From the Principal

Ash Wednesday and more

Dear Parents, Students, and Friends

This Wednesday, 6 March 2019, is Ash Wednesday which begins our 40 days and nights of preparation for the big Christian understanding of the Lord’s Passion, Death, and Resurrection. The traditions in this season are that we give up something or take up something that helps us focus on the real meaning of life. Traditionally we give up meat on Ash Wednesday and on Good Friday and take on fasting on both.

Can we take up some prayer, make a visit to the church, help someone?

Last Tuesday evening our swimmers competed against other schools in our annual Invitational Carnival. Mr. Giles does a great job of organising this opportunity with the support of a troop of teachers. We have some impressive swimmers and they have another opportunity to shine this Thursday evening at the MCC Carnival.

Also last week we welcomed potential students to our Open Afternoon. It was a great opportunity for us to meet with the young boys and girls of the future.

We have a big night this Wednesday with three opportunities all free and worthwhile:
  • Come at 4.30 pm on Wednesday 6 March or 9.30 am on Thursday 7 March to take part in the High School Survival Workshop delivered by Mrs. Farrugia and Mrs. Dunne. Everything you have always wanted to know…
  • At 6 pm we have the MCNS 2018 High Achievers Forum. We have done this each year and I always find it inspiring to hear from our top students. We are also hearing from our top student who achieved an apprenticeship.
  • At 7 pm the P and F Meeting. We have the best P and F, come along and support us.

This is Week 6 out of an 11-week term. Generally, many of your sons will be receiving, commencing and submitting assessment tasks in the next weeks. Year 11 will have their eyes opened as to teachers’ expectations of the quality and depth of the assignments that are being set for the Preliminary HSC experience. Most junior courses will have about three assessment tasks in the year. The NSW Education Standards Authority has mandated this number in order to allow teachers and students to focus more of their time on their learning.

Tony Duncan

From the Assistant Principal

Behaviour and more

We remind the boys at Marist College North Shore on a daily basis that the way you dress and the pride you have in your uniform and appearance has much to do with self-confidence and wellbeing. The teachers have been very impressed so far this term observing most of the boys wearing the correct summer uniform, with a belt, however, haircuts have been a problem and we ask all parents to ensure their boy's hair is of the appropriate length and style. Our young men have been warned on numerous occasions and House Coordinators will now be sending boys home to have a hair cut should they not meet the requirements. Upon enrolment, the rules were made very clear and we ask for parents’ support in ensuring their boys follow the rules they agreed to upon enrolment. We are now halfway through Term 1 and it is an expectation that the boys are looking smart and presentable at all times.

Behaviour travelling to and from school
The College has received numerous complaints this year from members of the public around the boy’s behaviour whilst travelling to and from school.

Students must also remember that while travelling on buses to and from the College they must always offer their seat to paying passengers. This simple act of kindness with no expectation of reward once again sends a strong message to the community, that MCNS sets high standards regarding grooming and behaviour. We appreciate your support and assistance with this.

Tie Tagging - otherwise known as Tagging

The College in no way permits or supports the practice of tagging amongst the boys. This is when a student rips other students tag from the back of his tie. This is dangerous and completely unacceptable; it shows little respect for others, themselves and the College. The College has a very clear hands-off policy and any boy found to be tagging or having tagged a student will meet with the Principal and Assistant Principal to examine further consequences for breaking numerous school rules

Lunchtime Privileges and Flexible leave
Year 12 students are permitted to leave the College grounds and visit local shops during lunchtime. Students are also permitted to leave the College early if they have a free in period 6 or periods 5 and 6. This is a privilege extended only to Year 12 students with the condition that their uniform, behaviour, and grooming are impeccable and that they return to the College on time for their final lesson of the day.

Pupil Free Day
An early reminder that Friday 12 April is a Staff Development Day at the College. This is a pupil free day for students, there will be no supervision on this day.

Brigid Taylor
Assistant Principal
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Faith Formation

Easter Season

Shrove Tuesday

Today our Year 12 Student Leaders cooked pancakes before school on the College BBQ for Shrove Tuesday. Being the day before Ash Wednesday and the start of our Lenten journey, traditionally all ingredients are used up before the fast. Historically, the butter and eggs were used up, hence the pancakes!

Students donated a gold coin with all money going towards our Project Compassion fundraising efforts which officially commence during Lent.

Anthony Munro

Director of Faith Formation

Lenten Message

Newman Program

Engaging Year 7 Families - Newman Selective Gifted Education Program

Thank you to the many parents/caregivers who attended the Year 7 Parent Presentation about the Newman Selective Gifted Education Program on Friday 22 February in the Academic Resource Centre. The presentation provided parents/caregivers the identification process explaining how their son got selected in the Newman Program, what their sons will be experiencing in the Newman classroom, and most of all how they can support their son with his social academic and affective needs. Parents had the opportunity to ask questions at the Parents and Friends Welcome Drinks which occurred after the presentation.

Building strong home-school partnerships where the students are supported is one of the foundational goals of the Newman Program. To further support all Year 7 students in Term 1, on Wednesday 3 April 6.00 - 7.30pm there is a Year 7 Study Skills Seminar with Dr. Prue Salter. Dr. Prue’s advice and strategies combined with the recent Goal Setting Day will provide the student's guidance and strategies on how to work effectively at home and at school maintaining life balance. A letter will be provided to Year 7 parents/caregivers about the Study Skills Seminar in Week 6.

If a parent/caregiver has any questions about the Newman Selective Gifted Education program please contact Carolyn O’Brien at

Carolyn O’Brien
Director of Diverse Learning
Newman Selective Gifted Education Program Facilitator

Acceleration Options for Gifted Students

Teacher professional development is a key facet of the Newman Selective Gifted Education Program at Marist College North Shore. Our aim is to build the capacity of teachers of the Year 7, 8 and 9 Newman classes to learn about gifted teaching and learning strategies to bring into their classroom. One recent professional development was offered by Sydney Catholic Schools on acceleration for gifted learners which was on Tuesday 19 and Friday 22 February. The internationally renowned guest speaker Professor Karen Rogers shared her research into the appropriate provision for gifted learners. Professor Rogers also presented her findings of best practice with acceleration options such as curriculum compacting, subject acceleration, and she provided solutions to support acceleration options in schools including pre-assessment.

David Paull, our Year 8 Newman Science teacher, and I attended an Acceleration Masterclass with Professor Rogers. Her presentation aligned with what we are offering at Marist College North Shore with curriculum compaction and also planning for flexible grouping opportunities for students to work with more deeper and complex concepts. The next step is to share our learnings with our colleagues and to embed them into our teaching practice. This will impact on our students as we will be offering appropriate pacing to challenge and engage their learning at Marist College North Shore.

Carolyn O’Brien
Director of Diverse Learning
Newman Facilitator


University Open Days

Click here for Term 1, Week 6 Career Opportunities

Click here to view University Open Days.


Year 7 Parent Workshop

HSC High Achievers Forum

School Notices

Uniform Shop

The following items are currently out of stock:
  • Junior Ties
  • White polo size 18
  • Grey socks 7 – 11 and 11 – 14
  • Sport socks most sizes
  • Sport shorts 77cm, 82cm and 87cm
  • School cap

I am hoping most of these items will be back in stock within 2 weeks.

Winter Uniform

We ask that all students have the School Blazer and long trousers for the commencement of Term 2. Currently, most sizes in the Junior Blazers are available but are still waiting on some stock to arrive.

Students in Years 8 - 10 please check you still fit into your blazer prior to the last week of the term. There is some stock of second-hand blazers both Junior and Senior in varying conditions and prices.

Year 12 Senior Blazer

I am hoping Year 12 Blazers will be available before the end of March. Only a very few extra blazers were ordered, if you have not paid there may not be new jackets available.

June Mitchell
Uniform Shop

Community Notices

Monte Exchange Evening

Youth Activity

Eastfest 2019

Last Friday night on Friday 1 March, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College, Kensington, hosted the annual Eastfest event. Organised by the Archdiocese of Sydney and Sydney Catholic Schools, the night included food, faith, and fun along with the musical performances of Fr Rob Galea. Over 1000 students and young adults attended the night including Marist’s World Youth Day pilgrims: Zach, Keaton, Jack, and Luke. The night was an opportunity to reconnect with the other World Youth Day pilgrims from Sydney whilst also making new connections.

Y-Factor Camp 2019

Sydney Catholic Youth is hosting its annual Y-Factor Camp in the upcoming school holidays. These camps have become increasingly popular with hundreds of young people from across the diocese participating. If you or your son would like more information or to take part then please visit


Movies and Books

If you liked the movie you will love the book!

Books made into movies are a great way to inspire people who aren't big readers to crack open a book they might otherwise ignore. We have set up a display of some of these books in the ARC.

Some titles on display are:
Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter
War of the Worlds
Fight Club
Life of Pi

Come along and borrow either a hard copy or an e-book and discover who did it best Hollywood or the author.

Tracey Dunne
Academic Resource Leader

Accessing Resources at MCNS

Over the last few weeks, I have had the opportunity to visit all Year 7 classes and introduce the Oliver and Clickview systems. Oliver is our library system that directs students to books that we physically have here at MCNS as well as including educationally sound websites, documentaries, films, and e-books. Clickview can be viewed separately, or through Oliver, and gives access to curriculum aligned videos that enable students to search, research and investigate many different topics. Both of these platforms can all be accessed at school or at home and should become the initial focus for help with not only assessments but school work as well. Year 7 students were asked to bookmark these sites, however, a Powerpoint Presentation has been placed on the school website under the Academic Resource Centre which clearly explains the process of borrowing a book or watching a video. Click here to view the presentation.

Tracey Dunne
Academic Resource Leader

MCC Cricket

U15 A Cricket Team - MCC Final vs Ryde

This match was played on the best pitch we have seen during the entire season. There were two umpires which meant that both coaches could enjoy the contest. We lost the toss due to captain Hershwin Sharma calling incorrectly. It was about the only thing that Hershwin was to do incorrectly all afternoon as we took the field first, restricting Ryde to 80 all out off the last ball of their innings. Some of the best fielding seen all year saw three early runouts of their top batsmen. Of the bowlers, Oliver Roberts 3-9, Dylan Vlatko 3-17 were the most successful with Will Cardwell and Finn Copeman-Hill also bowling very tightly. We chased down their total score of 83 for 3 in just under 14 overs. Hershwin Sharma top scored with 39, Finn Copeman-Hill anchored the innings with 16 and Jacob Knill and Kade Zammit completed the chase, Kade finishing the innings with a 6. A brilliant effort from all players.

Ralph Chandler
Cricket Coach

Swimming Age Champions

MCC Finals

It was a great day at the MCC Finals for the boys of Marist College North Shore. Four teams went in and three teams came out victorious. It was a real showcase of talent and skill, all the hard work throughout a grueling season of ups and downs. The 4 teams consisted of 15's Basketball, 14's Basketball, 15'A Cricket, and 15'B Cricket. However, these victories could not have happened without the coaches who sacrifice their own time to train and support their team. These coaches are Mr. Smutts (15's B-ball), Mr. Rulewski (14's B-ball), Mr. Chandler (15'A Cricket), and Mr. Paul (15'B Cricket).


14's: MCNS 50 - Randwick 57 (runners up)
15's: MCNS 49 - Randwick 34 (Premiers)

15'A: MCNS 83 - Ryde 80 (Premiers)
15'B: MCNS 81 - Ryde 81 (Joint Premiers)

It is clear that our junior teams have a strong future in the MCC competition and that here at MCNS we have a winning culture. Congratulations to the 4 teams that made the finals. and to all the MCC teams that competed on a Thursday representing the College. It has been a great MCC Summer season and what a great way to end it. Now, boys, it's time to defend your titles.

Lachlan Don
College Sports Captain

NCCD Fact Sheet

Please click here to view the NCCD Fact Sheet or visit for further information.
The Marist College North Shore team includes:
Carolyn O'Brien, Director of Diverse Learning
Victoria Farrugia or Gabrielle Nicholson, Learning Support Teachers

MCC Basketball Finalists

The U15's Marist basketball team had a very successful season this year, culminating in a Grand Final win against a tough Randwick side last week. Throughout the whole season, the boys played with passion, skill, and determination and were always looking to improve as a team. This all led to an undefeated season and they should be very proud of what they accomplished. Well done boys.

Ben Smuts
Basketball Coach