From the Principal

The Future and more

Dear Parents, Students and Friends,

Our Parish and our future school.

Ignatian spirituality the guiding charism of our Parish, seeks to find God in all things. It is the pathway to deeper prayer, discernment in decision making, and an active life of service to others.

St Mary’s Parish was established in 1856. The Jesuits assumed care of the Parish in 1878 and our school was founded the following year. The Parish of Our Lady of the Way was formally recognised in 2015 and this saw the bringing together of the three parishes of St Mary’s Star of the Sea at Kirribilli, with St Francis Xavier of Lavender Bay and St Mary’s North Sydney.

In 2021 Marist College North Shore and St Mary’s Catholic Primary School are formally joining to become Marist Catholic College North Shore. Our Parish has given this project great support. As the new College comes into being it will be a Marist school which has also been influenced by three other great Catholic religious groups. These are the Jesuit Priests, the Josephite and Mercy Nuns.

Our next staff development day is on August 13 and it will see the staff of both Marist and St Mary’s working together. Our purpose will be to commence discussing the vision and mission of Marist Catholic College a kindergarten to Year 12 College. Br Graham Neist fms is a Marist who will be leading our discussions on the day. Our intention is to find the main themes of common shared purpose held by the staff of both schools.

NAIDOC Assembly

Our school will acknowledge NAIDOC Week at an assembly on Wednesday. NAIDOC Week is officially held during school holidays. The theme for NAIDOC 2019 is Voice. Treaty. Truth. Let’s work together for a shared future. We have had some focus at school on the Uluru Statement from the Heart which was delivered in 2017.

Tony Duncan

From the Assistant Principal

Mobile Phones and more

Mobile Phone Policy - Reminder

The College’s Mobile Phone Policy takes effect at the start of Week 5 (19 August 2019).

All students have been taken through the policy and are aware of the details. A paper copy of the policy was sent home on Monday 22 July. Please sign and return by 2 August. Students will be asked to put their mobile phones/devices away from the start of this term in preparation for the policy’s implementation in Week 5.

As parents, and the first educators of your sons, you play a significant role in ensuring students adhere to this policy. Ensure boundaries are placed around the use of the mobile phone/device at home and this will help the boys understand that phones cannot always be used and that their lives do not have to be guided by when they receive a message or notification.

Staff Professional Day – 13 August 2019

Staff will be involved in a Professional Learning Day on Tuesday 13 August with staff at St Mary’s Primary school. The day is an initial preparation day for the two schools amalgamating in 2021. This is a pupil free day there will be no supervision for students on this day.

The Trial HSC exams will run as per the timetable.
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Creative and Performing Arts

State Shakespeare Carnival

On Saturday 29 June and Sunday 30 June Maxwell Partridge, Year 11 and Cooper Kahui-Chee, Year 10 attended master classes with industry professionals in their chosen category and represented Marist College North Shore at the State Shakespeare Carnival. Schools from both regional and city areas across NSW competed for the trophies and coveted prizes.

I am pleased to announce that both Max and Cooper achieved 3rd place in their respective categories of music composition and film. This is an enormous achievement as it is the first time Marist College have competed in the Shakespeare Carnival.

I congratulate the boys for all their hard work and their remarkable achievements.

Mrs Slattery
Drama Teacher


The World of Picture Books

The World of Picture Books

In Term 2 of Year 8 English we embarked on an investigation of the world of picture books and how they use images and words to create meaning. To express our new understanding of the theory underpinning picture books 8ENG2 ended the term by creating our own, each of which was about a current issue in society: homelessness, stranger danger, bullying and domestic violence were among the challenging topics we covered. This was a great opportunity to work together and combine our different skills to create a finished product.

Linda Hutchinson
English Teacher

Year 11 English

In Term 2 Year 11 Standard English examined the role and impact of Social Media in society.

Snapchat Post Or Fatal Crash?

Appropriate use of social media: is this issue consuming the next generation? Video of a young woman playing the dangerous driving game "chicken", was uploaded to social media just seconds before she was killed in a horrific head-on car crash in Western Sydney in May. Furthermore, after the crash two of the survivors posted selfies.

On May 1st 2019, three women were heading home, via car. As one of them was driving, the other two decided to initiate a game of chicken, recording the entire event on the social media platform Snapchat. With the combination of interruptions from friends and posing for the camera, the driver, unfortunately, sped into a car, resulting in a T-bone collision. When the dust settled, it revealed the death of the driver and two critically injured passengers.

A post from the hospital of the passengers of the driver who was killed was posted on Snapchat the next day. Their actions, however, were questioned by the media when they were back on the same social media platform, posing for a selfie from their hospital beds while wearing neck braces. To the general public, this can be seen as an ignorant action as their friend has died and they are back on the very application that lead to their friend's death and their hospitalisation. As a result, many lashed out and criticised the actions of this person. But are these people right? Was it wrong to be criticising?

One way to look at is that it was a post stating “I’m ok, I’m recovering in the hospital”. But is this really the case? As shown in the post the girl seems to be ‘posing’ for the photo, as demonstrated in her facial expression, as that implies that she can’t move anything else.

The girls sending photos of themselves from the hospital may be judged as disrespectful and showing the naivety and irreverence of youth. The flipside to this thinking is that they were updating their friends on what was happening in the way that their age group does. As outsiders to this generation, we would refer to such photos (often derogatorily) as selfies, but it's not how they see it. Images are the currency they use on social media. It's the shared "insider" tool this generation uses to connect. The footage in the car is undoubtedly confronting but it also gives insight into the needs of this generation. The game of chicken was around long before today's youth were born.

Further use of social media platforms indicate that it is applied to almost every use in life to either update, ask for help from friends, or show something ‘wicked cool’. Underneath the selfies and Snapchat streams, teens and young adults haven't changed that much. The online and offline lives of kids today are tightly blended and have reached a point at which these two lives cannot be separated. We must ensure that social media is ethically used, by guiding the next generation.

Griffin Kenny


Year 10 French Food Tasting

Year 10 students have been working really hard this term in French. They learnt how to talk about health and sports in French, as well as exploring the effects of drugs, alcohol and smoking. Students were very interested to further learn about related items of French culture, in movies, music and through the French language. The class moved on to learn about things they do on the weekend, to include sports they already knew, as well as other sports and other activities, learning at the same time about popular sports in France.

To reward them for their hard work, including going through the challenging listening assessment, they enjoyed a French food tasting on their last lesson. Classroom tables were put together in a big convivial style table to recreate the French meal time feel. They were able to try the French "cornichons" (gherkins), "pâté" and a few cheeses, all served with fresh baguettes. They learnt how to properly cut a round cheese to follow French custom, and tasted in order a French "Brie" followed by a French "camembert" with some "Port Salut" at the end. 

Having 3 cheeses to taste allowed students to experience different types of cheeses, textures, smells and tastes. The experience was a success with students forming an opinion about their favourites and which cheeses they liked and didn't like. We wished them "de bonnes vacances" (to enjoy their holidays).

Galiane Marterer
French Teacher


Chess Term 2

On Friday 5 July, the entire college chess team congregated in the ARC for what was to be the last chess round of the season! A bittersweet afternoon, contingents of eager chess players from schools all over Sydney soon flooded the ARC with a passionate energy - further complimented by exhilarating games of chess! For their tireless and unwavering support of the college chess team, especially during the 2019 chess season, I would like to thank both Ms Drivilas and Mr Dela Paz for all that they have done! And all that they will continue to do for the rich culture of chess at MCNS in the many years to come!

Dorian Duschlbauer
Year 12 Kelly 4


Careers Term 3 Week 1

Year 10 Subject selection

Any student who is interested in applying for a EVET course at either TAFE or SCVC in 2020 are reminded that Expression of Interest applications are due into the College by this Friday 26 July. Please have applications handed directly to Mrs Brown.

Year 10 Work Experience

Students who are seeking to undertake Work Experience in Term 4 week 6 are reminded that all completed documentation must be submitted to the College no later than Friday 27 September.

Year 12 University Admission Centre

Educational Access Scheme
Students who are applying for consideration under the EAS scheme are asked to ensure that all completed paperwork is returned to the College before Wednesday 21st August [Term 3 Week 5]. Further information on the scheme is available from the UAC website or UAC . Furthermore, the easy of all, we are encouraging the students to utilize the paper application 2019-2020 EAS application form .

University applications
Students who are interested in applying to University for 2020 should now be looking at commencing their online application via UAC.

Year 12 RSA
The Responsible Service of Alcohol Group 2 will take place at the College on Monday 19 August. Students who have already paid and returned permission slips will receive some additional paperwork this week. There are some places still available, any interested boys should endeavour to complete the paperwork and pay before the end of this week.

Click here to view all Career Information.

Nicola Brown
Careers Advisor

Community Notices

Change to Timetables

Service adjustments from Sunday 28 July

To improve reliability and meet customer demand, timetable adjustments will occur on many bus routes from Sunday 28 July. There are also changes to the timetables of many school services.

Trip planning and further information

Parents and students are encouraged to plan their trip to see if these timetable changes will impact the way that they currently travel to and from school. More information, including timetables, maps, Trip Planning and school service details is available at . You can also view school service information on the Transit Systems website – .

Student Opal Card Reminder

Students please be aware of the condition of use of their Opal Card, and the importance of carrying and using your card whenever you travel.

It is a condition of travel that all students tap on with their Student Opal card every time they board the bus, and tap off when they alight. This allows Transport for NSW and bus operators to assess the patronage of bus services, including School Special buses, to ensure that resources are used efficiently and meet customer demand.



Football Fanatic

The MCNS would like to congratulate Matthew O'Donoghue, Year 10, Montagne 5, for his amazing achievements in football.  

Matthew has been selected to be a member of the NSW All Schools Team for football.  This is a week long tournament in Queensland and part of the selection process to be on the Australian All Schools Team.

We wish Matthew the very best of luck at this tournament.


Coogee to Bondi Hospital Fundraising Paddle

I am Charlie, I am a 15 year old boy who recently had a very close call and nearly died. I was in Intensive care for five days, three of which I was unconscious. I will be attempting a paddle from Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach, on the 27 October (sea state permitting - if not another date will be arranged) to fundraise for the ICU in Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick.

The reason I want to do this paddle is because the ICU saved my life. I was in a coma for three days after fracturing my skull skating down a hill. I will be doing this paddle with the support of my surf club (Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club). Bondi to Coogee is 4.3 kilometres long, and I will be paddling it on my Surf Race Board. The club will be giving me support with the IRB (Inflatable Rescue Boat). I'm also doing this because I love doing life saving and without the ICU at Randwick Children's, I would not be here to do my favourite thing (life saving). The paddle is also another thing to physically push myself towards. I want to give back because I was given a second chance at life by the ICU, I owe my life to the surgeons, doctors and nurses who took care of me while I was lying unconscious with breathing tubes in my throat.

If you would like to show your support and donate please click here.

Charlie Watts, MacKillop 4, Year 9