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Week 3 and more

Dear Parents, Students and Friends

Being Marist
Last week Kathleen McGrath, Rick Grech, Anthony Munro and I attended the Biennial Marist Schools Australia Conference in Melbourne. The keynote speaker was the Archbishop of Lismore Diocese, Greg Homeming. The Archbishop had a simple and yet profound message to the gathering on the theme of holiness.

A holy person is a good person. It must be a goodness in a life lived. The person must show integrity. Holiness is the fundamental essence of a human - it is humility. When you meet holiness you are moved to become more humble. A holy person changes the people around them to goodness. The Beatitudes tell me what I should be. Holiness proposes the Beatitudes to another person. The Archbishop’s motto is the bookmark of St Teresa of Avila - God alone suffices.

In the last fortnight I have seen three good examples of our Marist Men in action. These three stand out for me:
  • The Bill Turner Cup Soccer team, Year 8/9 students competed strongly and won against Holy Cross Ryde. This puts Mr Fitzgerald’s team into the round of 16 and makes them now the Turner Cup regional champions. Great teamwork from our boys and great coaching from Mr Fitzgerald.
  • The Under 14 Soccer side are runners up in the MCC. This game was drawn at full time and then also drawn again after 20 minutes of extra time. It was finally decided in a long penalty shoot out. The coach Mr Williams and the boys are to be congratulated on the spirit and determination that they showed in this game and throughout the whole competition.
  • On Friday night our Year 11 team won the Sydney division of the Catholic Schools’ Debating Competition. Their coach and our debating organiser, Mr Wells, has done an outstanding job in developing the profile and skills of our debating teams. The team of Ethan Cook, Aiden Brennan and Lucas Murphy were able to convincingly argue that Pandora’s Box has not been opened. They were successful against the affirmative side of St Scholastica’s College who had won previously the competition from Years 7 to 10.

The next Staff Development Day is on Tuesday 13 August (this is a pupil free day). On this day our staff will be meeting with the staff of St Mary’s Catholic Primary School. This will be the first time that the two school’s have formally gathered under the banner of the new college Marist Catholic College North Shore. St Mary’s Principal Bev Coffey and I are very much looking forward to these meetings and to seeing the new school gradually becoming a reality.

This Wednesday evening we have our Parents and Friends Meeting from 6.30 pm in the Academic Resource Centre. Please come to this meeting if you wish to discuss the new Mobile Phone Policy which comes into action in Week 5 or if you wish to applaud the parents on the great work that they are doing this year.

Tony Duncan

From the Assistant Principal

Mobile Phones and More

Mobile Phone Policy - Reminder

A reminder that the College’s Mobile Phone Policy takes effect at the start of Week 5 (19 August 2019).

All students have been taken through the policy and are aware of the details. If your son has not returned the signed policy please do so ASAP. Students will be asked to put their mobile phones/devices away from the start of this term in preparation for the policy’s implementation in Week 5.

The staff have been reminding the boys over the last few weeks that the policy does come into effect very soon and that they should be practising not using their phones at school now. Many of the boys are struggling with this, particularly the younger students who are spending much of their lunch time gaming on their mobile phones. The Year 12 student leadership team has expressed concern over this habit.

Whilst this will not be allowed from Week 5, it would be helpful if parents monitored the amount of time their sons are spending on their phones. If your son has an iphone this is easily done through the ‘screen time’ app that comes with the phone.

Students are able to go to the park every lunch time apart from Thursday so please discuss this option with your son. It is a good way for him to play with the older boys and expend some energy at lunch time kicking a ball around.

Year 12 HSC Trial Exams

The Year 12 students began their Trial HSC examinations on Monday. This is a stressful time for all students and their families but the students have worked hard and we wish them all the very best. This exam period runs for two weeks.

Student Leadership

The College has reviewed the student leadership structure in an effort to enhance student voice across the school from Years 7 - 12. Changes include:
  • The addition of an Environment Portfolio
  • Year 11 Vice-House Captains to support the Year 12 House Captains in their duties
  • Student Representative Council made of House Representatives from Years 7 - 11 (to begin in 2020)
The current Year 11 students will begin the Student Leadership Process this week with applications due in by 14 August. Students can find the updated policy and application form on Sentral.

The current Year 10 students will be involved in House elections alongside the current Year 11 students to determine the House Captain and Vice-House Captain over the coming weeks.

The 2020 Student Leadership Team will be announced at a Leadership Assembly on Wednesday 16 October 2019.
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English Homework Club

English Homework Club is back for Term 3!

For those students seeking further assistance with their English work, help with assessment tasks or just a quiet place to study, the English homework club will be running from week 3 in the Academic Resource Centre. English homework club will begin at 3:15pm every Wednesday, and will run until 4:30pm.

See you there!

Rhys Williams
English Teacher

Macbeth at the Sydney Opera House

On Monday 5 August Year 10 travelled to the Sydney Opera House to watch a production of Macbeth by Bell Shakespeare Theatre Company, directed by Amy Hardington and Huw McKinnon, and starring Robert Jago.

Macbeth, as many would know, is a story based in medieval Scotland and, simply put, is a theatrical tragedy dominated by death and murder and astoundingly long monologues reflecting on yes, death and murder. Yet beyond it all, the play finds time to explore the balance of good and evil, one which is often tipped by intent and motives.

While at times whole scenes would be lost to indecipherable English that left many of us wondering how people could possibly understand each other back in this time.  The directors understood that to hold the wandering minds of impatient teens their production would have to be surprising.  This was implemented most prolifically in the soundscape, so that often, while context was lost, emotion was conveyed very effectively in the much shouting, fighting and killing echoing around the auditorium - jolting some audience members out of deep slumber!

From the opening moments of this modern appropriation Year 10 witnessed captivating light and projection action which very much established the dark and foreboding nature of the theatre, created by the skills and talents of both Amber Silk and Laura Turner respectively. This was definitely a highlight of the production, as they helped the young audience engage with a more relatable and understandable narrative than the very wordy script.

This violent and dark theatrical adaptation will provide vital resources for our upcoming Year 10 assessment concerning tragedy.

Olivah Tisbury-Brown
Year 10, MacKillop 1

A Visitor from Finland

On Tuesday 23 July our English class was visited by Mr Duncan and the principal of a school in Finland, Ms Tuija Kainu, who had travelled 36 hours to Australia from her home in a city called Kokkola which is on the western coast of Finland, to see what Australian schools are like.

We found out many things about schools in Finland including that there are only six other people that are not Finnish in her school. It was interesting to discover that the temperature in Finland can range from - 20 and - 30 to 0 in winter, which is a big difference compared to Australian weather. We would be lucky to get down to 7, at least, here in Sydney, so that just shows how cold things get in the Northern Hemisphere.

We hope Principal Kainu (pictured centre) has had a great time in Australia and can tell her students all about Marist College North Shore.

Hutch Purdue
Year 9 English, Montage 1

Year 9 Bell Shakespeare

Recently Year 9 had the honour of watching Bell Shakespeare’s performance, “Words, Words, Words.” And the performance really was just that, all about words and their meanings. It was simply three actors, no props and a limited setting, attempting to achieve a brave task; trying to explain Shakespearean terminology to a bunch of 15 year old boys.

I must admit, they met the challenge and did it rather well. I personally was entertained by the idea of actors keeping an audience engaged using only dialogue to reel them in. They also achieved what they intended to do as part of this performance, inform us of how words can be used to express deeper meaning beyond their simple definition.

From iambic pentameter; which consists of five sets of heartbeat-like word structure to impress meaning and importance to Anthesis; which is to describe a thing to be two opposites in an attempt of creating confusion through contrast to even Stichomythia; the use of words as weapons and using ones key terms in an insult against them. The list goes on.

As a big fan of the Bell Shakespeare Company this was one that was more on the complex side of things, and that made me not only enjoy it thoroughly but learn what makes a Shakespeare play so iconic.

Tai Valilis-Martinez

Year 9, Montagne 5


Mathematics Homework Club is back for Term 3!

Each Wednesday afternoon during Weeks 3 - 8 there will be a Mathematics teacher in the Academic Resources Centre to help students in Years 7-10 with homework and/or assessment preparation. Students are to come prepared with their own work to complete during this time and teachers will be there to assist. Students who attend will also be given a small afternoon snack.

When: Wednesday Week 3 - 8
Where: Academic Resource Centre
Time: 3:20 pm (for approximately an hour)

This initiative is increasing in popularity and many students are attending and benefiting from extra help with Maths. Please encourage your son to attend!

A reminder that students also have access to past papers through Google Classrooms for the Mathematics level they are studying which will help them with revision and exam preparation.

Amanda Conde
Leader of Learning - Mathematics


Year 7 Zoo Excursion

On Friday 28 June, 145 Year 7 students and 6 teachers visited Taronga Zoo as part of the Junior Science programme. They had a wonderful day visiting all the animals and watching exhibitions. The highlight of the day were the workshops that were attended.

These Science in Action workshops are engaging and educational and brought animal adaptation to life for our students.

Siobhan Fahey
Science Teacher

Year 12 Investigating Science

ear 12 Investigating Science Excursion to ANSTO

On Tuesday July 23 the Year 12 Investigating Science class visited the ANSTO Nuclear Reactor to learn about the influence of scientific research on society. Students learned that the state-of-the art facility is one of five around the world. ANSTO produces radiopharmaceuticals to diagnose and treat patients and pure semi-conducting materials for industry. The research centre performs other interesting functions, such as radiometric dating of Charlemagne’s crown, testing of dust for nuclear material and neutron imaging of fossils; discovering dinosaur being eaten by a crocodile! Don’t worry! The trip was perfectly safe, no students returned radioactive or turned into the Hulk.

I enjoyed the trip to ANSTO as the excursion shows the practical and industrial application of the topics we have learned in class such as the radioisotopes and having seen the cylinder containing iodine-131.
Brandon Jin

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip to ANSTO as I learned the multiple uses that Radiation offers towards the medical field and its many impacts on the benefits in society.
Elijah Muriel

Anna Fsadni
Science Teacher


Cambodian Immersion

Cambodia Solidarity Immersion 2019

On July 3, 2019 nine Year 11 students (Ollie Dwyer, Gabe Farmer, Leo Fortunato-Morey, Rorie Keenan, Bailey Liddell, Jack Lucas, Lucas Murphy, Ben O’Sullivan and Jack Previtera) and three members of staff travelled to Cambodia as part of the Marist North Shore Solidarity Immersions. Our main area of focus whilst in Cambodia is the NGO Marist Solidarity Cambodia and, within the organisation, Sala LaValla – a special work of the Australian province of the Marist Brothers. LaValla is a residential primary school for disabled children who would otherwise not receive an education.

Over the two weeks it was very pleasing to see the energy and enthusiasm with which the boys approached the experience. The boys need to be acknowledged for their attitude to the challenges faced in Cambodia and how they were so willing to work together during the immersion. At every stage of the immersion the boys were most impressive. Many thanks also to Ms Nicholson and Mr Paull for not only assisting with the leadership of the immersion but also being prepared to really travel the journey of immersion with the boys.
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Careers Term 3 Week 3


Educational Access Scheme (EAS)
Educational Access Scheme applications are due to the College at the end of Week 5 this term. Students should ensure that they submit the completed application form and copies of any required documentation.

Open Days

The Open Days for the Universities commence in August and continue through September. These days are very worthwhile for students considering studying at university. It is highly recommended that students register their interest beforehand and then plan their day’s activities. Please see the calendar of 2019 UAC Open Days


Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)
RSA group 2 will take place at the College on Monday 19 August. Students will need to ensure that they submit the student enrolment form prior to the course. All boys will need to ensure that they have also provided a photocopy of their ID, either in the form of a driverlience or passport.

For all current career information click here.

Nicola Brown
Careers Advisor


NAIDOC Assembly

Marist continued its commitment to ensuring that staff and students are well informed about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, culture and contemporary issues. On Wednesday 24 July our indigenous students, Mrs Rigg and Ms Taylor presented to the assembly the history and significance of NAIDOC and the 2019 theme “Voice. Treaty. Truth”.

Mrs Sonja Stewart was our guest speaker spoke about what it means to be ‘on country’ and her connection to the Yuni people and her land south of Sydney. Sonja has worked in positions of responsibility across both private and government organisations and is respected for her calmness and problem solving difficult situations. 

Mrs Stewart encouraged each of our boys to ‘have a plan’ and ‘have a go’ when it came to learning more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures in Australia. Mrs Stewart encouraged the Marist boys to be a part of NAIDOC celebrations and embrace the theme for 2019, because it is the only way that we can gain true reconciliation - through a conversation. This linked our Vision for Learning and School Wide Pedagogy of Dare To Be:Challenged,Relational,Engaged and Deep Thinkers. 

Mrs Stewart gave simple pieces of advice to the Marist boys. That we should “use instinct and judgement. Trust your instincts, it is those times when you feel that you are being pulled in a certain direction or you know something is or isn’t right. But then, use your judgement when making a decision. What checks and balances do you need to have to make wise decisions? Accept the challenges that come your way and put faith in your instinct while think deeply with your judgement.”

We are enormously lucky to have Mrs Stewart as part of the MCNS family.

Mark Heiss
Director of Teaching and Learning

Cultural Week

School Notices

Philosophy Club


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Uniform Shop

With the greatest apologies, the Track Pants remain Out of Stock.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer of the MCNS Track Pants has had to source new fabric causing a delay in delivery. All orders will be filled as soon as stock arrives, my apologies for the delay.

June Mitchell
Uniform Shop


Write A Book In A Day

Cancer fight goes by the book as local students 
‘Write a Book in a Day’

On Wednesday 24 July, 26 students from Year 7 and 8 wrote a book in one day for children’s cancer research.

It’s all part of the annual national “Write a Book in a Day” competition run by The Kids’ Cancer Project.

The school entered four teams into the competition. Pupils were given a brief and then within 11 hours they wrote, illustrated and submitted a storybook of up to 5000 words. Each book was then donated to children undergoing treatment in hospitals around Australia.

The Kids’ Cancer Project is an independent national charity supporting childhood cancer research. Since 1993, thanks to strong community support the charity has contributed tens of millions of dollars to scientific studies to help children with many types of cancer.

This was a great opportunity for our students and we would like to share these stories with you.  Click on the cover to select a book.

Tracey Dunne
Academic Resource Leader

Jonah Edwards

Congratulations to Jonah Edwards, Year 10, Montagne 1, who competed at the NSW All Schools Cross Country Championships on Friday 26 July 2019. After qualifying 9th fastest in the state at the NSW Catholic Schools under 15 division, Jonah finished 50th out of 102 of the fastest under 15 runners in NSW!

Congratulations and well done Jonah from the MCNS Community.

Bill Turner Cup - Round 5

Bill Turner Cup Report Round 5 Sydney North Division

The Final of the Sydney North Division was between Marist and Holy Cross College Ryde, both of which are schools who compete in the Metropolitan Catholic Colleges competition. This statistic in itself is one which is quite rare, and has probably never happened before, especially in the Sydney North Division.

This was the second year running that Holy Cross had made this stage of the competition and they in fact won this stage last year, but they fell at the next hurdle. To Mr Fitzgerald’s knowledge, Marist had never made it to this stage of the competition before. The team saw this as their opportunity to create some of their own history.

MCNS had numerous members of the team out for various reasons and went into the game with 14 players, however those 14 players all turned up focused and ready to play their part for the team.

From the kickoff, Marist played with intent and looked like the stronger team. They had the bulk of possession, were rock solid in defence, controlled the midfield and moved the ball around well. This led to them taking a 1 nil lead through a finely taken goal from Archie Bibb, who latched onto a beautiful long ball from Jackson Collins after approximately 10 minutes. However, for all their dominance, Holy Cross managed to pounce on one error to equalise about 15 minutes later.

The scores were locked at 1 all at half time and with the heat and Holy Cross having worked their way back into the match, Marist had a mammoth task ahead of them in the second half.

Not to be overawed by the occasion, it only took Marist 5 minutes to take the lead at the beginning of the second half, with Jackson Collins again assisting Archie Bibb, whose slick turn and finish put Marist ahead 2-1. The half continued with both Marist and Holy Cross having opportunities to score, with the goalkeeper Jack Obern being called upon to help maintain the team’s lead. However, it was Marist who extended their lead through a fine header from Lachy Lal to make the score 3-1.

With the game looking like it would go Marist’s way, a dubious penalty was given to Holy Cross with 5 minutes to go, which they converted. Holy Cross then clicked into gear believing they could find an equaliser. They pressured Marist, but couldn’t penetrate Marist’s well-organised defensive line. Marist went onto win deservedly 3-2.

Thank you again to all the parents and families who came to support the boys. Your support throughout this competition has been amazing! Also, a special thanks to Mr Duncan and Mr Grech who came to support.

Marist are scheduled to play Westfield Sports High in the Round of 16 at 1pm this Thursday August 8th at Valentine Sports Park.

Man of the Match: Jackson Collins

Team Members:
Jack Obern
Sam Donnell
Christian Archibald
Massimo Vescio (c)
Jackson Collins
Ollie MacDonagh
Archie Bibb
Lachy Lal (vc)
Roman Kalaf
Isaac Altham
Jack Jenkins
Jack Bowyer
Seisa Melbourne
Luca Bernard

Matthew Fitzgerald

Harry Moxham

Congratulations to Harry Moxham, Salta 5 Year 9.  Harry has been selected to represent NSW in the Under 15 NSW Gen Blue Rugby Union Squad.

Well done Harry the MCNS community is very proud of your achievement.

Dan Brown
Salta House Coordinator