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Dear Parents, Students, and Friends 

On Monday our staff took part in our Staff Spirituality Day at Mittagong. The program that we undertook was called Holy Today.

The program challenged us to find for ourselves how we can cultivate an inner awareness of the spiritual in a life that is so busy. We were encouraged to ‘pay attention’ to life and to live in harmony with each other, with the natural world and especially within ourselves. We took the time to consider the Catholic Sacramental imagination that recognises beauty and opens our eyes to new ways of seeing the world.

The hope is that this will allow us to get in touch with our inner selves to be able to discover a God of love who is revealed in the ordinary events of our lives.

Dare To Be

At our school assembly yesterday Mark Heiss presented the school’s Vision for Learning which is Dare to Be and our learning framework which is that our students are working to be:

  • Challenged
  • Relational
  • Engaged
  • Deep Thinkers

Mr Heiss gave several examples of where once a person could be seen to achieve an outcome it became possible for many more to achieve that outcome. The first example was the four-minute mile: Roger Bannister broke this barrier in 1954, prior to this it was thought to be an impossibility. Since Roger’s achievement, more than a thousand runners have conquered this barrier that had once been considered hopelessly out of reach.

The second example was: female golfers. In 1998 South Korean Se Ri Pak won the LPGA. She was the most successful South Korean Golfer ever.

1998 - 1 female golfer on the LPGA tour from South Korea
2007 - 33 female golfers on the LPGA tour from South Korea
2019 - 58 players are South Korean37 are in the top 100 - that’s every 3rd player are from South Korea! 

Mr Heiss’ summary was once you can see it you can be it. It isn’t until we can see the success that we can believe that we can achieve it. He used this to relate to the school’s improvement in HSC results over recent years. Boys have shown that it can be done. Good results are more possible now that we have seen boys achieve good results.
Be Challenged, Be Relational, Be Engaged and Be Deep Thinkers.

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From the Assistant Principal

End of Year Arrangements

As the year comes to a close, below is an outline of the arrangements for the end of the school year here at the College and the requirements for student attendance.

Attendance up to and including Thursday 12 December is compulsory for ALL students.

Dates to Note:

Brigid Taylor
Assistant Principal


Year 10 English

This term Year 10 embarked on an author study in English - with writers as varied as Aldous Huxley and F Scott Fitzgerald. Here, Henry Truda reflects on the life-changing message of Kurt Vonnegut's anti-war classic Slaughterhouse Five:

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today.” These words are by Mother Theresa but could easily have been written by the novelist Kurt Vonnegut. They echo Vonnegut’s philosophy for life about “living in the moment” and are central to Billy Pilgrim’s story, told in Vonnegut’s best selling 1969 novel Slaughterhouse Five. Billy, the person who introduces us to this philosophy, describes himself as being “trapped in the amber of the moment”. This is a message for life; it certainly carried a personal meaning for me, and today I try my best to live life like this.

I encourage everybody who reads this book to try to understand what it means to them and take something away from it. This is ultimately what Vonnegut wanted when he retold his harrowing war experiences, of which he says, at the start of the novel “all of this happened, more or less.” Vonnegut has a very distinctive style of writing, he doesn’t mince words, he simply writes what he saw; he doesn’t try to force his opinions on anyone. In fact, Vonnegut does the opposite: he encourages people to find their own meaning in his writing so that this meaning has personal value to them. Vonnegut’s clear encouragement for people to have this mindset whilst reading the novel is responsible for Slaughterhouse Five continuing to be relevant to readers today.

My ultimate lesson from this novel is that I simply want to look back on my life and be content with what I have done. Whilst Slaughterhouse Five is ultimately “a book against wars”, Vonnegut also suggests a way in which we should live our lives, where we all love, care for and have respect for each other. So, whilst the purpose of this book is to discourage wars, it cannot be fully successful unless people take on Vonnegut’s message for life, the ever present and central theme for the story: to live in and enjoy the moment. 

Henry Truda, Year 10, Montagne 6

Year 9 English Expo


Marist Leaders Gathering

This past weekend students leaders from 21 Marist Schools across NSW gathered at the Hermitage in Mittagong. It was a great example of the Family Spirit that is so much a part of the Marist Charism. Aiden, Ben, Hugh and Tom represented the college student leadership team at the gathering and, through the connections made and times for reflection, gained a deeper appreciation for leadership in the Marist way. They look forward to bringing their insights back to the wider College community.

Gabriel Rulewski
Solidarity and Youth Ministry Coordinator


Globally, the rate of suicide is alarmingly high, particularly in men. Too many men are ‘toughing it out’, keeping their feelings to themselves and struggling in silence. Movember is aiming to reduce the rate of male suicide by 25% by 2030, and I want to help them get there. Help me stop men dying too young.

Teachers at Marist College North Shore are raising funds and awareness this Movember for all the dads, brothers, sons and mates in our lives.  We need your help. Please donate to support men's health. Click here to donate

Last Chance to donate towards this fantastic cause.Participating teachers:Rhys Williams, Simon Jenkins, Jeff Pratt, Gabriel Rulewski, Peter Sherringham, Tam Dang, Sean Mullaly, Ralph Chandler, Matt Fitzgerald, Dan Brown, Rick Grech, Mark Heiss and Anthony Munro


Carols and Cocktails

Dave Smith Fundraiser

Join us on Saturday, 30 November to show support for our mate, teacher, and colleague David Thomas Smith. As he battles through rehabilitation after serious illness, he keeps music close to his heart.
One of his biggest goals? To be back playing and teaching.
With a musical program spanning three generations, live portrait art, MCs, gourmet pies, snacks and drinks, all money will be donated to help Dave get back on his feet.
This is an all-ages, alcohol-free, family-friendly event.
Thanks to Marist College Nth Sydney, its teachers, and students and Rod Herbert for putting together a great line up. The starting times for all acts will be finalised within the week but this is close to the order on the night.

Thank you and look forward to seeing you there.
  • Tug Dumbly Poet and MC from ABC Radio
  • The Marist Year 11 Rock Band
  • Harry Sherwin Cafe Band (Year 12 students) "Permission To Land"
  • Leo Metkzer / Ben Challenger Band (ex-students) "Krank It Dave!"
  • Pterodactyl Man
  • The Practical Girls (60's Soul )
  • Jonas ... Comedian
  • Steve’s Mcloughlin Jazz Funk Combo
  • Pop Cover Band
  • Bell Hops boogie blues band
  • Sketch Art by Geoffrey Goodes

Rod Herbert
Music Teacher

School Notices

Uniform Shop

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the volunteers who assisted in the Uniform Shop on Saturday 23 November. It was a very successful day with the fitting of about 120 students starting in 2020. 

Due to this very full day, some items will be out of stock until the Uniform Shop Re-Open in January 2020.

Out of Stock Items

  • White Polos size 14
  • Junior Ties
  • Size 82 grey shorts
  • Size 75cm, 80cm & 90cm black belts

The Uniform Shop will be open on Tuesday 21 & Wednesday 22 January 2020, 10am until 2pm. Volunteers are required to assist on these days, if you are able to help please contact the school.

June Mitchell
Uniform Shop


Congratulations Alex!

Alex May, Year 8 Kelly, as he was selected to attend the Australia U13 Nationals in Hobart for NSW Hockey in October. Alex’s team won Silver medal and subsequently Alex was selected for the 2020 U15 NSW Hockey State Squad and also a shadow for the U13 2020 NSW Indoor Hockey Team.