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Dear Parents, Students, and Friends,

On Friday evening a number of the College Leadership Team attended the 2019 Marist Schools Australia Dinner. Each year, at this dinner, teachers from Marist Schools are honoured for their work in supporting the vision of Marist Schools. This vision is Marcellin Champagnat’s often repeated wish ‘to make Jesus Christ known and loved’.

Our school honoured the work of Anthony Munro who is our Director of Faith Formation. The following is the citation that was read out describing Anthony’s contribution to Marist Schools: 

Anthony Munro was educated at Trinity Catholic College Lismore and has brought his Marist qualities to the three Marist Schools in which he has worked. Anthony has attended and led the College’s Indian Immersion Program.

Anthony led Sydney Catholic Schools student pilgrimage to World Youth Day in Madrid. Anthony has participated in numerous WYD experiences, ACYF and MYM activities.

More than these experiences it is the person that Anthony brings to the students in his classrooms and in the playground that shows his presence. Anthony displays all the Marist characteristics, but most significantly embodies simplicity in the relationships that he builds within our school community. We thank and honour Anthony Munro with this award.

P and F Association AGM

Tomorrow evening we have our Parents and Friends Association AGM. We are well supported by this group of parents. Our P and F have collaboratively run our parent functions and this year raised money for our new school bus. Please consider coming to the meeting tomorrow evening at 6.30 pm in the Academic Resource Centre to salute the work of this great team of parents.

Tony Duncan

From the Assistant Principal

Child Safety and more

3pm Finish - till the end of Term 4

Students will finish classes at 3pm for the rest of Term 4 after a successful week trial in Week 2. Our students manage to leave the College and surrounding footpaths within 6 minutes of the final bell. The earlier finish time has significantly helped with the traffic flow at St Mary’s Primary school next door without impacting on our students’ learning time in any way.

A Message from the eSafety Commissioner: Parents, this is about you!
Cybersafety sessions at school are often structured around how we can help children, and what a child should not be doing on social media.

This, however, is about parents.

When you comment on a public post, you are often engaging with complete strangers. Depending on the discussion you are entering into you may encounter people you wouldn’t invite into your home, or talk to at a party. You certainly wouldn’t tell these people when and where you went on holiday, how old your children are, their names, where they go to school, where you work, the area you live and what kind of stuff you own?

You would be cautious in real life, so why not online?

Risks to your children

When you comment on your school’s Facebook or Instagram page – you are publicly stating you have an association with the school. That means you could have a child there. Depending on the nature of the post you respond to you may confirm this fact. Should someone click on your name, what sort of profile will they find? Have you just revealed too much about your family?

Parents, most of the security on your accounts is not as strong as it should be.

Think about what can happen when you geotag a photo of your child into their school and then have a public Instagram or Facebook account. We see this a lot during school awards ceremonies, the first day of school and at other special events.

Think about this scenario. Someone who doesn't have a child's best interests at heart happens to be driving past the school, they pull over and search the name of the school and see photos of your child that you have geotagged to the school. They click on your name and go straight to your account because your Instagram is not set to private or your Facebook isn't as private as it could be. Then, that stranger could understand everything about your life and therefore be very convincing to your child if they see them walk out of the school and say to them “Mum told me to pick you up”, think about it if your child says "How do you know my Mum? they could answer with a whole lot of information about your life based on what you are posting. Right down to where you last went on holiday and the name of the dog.

Also, please be aware when you are taking photos at your child's school and posting them there may be kids in protective custody in the background of the image, and you could unwillingly put them at risk. Also if you take photos of your child with their friends always make sure you have permission from the parents of the other children before you post pictures of their kids online.

We all ask our kids to keep their accounts set to private…time to lead by example.

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Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

Mental Health

Changes in a child or young person’s physical or mental health can affect their schooling and relationships. Support is available for MCNS students experiencing either mental health or physical health concerns.

Please let us know here at Marist College North Shore if your child has presented at or been admitted to hospital or an emergency service for any physical or mental health concern so that we can discuss further support with you.

You or an advocate can speak with the Principal, Assistant Principal, or House Coordinator to develop a plan together.

Ask us for help with:

  • Keeping your child safe
  • Returning to school following a physical or mental health incident
  • Identifying school staff your child can talk to
  • Developing an individual support plan to help stay connected with the school during tough times. This might include flexibility around school hours, homework or catching up with school work
  • Accessing support from the school and outside agencies

We know that looking after your kids is your number one priority - and it’s ours, too. Let’s work on it together. 

Creative and Performing Arts

April Aardvark

On Wednesday 23 October, Year 7, joined by Year’s 5 and 6 from St Mary’s Primary School, North Sydney filled the College ARC to watch a Live Stream Performance of the play April Aardvark currently showing at The Stables Theatre, Kings Cross.

APRIL AARDVARK By Nathaniel Moncrief is about EZ and his gang of bullies who have created a fake social media account to inflict torment and misery on their fellow students. The account’s name, “April Aardvark”, echoes through the halls with fear and confusion. The gang is smugly satisfied with the results, until the day a student shows up to class claiming to be April Aardvark. She is the living, breathing manifestation of the account – a mean, obscene insult machine. She spreads chaos through the school, turning student against student and bully against bully. But is she really who she claims to be? And if so, how can she be stopped? Only one thing is certain – she is the greatest bully that ever lived.

April Aardvark is a play about being true to yourself despite what others might think. When supreme bully April Aardvark turns up at Mildew College and begins mercilessly picking on anyone in sight, our heroes gradually come to realise that it’s only by feeling confident in being their authentic selves that they are able to shrug-of her attacks. This is the perfect play to spark conversations around bullying, online safety and personal and social capability in your classroom. Playwright Nathaniel Moncrief has crafted a darkly funny, complex but ultimately uplifting tale about loving yourself and positively managing relationships that will hold students spellbound throughout.

- Rowan Bates, Education Coordinator ATYP

Students were captivated by the performance and the issues it raised and it was pleasing to hear them engage with the subject matter in meaningful ways through their discussions with each other and staff. Social media, bullying and social safety are important issues in the school and youth landscape and theatre is a great way to explore these big ideas.

It was a wonderful opportunity to include Years 5 and 6 students from St Mary’s in Marists' passion for the arts and embracing of technology to enjoy theatre and the arts in a contemporary way. We thank them for sharing the performance with us.

A big thanks to the Australian Theatre for Young People who are dedicated to promoting the Arts for young people presented by young people. The play was written for Stage 3 and Stage 4 students and performed by students ranging from Year 6 to Year 8. Furthermore, the play was available to our school via live stream, free of charge.

It is important to nurture a student’s appreciation for the Arts. Our future employment outlook is dominated increasingly by computer technology, humans are the key component of creative and original thought. Our young people must develop their creative and imaginative skills in order to problem solve in the future.

Samantha Slattery
Drama Teacher

2019 Band Tour

Band Tour is a tradition that has taken place annually at MCNS for the past 13 years. This year the Senior Concert band, led by Mr Herbert, took the show to the Griffith region, visiting the surrounding towns of Leeton, Hilston, Temora, and Hay. The region, heavily affected by drought, was chosen in the hope that a few of us North Shore boys would be able to bring the gift of music to primary schools in the area that have never been able to experience a band of our scale. The reaction as always was really uplifting and exciting to see. The younger children we played for attacked the performance with infectious energy, laughing, dancing and doing the actions to our songs, namely “YMCA” and the “Can-Can”. The ‘Sounds like my Dad’ joke was back in full force on Mr Herbert’s itinerary, alongside the newfound act of swallowing a fly mid-speech, which deservingly received a chorus of laughter from the audience. The boys approached the tour with a strong manner of professionalism for each show, setups and pack ups were completed in record time, despite the heat and humidity; small things like this are what make the tour run smoothly each year. We worked hard for each show but were also rewarded strongly with what the country had to offer. The stars and sunsets each night were spectacular, a nice break from the hustle of the city. We also visited the Temora Aircraft museum, showcasing planes from propellers to jets, all of which are in flying condition.

The last tour for us Seniors, and the second last tour for Marist College North Shore until the girls arrive. A huge thanks to Mr Herbert and Mr Barry for their unfaltering love of music and their commitment to taking a large bunch of boys to the country to play some great music each year.

Tom Djani
Year 11, Kelly 4


Congratulations Ms Green

In January 2019 our new head of English, Ms Candice Green, was nominated by her Year 12 class at her previous school, St Augustine's College, for the Cambridge University Press Dedicated Teacher Award for 2019. This award recognises teachers who go above and beyond to help students achieve their potential. From 500 nominees worldwide, and six finalists, Ms Green took out the 2019 Dedicated Teacher Award for Australia.

In week 2 a massive parcel arrived at the college: Ms Green's prize was $1000 worth of books from the competition's sponsor, Cambridge University Press, a very welcome addition to the college's English resources.

Congratulations Ms Green and thanks for sharing your prize with us!


Mathematics Homework Club is back for Term 4!

Each Wednesday afternoon during Weeks 2 - 6 there will be a Mathematics teacher in the Academic Resources Centre to help students in Years 7-10 with homework or assessment preparation. Students are to come prepared with their own work to complete during this time and teachers will be there to assist. Students who attend will also be given a small afternoon snack.  

When: Wednesday Week 2 - 6

Where: Academic Resource Centre
Time: 3:20 pm (for approximately an hour)

A reminder that students also have access to past papers through Google Classrooms for the Mathematics level they are studying which will help them with revision and exam preparation. 

This initiative is increasing in popularity and many students are attending and benefiting from extra help with Maths. Please encourage your son to attend!

Amanda Conde
Mathematics Leader of Learning

Newman Program

UTS Outreach Program Presentation

Newman Selective Gifted Education Program
University of Technology Outreach Program Presentation

 On Friday 25 October the Year 9 Newman class participated in the UTS Outreach Program where they listened to a pre-graduate student present the many pathways UTS offers such as the Creative Intelligence and Innovation Program. The reasons for this experience are for the students to commence connecting with external providers to provide context for students who are considering a study pathway at university, to learning about future academic pathways, scholarship opportunities and hearing from current undergraduate students about their academic journey.

Many students are now recognising their areas of strength and are curious about their post-school pathways. To help with their academic and affective needs, the Newman students will be provided access to more external institutions in 2020 to help them to plan their Year 11 and 12 subject selections and discuss with their parents' future possibilities. Universities offer scholarships and internship programs that may suit the needs of our students to help support their studies and establish connections to businesses and corporations.

Thank you to Matthew from UTS who is an ex Marist Kogarah student for his presentation and insights into his academic journey in his Information Technology degree.

Carolyn O’Brien
Director of Diverse Learning (Newman Facilitator)

Newman Symposium


Careers Term 4 Week 2

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P and F Christmas Cheer

Community Notices

Ladies In Black Muscial

Refugees Event


Year 7 2020 Orientation

On Wednesday 23 October we welcomed 150 optimistic and excited young men who will be entering the College in 2020. 

They had their orientation day including the Allwell Placement Test, lunch and a tour of the school led by our 2020 Student Leadership team. 

It was wonderful to see so many parents present to support their sons in this time of transition and we are looking forward to them being part of our Marist family in 2020.

Carolyn O'Brien
Director of Diverse Learning

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Charlie Watts Fundraising

Charlie completed his charity challenge yesterday with four friends from Bondi Surf lifesaving club where they are all patrolling members they paddled Rescue boards from Coogee to Bondi beach where they were welcomed ashore by the nippers training on Bondi beach. The money he has raised has now exceeded $5000 and is still coming in from kind people all over the world who have become aware either by word of mouth or through social media.

Charlie is delighted to be able to give something back to Sydney Children's hospital who undoubtedly saved his life in March when he fractured his skull. My wife and I are so proud of him, particularly that this fundraising event was his own initiative without any prompting from us. All the planning was also handled by him with a very light touch from us.

The event has been so successful, Charlie is considering making it an annual event.

Charlie would like to thank all those that supported his fundraising and the school and families for all the support following his accident.

If you would like to donate to Charlie's cause visit: