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Champagnat Day and more

Dear Parents, Students and Friends


When the time for Pentecost was fulfilled,
they were all in one place together.
And suddenly there came from the sky
a noise like a strong driving wind,
and it filled the entire house in which they were.
Then there appeared to them tongues as of fire,
which parted and came to rest on each one of them.
And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit
and began to speak in different tongues,
as the Spirit enabled them to proclaim. Acts 2: 1-3

In Pentecost we see the end of Easter season. The Holy Spirit comes to the disciples in the upstairs room. Jesus promised to send a helper to the Apostles. Through the Holy Spirit we see Christ present in our lives. Some of the gifts of the Spirit are said to be wisdom, courage and understanding. Our school motto of Courage Conquers All is a reminder of that link with our daily lives. Our lives do require courage.

Champagnat Celebrations

Last week we celebrated the life of St Marcellin Champagnat. This began with our Champagnat Mass led by Fr Geoff Plant of the Lane Cove Parish of St Michael’s. Fr Geoff spoke using two analogies to describe our lives. The first was that of thermometer Christians where we just react to life much as a thermometer reacts to temperature change. Thermometer Christians will do little to improve the world. The challenge was to become thermostat Christians where we set the temperature or where we set the agenda in the world. Fr Geoff was calling us to being active in our faith.

Fr Geoff referred also to David Brooks, New York Times writer, who contrasted two lives. One life we could take on is the Well Planned Life and the other is the Summoned Life. The Well Planned Life is where one puts a lot of energy into planning the clear purpose in their life.

The person who works with the idea of the Summoned Life begins with the now. This life requires us to look at what are the actual problems and needs that we face. How are we being called? What are these circumstances summoning me to do. What is my most useful role in society.

There is much to be said for listening to our lives with the ear of the Summoned Self in order to determine our mission and our way of making society better.

The Junior Champagnat Award went to Olivah Tisbury-Brown of the MacKillop House and the Senior Champagnat Award went to James Netting of the Salta House. These students were chosen because they displayed many of Champagnat’s qualities in their lives.

The Staff Champagnat Award went to Mr Tony McDonnell. Each of these awards was well received by the students. My problem was getting the boys to stop applauding Tony so that I could indicate why he had been chosen. The short explanation for our selecting Tony was that everything that Tony does at the school is done with a thoroughness and a determination to make things better for students. We see this determination in his work at Night Patrol over the decades, at his leading of Immersions to Cambodia, in his work as teacher and as House Coordinator for the Moore House. We see it in the smaller but no less important activities of preparing students singing for our major Masses and in coaching the Squash Team.

On Friday we had a most unique celebration of Champagnat. It was truly amazing to watch the reaction of the entire College to the final round of the spelling competition!! Spelling was cool. It was not our foe!

Following the traditional Champagnat Quiz the College enjoyed the treat of our Multicultural Lunch and sport themed inflatables and a jumping castle. All of this was done in drizzling rain and with the best school spirit possible.

Tony Duncan
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From the Assistant Principal

Champagnat Week Festivities and more

Champagnat Day Celebrations

During our Friday celebrations, students were involved in multiple activities including the spelling bee final, the House trivia contest, multicultural stalls and jumping castles. The rain was not so forgiving but the boys were fabulous and enjoyed all that was on offer.

Thank you to the parents who cooked up a feast either at home or at school to help make this day special for everyone.

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Staff Professional Development Days – Term 2
Please check your Sentral notices for these days. 
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Creative and Performing Arts

Regional Shakespeare Festival

On Friday 14 June Marist College North Shore will be hosting a Regional Shakespeare Carnival. 100 students from 8 schools across Sydney will be competing in the areas of Music, Dance, Drama and Film. We invite all students and parents from the College to please come along and support our boys in this competition. Judges from By Jove Theatre will be arriving to judge all entries. 

Competition starts at 5:00pm and is scheduled to finish at 9pm. There will be a sausage sizzle and soft drinks for sale.

We look forward to your support. 

Samantha Slattery
Drama Teacher

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

On Wednesday 29 May, the Year 9 Drama class and myself set off to attend a performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Capitol Theatre.

The students were utterly enchanted by the performance and totally excited by the opportunity to share it with their peers.

The performance generated much deep discussion about theatre and theatricality. We all fell in love with the characters, staging and puppetry. The production effects were out of this world and captured the students imagination with thoughts of what they could now do in their own performances in class.

We greatly appreciate the privilege, producer; Mr Craig Donnell, provided us. Our front row tickets to this amazing show captured our hearts and minds and informed our theatrical investigation in the Drama curriculum.

Following are some comments the boys made after the show.

Noah - I had a lot of fun, the characters were extremely believable. The set was magical and I was incredibly invested in the story and how it was adapted for modern audiences.
Charlie - I really loved this performance and I think it was a great experience to share with my Drama Class. I felt I could really relate to the characters, they felt genuinely real.
Riley - I loved this play very much. I was completely invested and could watch again and again.
Liam - This musical was captivating and the characters were phenomenal.

Experiencing live theatre is one of the most enriching activities a person can do in their life. Theatre ignites conversation and a person’s imagination. It is a socially shared experience that brings people together in strong community. It was a pleasure to share this experience with such a theatrically passionate Year 9 class.

Samantha Slattery
Drama Teacher

Jena Prince Directors Masterclass

On Friday 31 May, 2019 Year 12 Drama students had the pleasure of participating in a Directors Masterclass with Sydney Director and Actor Jena Prince in our Drama Studio.

In 6 hours of intensive workshopping students developed original and creative performances through improvisation, play-building, discussion and scene development.

Students learned innovative ways of creating and devising and were introduced to a theatrical theory for composition, Viewpoints. Viewpoints is a technique of composition that acts as a medium for thinking about and acting upon movement, gesture and creative space.

The students learned to look at and incorporate the architecture of the room, their physicality and use of space and shape, developing their understanding of proxemics and how powerful this is is expressing meaning on stage.

Students expressed themselves through literal and expressive performance techniques and styles and even explored a previously unheard of Japanese Theatrical Style, Bhuto Theatre. 

Year 12 had a very productive day and had this to say about their day:

Jonathan Amirzaian
- Friday’s workshop with Jena Prince gave me a sense of confidence in my ability to create sophisticated scenes with other members of my group. She made it seem easy.

Patrick Gordon - It gave me a better understanding of how to manipulate my body to present different emotions and feelings in an original and personal way.

Liam McConville - Jena made me realise that we are more creatively capable than I thought we were. Oor group worked really well together.

Jena found a way to ensure every student’s voice was heard in the creative process. She was highly adept at developing students awareness of their ability to work creatively and very fast. Most importantly, Jena was able to help them realise their ability to create sophisticated work that challenges and engages an audience.

Samantha Slattery
Drama Teacher

Karl Ang-Nguyen

Congratulations to Karl Ang-Nguyen, Year 8 Salta 3, who received an A Honours for his Grade 1 AMEB Piano Examination. His piano tutor Fiona Keating helped prepare Karl for this examination, but Karl's hard work with practising for the examination enabled him to achieve this outstanding result.

Carolyn O'Brien
CAPA Leader of Learning

Disney Channel ‘Hanging With’ Show

Cooper Kahui-Chee in Year 10 Mackillop 5 was selected by the English teachers to represent Marist College North Shore in a Spelling Bee Challenge skit on the Disney Studios ‘Hanging With’. This exciting opportunity provided Cooper an insight into the workings of a production studio including pre production, costuming, makeup, sets, lighting, filming and rehearsal. As a filmmaker, Cooper’s experience may inspire him in a future career in film or production.

Cooper wrote of his experience:

On Friday, 24 May, I was invited to compete in a spelling bee for Disney's 'Hanging With' show. 'Hanging With' covers celebrity interviews, comedy sketches, quizzes, mischief on set and crazy challenges with hosts Tim, Joel, Ella and Siena. The show is played every weekday from 5:00 - 6:30 pm, and I was invited to participate in a compelling spelling bee challenge against the hosts. When I arrived, we were invited into the dressing rooms, they were filled with bright and vibrant costumes, decor and props. I then joined the hosts on set, and we went straight into the spelling bee challenge. However, the spelling bee had one catch. If you lost, we were painfully waxed in front of the cameras. However, I was lucky enough to outwit and outspell my opponents and left the scene unwaxed. 'Hanging With' also has a Youtube channel, where they release videos of on-set-antics and comedy bits.

Congratulations Cooper for your willingness to be involved and you are an outstanding ambassador for the College. ‘Hanging With’ goes to air on Tuesday 25th of June at 4:30 on Disney Channel.

Carolyn O’Brien
Director of Diverse Learning
CAPA Leader of Learning


Chess Tournaments

Last Friday, 24 May, students from the College chess team travelled far and wide to schools across Sydney to partake in thrilling games of chess. Teams travelled to St Pius in Chatswood and Manly Selective, where the rich spirit of sportsmanship and Marist camaraderie, as well as abundant skills as chess players, were on full display. Of particular note, was the generous act of guiding the unsure Year 7 students to their away game at St Pius by the senior students in the A-team (Jerry Chu, Sean Auer, etc). Showing that the core Marist values of benevolence and brotherhood are undoubtedly instilled within members of the College chess team, further enhancing the rich culture of the College chess club!

Dorian Duschlbauer
Year 12


World Vision Youth Conference

On Thursday 30 May, myself and 10 other students from Years 10 and 11 attended the World Vision Youth Conference at UNSW. It was an event which focused on some of the major issues the world is currently facing.

The first session was to get some background information about refugees and asylum seekers with activities that really made everybody empathise with the pain, loneliness and loss of identity which people seeking refuge struggle with on a daily basis.

The second session was my highlight of the day. I am speaking of a powerful woman named Khadija who told her story of fleeing her country in Western Africa with her mother and younger sister. Although her story was tragic the way she was able to engage her audience of 15-18 year old students, with humour and grace, was amazing.

The final session was about what we can do to raise both money and awareness about refugees, climate change and discrimination based on race, sex and gender. In this session we have heard numerous ways in which we as individuals can make a difference through advocating for policy changes, making more eco-friendly choices as a consumer and by participating in World Vision's 40 Hour Famine. The day gave us all who attended a lot to think about.

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage students in the junior years to get involved in the Solidarity events and programs that the school offers because as a result of the two years I have engaged in these programs, I have changed my approach to numerous parts of my life.

Harrison Edwards 
Year 10 Mackillop 6


P and F Trivia Night

P and F Trivia Night & Call for Prize Donations – Wine, Vouchers, Gift Cards or Cash Please!

The legendary Marist P and F’s Trivia Night is on again! Make sure you book your tickets for trivia night on Saturday 29 June and this year’s theme is ‘A Festivalof Colour”!

Consider buying a table and fill it with your friends, family and fellow Marist parents or reach out to your class parent as Year tables are being organised and there is plenty of space for everyone!

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Prize Drive so far – we have some wonderful items for the auctions.

We are still keen to receive donations of gift cards and vouchers for the ever-popular mystery envelopes. Vouchers from Coles, Woolies, your favourite local restaurants, hairdressers or beauty services, movie vouchers or any other retail gift cards – all are wished for and welcomed! We are also looking for donations of wine and spirits for hampers and prizes. If you have a prize, vouchers or wine and spirits to donate, please let us know via email to Fiona Moreton ( or the P and F ( or simply following thislink to fill register your donation and the Prize Team will be in touch.

Thank you again for your participation and support of Trivia Night.

In case you’re new to trivia or are looking for a team to join, please email the Wendy Maloney ( or contact and we will find you a great table.

Book your tickets here

See you on Saturday 29 June – don’t forget your gold coins for the games!

EFTPOS and Cash Payments welcomed on the night


Chickens R Us

For two weeks, MCNS welcomed 12 activated eggs to our technology classes got to experience chickens hatch, learn to walk, eat and drink in a nice warm incubated environment. We were able to see them develop their feathers and hold them in the process.

This is all part of the new agriculture units in technology (mandatory) that provides links from paddock to plate, educating our kids on the rural aspect and environmental awareness of where our food comes from.

Four year 8 classes, two year 7 classes and some year 9 food technology classes were privy to having their room inundated with these fluffy additions. We all got hands on with them, teaching safe handling, dealing with newborns and what cleaning should be done for them.

Featured are some pictures of the fun our classes had with them, along with some great time lapse videos of their day to day life. 

Click here for all the photos.

Mark Neale
TAS Teacher

Dare To Be - Deep Thinkers

This is the final edition of “The Language of our Principles”. This week we will look at the concept of Dare To Be: Deep Thinkers.

Deep thinking is a critical aspect of learning for your son and us as teachers as it:
  • consider different points of view and from different perspectives
  • questions old knowledge, creates new knowledge and develops ideas
  • considers the various moral, social and cultural responsibilities in our world
So, at school, your son might hear his teachers say

Take your time to think about this
What makes you say that?
Yes, that’s true, and…?
Well, is that true?
Did you know that before you came to class...what new understanding do you have?
What do you see here that is missing?
Is that a fact or an opinion??
Why do you think that?
Can you think of another example
(To a different student) Can you expand on his point?
Prove why another student is correct
In thinking to find an answer think what it is not, rather than what it is
But what if?
How else can you arrive here? Can we achieve the same result another way?
What did you hear that made you think something new?
Teacher asks, “Is that right?” referring to solution of maths question
You just went from an ‘ahh’ to an ‘aha’ moment, Eureka moment!
Do we agree with that? Different perspectives
Explain that the to the class / group

I encourage you to use this kind of language with your son at home and see if he draws the link to school. Working together in relationships will develop learning and faith in our young men. I wonder if he will say “Mrs so and so says that too!” or “You sound like one of my teachers!” I hope that this is the case.

This brings to an end the series of ‘the language of our principles’. I hope that this and further information related to our Vision for Learning helps create a strong home-school partnership in learning at Marist. .


Mark Heiss
Director of Teaching and Learning

Bill Turner Cup Match 3

The third round match against Balgowlah Boys High was a game of two halves. Luckily for Marist, we progressed to the next round with a 4-3 victory, but the result could have easily gone against them.

Tuesday 4 June was a wet, windy afternoon and those who are familiar with Cammeray Oval know that if it is a bit windy wherever you are, then you can be certain it would be almost cyclonic at Cammeray oval. It was not far from it!

The game began with the wind to Marists’ back and they used that to their advantage dominating play and maintaining possession deep in the Balgowlah half. However, it was Balgowlah who scored first, with a runaway goal against the run of play. Marist replied within a few minutes and then scored another three goals to go into half time 4-1 up.

Knowing we would be playing into the wind in the second half, we knew it would be tough, but not as tough as what it was. There was some promising plays where Marist created some chances, but for the most part of the second half Balgowlah were pressing high and putting a lot of pressure on the Marist defence. With thirty seconds remaining, Marist were leading 4-3 and Balgowlah won a corner. A goal would’ve seen the game progress into extra time, but Marist prevailed, winning 4-3. Being Champagnat week, Marcellin was right behind us on this challenging afternoon of football.

Man of the Match: Lachy Lal

Team Members:
Jack Obern
Sam Donnell
Christian Archibald
Massimo Vescio (vc)
Ryan Devine (c)
Tom Hines
Seisa Melbourne
Jackson Collins
Luca Gwozdecky
Archie Bibb
Lachy Lal
Jack Coombs
Roman Kalaf
Isaac Altham
Jack Jenkins
Jack Bowyer
Ollie MacDonagh

Matthew Fitzgerald