NSW State Gymnastics Championships. Ewen, who has only turned 15 competed in Level 9/17 years. Ewen was crowed the NSW State Champion as he won the Gold medal in the all around in level 9/17 years, he also won Gold on rings, Silver on High bar, Bronze on Pommel, Bronze on Vault and Bronze on Parallel Bars. Ewen will now be competing at the Australian National Championships later this Month as a member of the NSW Team.

As a school community we wish Ewen the very best of luck.

Tony McDonnell
Moore House Coordinator


In 2018, the NAPLAN tests will be conducted from 15–17 May. The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) will be completed by students in Years 7 and 9. MCNS Year 7 and 9 students will complete the test in a paper format. The timetable for the testing is as follows:

The Numeracy test will have two parts: Part A calculator allowed and Part B where calculators are not to be used. For the calculator test, students will need to bring their own calculator. Please ensure that if you have a child in Year 7 or 9 that he has a calculator with them on Thursday 17 May.

The results of the tests will provide important information to schools about what each student can do, and will be used to support teaching and learning programs. Later in the year parents will receive a report indicating their child’s level of achievement.

Additional information about NAPLAN can be found at
Amanda Conde

Acting Director of Teaching and Learning