From the Principal

2019 Commencement Mass and more

Dear Parents, Students, and Friends

We celebrated the beginning of our 2019 year with the Opening School Mass at St Mary’s North Sydney. The spirit in the Church was palpable. I never tire of nor take for granted the singing that takes place on these occasions. Tony McDonnell prepares the boys thoroughly and Rod Herbert prepares the choir.

I spoke about this moment in history and this is a summary of my thinking:

Our history was represented by the following:
  • In the 1880s Fr Kelly SJ requested that the Marist Brothers commence a school on our site to educate the poor boys in North Sydney. Our Mass was said by Fr Andy Bullen SJ. Andy is a great friend to Marist as having been the Jesuit parish priest over many years.
  • The Marist Brothers have led our school over the vast majority of its years. We had four Marist Brothers with us on the day: Brothers Michael, Tony, Peter, and Frances. Br Michael works at the school and Br Tony is a frequent guest.
The present was represented by the following groups:
  • We were joined by a good group of parents. Parents have always been great partners with the school over its 131 years.
  • Our students carry on the traditions that they have received over these years. Great values such as being there for those on the margins of society. We say this is being ‘Others Centred’.
  • The School Captain, Joshua Willathgamuwa, spoke beautifully of the theme for this year which is Embrace. The seniors are asking that all students embrace their learning, the values of the school and their fellow students in friendship.

The future was recognised by:

  • Primary students and teachers from St Michael’s Lane Cove. Lane Cove is one of the three network schools for Marist Catholic College North Shore (MCCNS) which will commence in 2021. The other network schools are Blessed Sacrament, Clifton Gardens and Sacred Heart, Mosman. A student who enrols in the network schools will automatically have a place in MCCNS.
  • Primary students and a teacher from St Mary’s Catholic Primary, North Sydney. St Mary’s will join with MCNS to form MCCNS a Kindergarten to Year 12 College in 2021.
  • We were joined by Dr. Dan White, the Executive Director of Catholic Schools. It was Dan who made the formal decision for the formation of MCCNS to take place. Dan retires from his role later this term and so it was great to have him present with our community during his final weeks as Executive Director of SCS.

Dr. Dan White told our students the story of David and Goliath together with using Luke Altham, a tall Year 12 student, to represent Goliath. Dan produced a rock and replica slingshot similar to that used by David. Dan’s message was that David was not an accidental choice of warrior to challenge the great Goliath but in fact a young man who had practiced all his life the skillful use of the slingshot to protect his flock of sheep from wolves. Dan took our theme of embrace and said that our students need to embrace their studies and really throw themselves into their learning.

Our mass really made me aware of our history and our future as a College.
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From the Assistant Principal

Communication and more

Open Day
We will have our annual Open Afternoon on Wednesday 27 February from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm. School will finish at 2:30 pm on Wednesday 27 February 2019.

Some students will be required to remain at the College to assist with the Open Afternoon activities in different curriculum areas and as tour guides. The involvement of students in a day such as this is crucial. It gives the boys an excellent opportunity to showcase their school and their work. Students are expected at school in their Summer Uniform. They will require books and equipment for all periods 1 – 6.

Contact and Medical Details
It is essential that the College has the correct contact details for parents and especially all information regarding any medical conditions. If your son has a condition that requires treatment or medical circumstances have changed, please contact the Office with the relevant information.

Parent Communication
As we begin the year it is an opportune time to inform parents of the communication policy of Sydney Catholic Schools, in relation to contact with any member of staff here at the College. Please take the time to read the policy and ensure that in all communication with staff members, respect is maintained and understanding that staff is not always able to return phone calls or emails on the day they made and SCS has given parents the guidelines of a response with 3 days.

Communication Policy 

Brigid Taylor
Assistant Principal

Faith Formation

2019 Commencement Mass

2019 College Captains Speech

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Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

Year 7 Camp

On Monday 11 February 2019 146 Year 7 students prepared to head off to The Great Aussie Bush Camp in Kincumber for their first ever Marist Camp. A melting pot of emotions was present as boys excitedly looked forward to the giant swing, high ropes, and archery, as they bid farewell to their parents and carers for two nights. Once at the campsite, the boys quickly moved off to their activities and within hours they were well acquainted with the other new students in their House group, friendships were formed and support was being offered to those approaching selected activities with trepidation and concern. Each group applied a 'challenge by choice' philosophy with boys opting in when they were comfortable or where they felt they would like to step out of their comfort zone. By the end of the three days, each House group had demonstrated resilience, strength, camaraderie, and independence in their interactions with others, their willingness to be involved and their participation as a team.

It certainly was a successful camp, made possible by the generosity of the teachers who attended and worked with each House over the three days. Their dedication, pastoral care and concern and willingness to engage with students was greatly appreciated. I would like to thank Mr. Davidson, Mr. Fitzgerald, Mr. Neale, Mrs. Drivilas, Mrs. Zakroczymski, Ms. Oliver, Mr. Jenkins, Mr. Dowe, and Ms. Nicholson for their enthusiasm and support of the camp. We were also fortunate to have the support of Year 11 Peer Support Leaders. These boys were attentive to the needs of others, ably assisted with activities and guided Year 7 students, developing rapport and offering ongoing mentorship to the boys in their Houses. I thank Will Byars, Hugh McLeod, Lucas Murphy, Will Micheletti, Nathan Ring, Timo Bruggeman, Daniel Oliver, Byron Woods, Hugh Hipwell, Liam Coffey, Declan Crowley and Oliver Dwyer for giving their time and committing to three days away from their other commitments in order to engage and serve others.

Click here for the full gallery of photos

Kathleen McGrath

Year 7 Camp Coordinator

Creative and Performing Arts

OnStage 2019

On Monday 11 February 2019 the Year 11 and 12 Drama classes set out for the famed Seymour Centre Theatre in Chippendale to see the exemplary Design and Performance Projects from the 2018 HSC Examinations. The atmosphere was electric as the venue swarmed with hundreds of students from schools around Sydney.

When the lights went down the applause ignited the venue with its ferocity of support. The individual and ensemble performances were sophisticated, energetic, intelligent and highly theatrical.

For many students, this was the first time they had a chance to see the standard set by their peers from other schools in the HSC and the buzz and excitement as they were exposed to new ideas and styles was heartwarming. The night certainly generated a great deal of critical discussion that will inspire and inform their own work in the HSC Drama course.

Samantha Slattery
Drama Teacher


As a 2019 Year 12 Drama student the opportunity to see the standard for the HSC Drama Individual Projects and Group Performances was astounding. Each performance and project was unique and incorporated various dramatic and artistic techniques effectively. All the performances were engaging in their own way, making the audience either laugh uncontrollably or compel us to stay silent in shock. On behalf of all who attended that night, I can honestly say that these performances were truly inspiring for us all. It has enticed us to only work harder and achieve more. I am eager to find out what this year’s HSC holds for the class of 2019!

Jonathan Amirzaian
Arts and Culture Captain

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Year 10 Poetry

Year 10 has begun English for 2019 with a study of different eras of poetry. We started by asking the fundamental question: why do we read poems? Here are some responses:

Poetry isn’t forced, it isn’t broken. It isn’t something to be solved.

Rather, it is something to be appreciated, acknowledged, understood.

Poems are like a beehive, upon first reading a poem the meaning may not be clear but as long as you keep searching there will always be that deeper meaning or honey.

Poetry is more than just an annoyance that we have to deal with in high school it brings a certain understanding to life and is an art form that everyone should appreciate.

Billy Collins poem 'Introduction to Poetry' alludes to both the delights poetry can bring us but also the dangers of over analysing and how that can ruin a poem for the reader.

A poem is not just a cluster of words but rather a collection of feelings.

Year 12 English Studies

As part of our Year 12 English Studies course we wrote a letter to our 12-year-old self, to reflect on and share some of the things we learned through experience.

Dear Year 7 Me,

In six years you will be so different to the quiet, shy boy you are today. You will be a lot stronger (and also a lot hairier!) by the time you reach Year 12. Not just physically stronger but mentally as well, and that will be because of the mistakes that you will make and the experiences that you will have.

You will miss your primary school a lot and sometimes you will wish that life was easier than it turned out to be. But to help with the life that is to come ahead of you, here is some advice that I will give you for starting high school and preparing for year 12.

The first piece of advice I will give you is to set realistic goals for your first term of school. It's good to make goals to help stay motivated and help you know what your priorities are. You may not achieve some of your goals but all you have to do is just try your best and you never know, you may do better than you expect.

The second piece of advice that I will give you is that you will have your friends from primary school, but you will make new friends along the way, and once you make those new friends stick with them - but also be open to meeting more.

The last piece of advice I will give you is to keep your study up but also have breaks too. You might be overwhelmed with the amount of study in high school but try to manage it by being flexible and organised with what you study and when.

In conclusion, life will definitely change, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. But whatever happens you need to believe in yourself and not be upset if you fail. Take your failure as a learning experience, and with that experience, you can make sure that you improve on the parts that you failed in. And finally, remember not to let the stress of high school make you not have fun in life!

Yours sincerely,
Your Year 12 self

Connor Cunneen, Year 12, Montagne 2

Newman Program

Year 9 Individual Projects

Year 9 Individual Project

In 2019, Year 9 students in the Newman Selective Gifted Education Program are in the early stages of developing an individual project where they can delve deeper into an area of interest, passion or curiosity. The aim of an individual project to extend the student’s creative and critical thinking skills in devising a unique product that demonstrates their strengths and abilities.

The theme of the individual project is IGNITE

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Year 7 Parent Information Meeting

Year 7 Parent Information Meeting

To inform Year 7 parents in their understanding of the Newman Selective Gifted Education Program, a Parent Information Meeting has been arranged on Friday 22 February in the Academic Resource Centre from 5.00 - 5.30pm. The aim of the meeting is to inform Year 7 parents and caregivers, whose son is in a Newman class, what occurs in a Newman classroom and to provide information about the gifted and talented program offered at Marist College North Shore.

At the presentation the following areas will be explained:

  • Characteristics of gifted and talented students
  • Supporting your son’s self-efficacy and social and emotional wellbeing
  • The process of how your son was identified to be selected in the Program
  • What are the core aims and focus of the Newman Selective Gifted Education Program
  • What occurs in a Newman Selective Gifted Education Program classroom
  • The Enrichment Project, Presentation or Activity
  • The College’s Newman Selective Gifted Education Symposium
  • Teacher professional development

I hope the information can provide insights into how we at the College can best support the students in achieving their potential.

Carolyn O'Brien
Director of Diverse Learning


Save the Date Immersion Dinner


Careers Update

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Open Afternoon

P and F Welcome Drinks

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Community Notices


Ignite the Night

Election Information


Year 7 Time Management

Student Achievement

The Northbridge Golf Club holds an Annual tournament for junior members played on the final weekend of the summer school holidays. The contest is played over 36 holes of stroke play and the Champion is the player who completes the 36 holes in the lowest stroke score. It is an honour board event and the winner’s name will remain in print on the Club’s boards for years ahead.

The perpetual trophy has been donated by Barbara and Peter Mills to honour their own son Hamish, a highly promising golfer whose life was taken at a very young age.

The 2019 Champion is Jack Mascarenhas with a winning score of 150 strokes over 36 holes, finishing one stroke ahead of his nearest competitor. Through hard work and determination, Jack has seen his official handicap drop from 21 to 6 in just twelve months. Great work Jack.

Congratulations to Jack Mascarenhas, Chanel 4 Year 11, the school community is very proud of this achievement.

CCC Registrations

If your child plays a representative sport and would like to trial for inclusion on a NSWCCC team, please click here to see a full list of sports available and to register.

Peter Giles

Click here to view the MCNS Swimming Carnival gallery.

HSC High Achievers

Congratulations to all of our 2018 HSC High Achievers. The results were the best we've seen for such a large variety of students in many years and reflects the continued growth and improvement at the College. Mr. Duncan formally acknowledged the students in a special edition of High Notes at the end of 2018. However, the school community further acknowledged the HSC High Achievers at a special assembly on Wednesday 6 February 2019. 

Frederick Krisman addressed the boys giving his secrets to success. Click here to view Frederick's speech.

Mark Heiss
Director of Teaching and Learning

2019 MCNS Goal Setting

Years 7 - 11
On Wednesday 13 February students in Years 8 - 11 participated in a Goal Setting Pastoral Care lesson conducted by their Homeroom Tutor. The Homeroom Tutor outlined the important reasons to set goals, how to write S.M.A.R.T Goals, and effective strategies for the student’s short and long term goals to be achieved. On Friday 15 February Year 7 students met Ms. Carolyn O’Brien in the Hall for their Goal Setting Pastoral Care lesson. The students were asked to decide three goals for Semester One, where two were academic and one goal for their contribution to College life. 

Parents and caregivers in Year 7 - 11 received a copy of the Goal Setting Booklet to help their son co-write their S.M.A.R.T Goals based on their 2018 Semester 2 Report.

This Wednesday 20 February is our Goal Setting Interview day for all students in Years 7 - 11. The students and their parents/caregivers are to bring their Goal Setting Booklet with the completed Semester One S.M.A.R.T Goals, strategies for achieving the goals, and their 2018 Semester two Report. The goals which are discussed at the Goal Setting interviews are important as they will be reflected on throughout the year in Pastoral Lessons, in meetings with his Homeroom Tutor teacher and House Coordinator, and they are reflected on in your son’s pastoral comment on his school report.

The Goal Setting interviews will take place from 8.30am to 3.15pm. It is compulsory for students to attend these interviews in full school uniform and to be accompanied by at least one parent/caregiver. If parents/caregivers are unable to attend due to work commitments, please contact your son’s Homeroom Tutor teacher to ensure they take part in a video or a phone conference call during the time your son is meeting with them.

Students from Years 7 - 11 are not required to attend school outside the allocated time of their interview - there are no scheduled classes on the day, however, the Academic Resource Centre will be open throughout the day for students who would like to do private study.

Year 12
Also on Wednesday 20 February, Year 12 students will meet with their House Coordinator to discuss their 2018 Term 4 S.M.A.R.T. Goals, academic progress, contribution to College life and any pertinent issues. Ms. Nicola Brown will be available to meet with students to help plan post-school pathways. To provide Year 12 students support with their study habits, the Academic Resource Centre will be open for private or collaborative study.

Carolyn O’Brien
Director of Diverse Learning