From the Principal

Walkathon and more

Dear Parents, Students and Friends

Walkathon 2019

I spoke to the assembly this morning about the fine work being done by Br Peter Corr fms in Timor Leste. Br Peter was the previous principal of our school. He has been the director of the Bacau Teachers’ College in Timor Leste since 2014. This College has produced approximately 600 East Timorese school teachers since it was founded by the Marists in 2001. This success alone is making a real difference to the quality of life of the Timorese people.

Timor Leste is a close neighbour of Australia. It is also a very poor country with half of its population living in extreme poverty. Timor Leste became a sovereign state in 2002 and at times has suffered great unrest and turmoil with huge numbers of the population killed in the years before independence.

Br Peter is now working to build a new Marist school for the young East Timorese students. This will further extend the benefits of education to these poor people. I told the boys this morning that it is hard to think of another person that we know who is making a bigger difference in their work to bring a group of people out of poverty.

I have proposed to the assembly that the money raised for this year’s Walkathon be sent via Marist Asia Pacific Solidarity (MAPS) to aid the work being done by Br Peter to build this new Marist school. I am asking that each student bring in $30 to tutor group in the fortnight prior to the walkathon. The walkathon itself is to be held on the second last day of this term on 26 September 2019. This is a great work for our school to be engaged in and one that fits our value of being others centred.


We have some exciting news in regard to Chess. Please congratulate our Intermediate Grade Chess team, for winning their region semi-finals match against Shore on Friday night last and progressing to the Intermediate Grade Met North Region final, in which they will play against Knox Grammar this Friday 23 August.

Best wishes to the following students:

Board 1: Arvend Karunagaran 10MR1
Board 2: Rowan Cargill 10MK8
Board 3: Liam Stankovic-Spice 10MR2
Board 4: Yutaro Yamada 10MK1


The Winter Sports Assembly was held today. Mr Peter Giles, the College Sportsmaster, organised the awards for each team in the winter competitions and he also does a great job of organising all the various sports at our school. Lachlan Don, our Sports Captain, did an excellent job of thanking each of the teachers who have given up their time for the benefit of our sportsmen.

Tony Duncan

From the Assistant Principal

Digital Media and more

iParent – Office of the eSafety Commissioner

A website set up by the Australian Government where you can learn about the digital environment and how to help your sons have a safe and enjoyable online experience.

Link here

Update on Social Media

For those parents who would like information on Instagram and Snapchat, the following two links will keep you updated on how they are used by your sons and others.


Parents should be aware of GeoTagging – the default setting on Instagram is for this to be on and shared publically. This is dangerous and unnecessary for anyone to have this on, particularly children and teenagers.

Mental Health Care Scheme – Medicare

Under Federal Government mental health care programs, young people have access to focused psychological counselling, through the Better Access to Mental Health Care scheme. Accessing this scheme means that young people and families are guaranteed a service provided by a qualified, federally registered mental health practitioner, with much of the cost subsidised by Medicare. Alternatively, counselling can be accessed via Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS) at no fee.

In order to access counselling, a young person must first see their GP, who will formulate a Mental Health Treatment Plan. Along with the plan, the GP writes a referral to a mental health professional. Counselling can be accessed under the Better Access to Mental Health Care Scheme (fees may apply) or via access to Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS) at no fee. The young person (or their parent/guardian) can then contact a Mental Health Social Worker or Psychologist and make an appointment.

Accredited Mental Health Social Workers and Psychologists have a breadth of experience in assessing and treating young people who have mental health concerns.

For further details, contact your local GP.
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Year 10 Barangaroo Excursion

In Week 2 of this Term, Year 10 of Marist College North Shore participated in an excursion to Barangaroo to learn about the previous Aboriginal culture on the land and new sustainable methods being implemented into modern buildings. We arrived there and waited for our rangers outside the reserve of Barangaroo by the water. Once our rangers arrived, the group was split into 3 sections and spent approximately half an hour with each ranger who was dedicated to a different aspect of the Barangaroo area. One ranger was dedicated to the many practices and tools that the local Aboriginals of the area would use for hunting and survival. Another ranger was dedicated to the Aboriginal women previously living on the area and their role in tribes. The final ranger was dedicated to the many modern advancements in Barangaroo and what practices are occurring to make buildings more sustainable.

After we all had our talks from the rangers, we gathered back as one group and headed towards the main industrial area of Barangaroo to eat lunch and visit the nearby food court. This also allowed many students to get an up close look of the building designs of the area and share their opinions about the buildings and what they’ve learnt from the rangers with other students. The group returned back to Barangaroo Reserve after lunch to participate in quick field research tasks involving direction and distance to calculate the length of walks and using compasses to locate the direction of areas. Despite the cold and windy weather on the day, the students gave it their all and learnt as much as they could from the support of the rangers and teachers on the day of the excursion.

Alessio Maugeri
Year 10, MacKillop 4



Congratulations to our Intermediate Grade Chess team, for winning their region semi-finals match against Shore Friday night and progressing to the Intermediate Grade Metropolitan North Region final, in which they will play with Knox Grammar this Friday 23 August at Knox.

Best wishes to the following boys:

Board 1: Arvend Karunagaran 10MR1
Board 2: Rowan Cargill 10MK8
Board 3: Liam Stankovic-Spice 10MR2
Board 4: Yutaro Yamada 10MK1

Vicky Drivilas
Chess Coordinator

MCNS Vocal Ensemble

The MCNS Vocal Ensemble commenced on Wednesday with eleven Year 7 and Year 10 students participating. The Vocal Ensemble tutor is Gabby Bermingham who is currently employed at St Mary’s North Sydney as a Music classroom specialist. Gabby has had over thirty years experience teaching singing to students and is currently working with the Australian Girls Choir. She will be teaching a range of genre from contemporary to songs in preparation for performance opportunities.

There are many reasons for the commencement of a Vocal Ensemble at the College including:
  • Singing in an ensemble fosters a sense of belonging and community spirit.
  • To improve your son’s singing skills.
  • To develop confidence and self assurance.
  • Studies have revealed that singing in a group improves the mood of participants decreasing stress and anxiety.

The Vocal Ensemble will practise each Wednesday in Terms 3 and 4 at lunch times and there is the opportunity for more students to join the ensemble. For information about the Vocal Ensemble or joining the Vocal Ensemble please contact Ms Carolyn O’Brien

Carolyn O’Brien
CAPA Leader of Learning
Director of Diverse Learning


Year 11 Chemistry Excursion

Ahoy! On Monday 19 August the year 11 Chemistry class went to the Australian Maritime Museum to explore reactions that happen in marine environments as well as learn about conservation processes of ships and artefacts. The excursion involved hands-on workshops, observing the corrosion and preservation of ship artefacts and a tour of the submarine and destroyer vessels. No students were lost overboard, everything went swimmingly.

On Monday our chemistry class travelled to the Maritime Museum and learnt about the various applications of science we had discussed in class. Some of which included, the effects of oxidation on various metals, such as copper and how they were managed. I enjoyed participating in the various workshops that were on offer, as I believe this increased my understanding the content.
Jack Mascarenhas

Newman Program

Newman Selective Gifted Education Program - Year 9 Individual Projects

The Year 9 Newman class are currently investigating an Individual Project in an area of interest, passion, curiosity, or in a field for a future academic or career pathway. The aim of the students developing and creating an individual project is for developing their deeper thinking skills, providing a challenging and engaging learning environment, independent inquiry for developing their ability for self-regulation, to empower their ability to recognise their areas of gifts and talents for their self-efficacy. The project development will include a structured approach with a scope and sequence, short and long term goal setting, feedback from mentors, evaluation and problem solving.

On Friday 9 August the students worked in the Academic Resource Centre to bring their Individual Project ideas into realisation. There will be three more workshop days before the completion of the student’s Individual Project at the Newman Selective Gifted Education program’s Symposium on Wednesday 6 November. The Symposium will provide the students the opportunity to showcase their projects and to celebrate their achievements. The College community including teachers, students, families and guests with expertise in the fields of inquiry will witness the innovative and highly creative projects.

Some of the Individual Projects include:
  • Novels in a variety of genres
  • Poetry
  • Artworks
  • New product design
  • Coding
  • TED Talks in a variety of issues and topics
  • Original music composition and performances
To see the Individual Projects along with the enrichment projects and experiences from the Year 7 and Year 8 Newman classes, we would like to invite you to the Newman Selective Gifted Education Symposium on Wednesday 6 November commencing at 3.15 - 6.00pm in the Academic Resource Centre.

Carolyn O’Brien
Director of Diverse Learning - Newman Facilitator


Year 11 Marist Forum

Marist Schools Australia hosted a Year 11 Forum for students from across NSW & ACT in Mittagong this past weekend. The focus was on vocation and how to find purpose and meaning in life. Tom Armstrong and Harry O'Brien represented the College and their reflection on the experience is below:

"The Forum is a great program for students to attend and I got this opportunity. We participated in many fun and reflective activities where we got to know each other better and have a great time. I would highly recommend this for all students if they get the chance."

Tom Armstrong, Year 11, Kelly 1

"The Forum held at Mittagong Hermitage was a fantastic experience to meet students from other Marist schools and connect with them through discussions and activities regarding our calling and vocation. The various ways we connected with each other and God has given me motivation and energy to take into my day-to-day life and discerning of my future."
Harry O'Brien, Year 10, Montagne 1


Careers Term 3 Week 5

Year 10 Optional Work Experience

A reminder that all completed forms are due to the College before 27 September. Boys who still require the paperwork are asked to collect this from the Careers room at lunch time.

Year 12 UAC applications for 2020

Now that Trial Examinations are completed all students who are interested in University courses commencing in 2020 are urged to continue their planning. Boys are encouraged to be attending the Open Days, registering for information evenings and reaching out for course information.

Students should also be mindful that in order to avoid UAC additional application fees that should be submitting online preference before 30 September. Students are then able to alter preference with any further payment.

Students who are applying under the Educational Access Scheme are reminded that all completed documentation is required to the College at the end of this week. Any queries regarding this scheme should be directed to myself on 9957 5000.

For updated Careers information please click here.

Nicola Brown
Careers Advisor


Handball Competition

Father's Day Breakfast

MCNS Walk A Thon


Premiers Reading Challenge

Last term Year 7 students were enrolled in either the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge or the MCNS Reading Challenge. This is just a reminder that the challenge ends on Friday 30 August. For the students enrolled in the NSW Premier's Challenge they will need to ensure that all of their 20 books are uploaded onto the PRC website using their unique logon codes. Whilst the boys enrolled in the MCNS Challenge will need to bring their completed log book to the Academic Resource Centre (ARC) before 3pm on the 30th. All boys completing the challenge will receive a Silver Award and a delicious treat. I would just like to thank you for supporting this initiative and encouraging your sons to read.

Tracey Dunne
Academic Resource Centre

Bill Turner Cup Round 6

On Thursday 8 August, Marist played their Round of 16 Game against Westfield Sports High School. A victory would see them progress to the Quarter Finals against The Hills Sports High School and a loss would see them drop out of the competition. The game was played at New South Wales’ home of football, Valentine Sports Park, Glenwood.

The scene was set for a challenging, but high quality match of football. Westfield, probably thought they were certainties to win with ease, whilst Marist knew deep down they had a chance to win, but knew it would be their hardest game yet in this competition. Importantly, Marist had the bulk of the crowd supporting them with students and families coming out in droves to cheer on their favourite footballers!

The game began at a furious pace with Marist having trouble settling into the match as Westfield Sports, maintained possession and were working the ball around the park effortlessly. It took them 10 minutes to penetrate Marist’s defence to make the score one nil. Going behind so early in the match against a quality opposition like Westfield Sports would signal game over for a lot of teams and result in a very one sided scoreline, but on the contrary, conceding the goal was the impetus Marist required to work their way into the game.

The next twenty minutes of the first half saw Westfield still dictate the midfield, but saw Marist begin to play with a lot more purpose and confidence. The final ten minutes of the first half was where Marist switched on creating chances and very nearly equalising before half time.

The second half was a dominant performance from Marist. Their defence was well-organised, dogged and their precision tackling thwarted any real chances Westfield had. The midfield was industrious and worked well together, they controlled the tempo of the second half and created numerous opportunities for Marist’s attackers.

After a couple of excellent chances were missed and with two minutes of the game remaining Marist equalised with a sensational goal from Ryan Devine to send the crowd and bench into raptures! It was a goal that was a long time coming and well-deserved by Marist. This sent the game into extra time.

Marist had been through this before against Narrabeen Sports High and knew what they were up against, but also knew they were heading into two ten minute halves of golden goal extra time with the upper hand having outplayed Westfield for the bulk of the second half. Marist continued their dominance and had the better of both halves of extra time, but failed to score. This saw the game move into penalties.

Unfortunately for Marist, this time they finished on the wrong side of the scoreline losing 2-4 on penalties. It wasn’t the greatest way to be knocked out of the competition, but it was a testament to Marist that they were able to not only challenge, arguably the competition favourites, but very nearly beat them, and perhaps deserved to beat them too.

Thank you to all the students who happily came out to support their peers and their friends and thanks to all the families that made the trip to support the boys. It was an unbelievable game of football to have witnessed.

As a community, we should all be extremely proud of what these boys achieved. They exhibited a great level of teamwork, respect, a positive attitude and whilst they didn’t win, they believed and very nearly achieved.
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Corroboree visit by Marist Indigenous Students

On Tuesday 13 August a group of Marist boys, accompanied by Mr McGoldrick, went to Sydney Olympic Park to have a Corroboree with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from the Sydney Catholic Diocese. This would be a day about sharing and gathering as a group.

When we arrived we were very surprised at the number of people already in the venue and how big it was. Knowing that there was only going to be more coming, we watched as the crowd poured in. Eventually, 700 young people filled the venue.

A highlight of the excursion was learning and connecting with each other to dance, sing, weave and paint, getting covered in ochre then gathering to share our culture.

This experience was a good way to connect to our culture and to meet new people who share this age-old tradition. Meeting new people and connecting with others was a rewarding experience and we would love to do it again. When we were sharing we gathered together as one clan, one nation, as one collective to share and learn, to meet new people and experience our culture together.

Alex and Ben Cramp and Chayton Burson


Alex May, Year 8, Kelly 6 recently played at the NSW U13 State Championships in Grafton, representing North West Sydney Hockey Association at Rep level (July 5-7). His team won Gold medal. As a result of this, Alex was subsequently selected for the NSW U13 State Squad, together with 4 other team mates. This led to final team selections in Port Macquarie on 27-28 July. 

Alex has now been fully selected to represent NSW U13 State Star Team at the Australian Nationals in October, in Hobart.It’s been his dream for some while, working hard to achieve this but now a great pleasure to play alongside 3 of his club and rep team friends for NSW.

Congratulations on your achievement!