From the Principal

Special Edition

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends,

I have a letter to parents that is included in this mailing. I will now add details in this document for some of the matters raised in this letter. This is a difficult time for many in our society as plans are made for the arrival of the coronavirus (COVID-19). We must be aware of the toll this continuously negative news information and discussion is having on some in society.

Cancelling Thursday Sport for the remainder of this term:

  • Year 12 classes run for 3 Thursdays with two periods per afternoon.
  • Year 11 remains for Supervised study;
  • Years 7-10 go home.
  • Supervision available in the Academic Resource Centre till 2.10 pm.
  • Staff available will work on the software to better enable online learning.
  • Sport is off tomorrow: Year 12 do classes, Year 11 do study, Years 7 to 10 go home
  • Supervision available.

The Berry Street Organisation have cancelled our Staff Development Days at the end of this term. We will work to re-book the staff days later in the year. The changes are:

Wednesday 8 April 2020 will be a normal school day.

Thursday 9 April (Holy Thursday) will be normal periods with boys departing at 12.10 pm.

Supervision available in the Academic Resource Centre till 2.10 pm.

Staff available will work on the software to better enable online learning.

Year 11 and 12 Parent Teacher interviews

It has been decided it is in the best interests of all to change the format for the upcoming Years 11/12 Parent Teacher Interviews. It is important parents have the opportunity to receive feedback on their son’s learning if they so wish.This is going to be a difficult process to manage for all students. Please request a 5 minute phone interview if you have serious questions about your son’s learning at this time. If you would like to request a call from your son’s teacher in any subject please complete this form by midday Tuesday next, 24 March 2020.

We will continue to document our changes and inform you each at least each week of the decisions that have now been taken.

Tony Duncan

Faith Formation

Year 9 and Year 10 Reflection Days

Last week, students from Years 9 and 10 took part in their respective Reflection Days. These Reflection Days are an opportunity for the boys to stop and reflect upon their lives, their relationships with each other, their families and their God. Through a mixture of discussion, singing, and fun activities, the boys explored the themes of the day in a fun and engaging way. Below are two accounts from students on how they found their Reflection Days.

Year 9 Reflection Day - Albert Diab

Reflection day was an amazing day for me and for all of us. At the start of reflection day, I was hanging out on the bus with my friends listening to music and going on about our day. When we got off the bus and got into the hall, we met Micheal who started a discussion on issues that we might consider as teenagers. We played an ‘agree, middle and disagree’ game on whether all catholic schools should become co-ed. I put my hand up and decided to do a speech in front of the class. On the topic of coed schools, I said that I agreed because I think that every student, of both genders, should know how to communicate well and talk to each other diplomatically. There were some questions about behaviour and respect for one another in the playground. I answered those questions and we all had a great discussion. After recess, we were assigned partners who we did not know and did some singing and dancing to many songs which was very engaging and a lot of fun. After singing and dancing, we said the reasons for why we respect certain people. I received feedback from a couple of students who respect me because I love my subjects and I am dedicated to the work. That was very nice to hear and gave me a sense of pride.

Lastly, after lunch, we were told to approach other students and either apologise to them or give them support. I received some visits which were reassuring.

After this, we got back on our assigned buses and listened to music again.

The whole day was a great experience that helped us reflect on our strengths and our challenges and helped with making better friendships and stronger bonds. I can’t wait for next year’s Reflection Day!

Year 10 Reflection Day - William Brennan

Last Friday, Year 10 gathered in the hall for our Reflection Day which was led by Chris Doyle. Chris was dynamic and engaging for all of Year 10, cracking jokes and mixing in music and other activities to deliver his message to us. He delivered his message in a way that drew our year group in and allowed us to connect with the mature, spiritual ideas he spoke about. The day was focused on the value of relationships, which includes all of those in our community as well as friends and family, and the day also was focused on allowing us as teenagers to appreciate life and the opportunities we have. I feel everyone in Year 10 can take away something from the day and learn about the facets of our life and how we can connect more deeply to them. The reflection day was an overall very positive experience for all of us and it was one to remember.

Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

The National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence

The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA) will be held on Friday 20 March 2020.

The NDA 2020 marks the 10 year anniversary of Australia's key anti-bullying event for schools.

The NDA is a catalyst for Australian schools to take a stand together against bullying. The day brings together more than 60% of schools nationwide, involving more than two million students in finding workable solutions to address bullying and violence.

Everyone has a role to play in saying Bullying, No Way!

Statistics on bullying in schools nationally:

  • In high school, the highest rates of bullying occur in Year 8 (29%)
  • 83% of students who bully others online also bully others in person.
  • 84% of students who were bullied online were also bullied in person.
  • Peers are present as onlookers in 85% of bullying interactions, and play a central role in the bullying process.
  • Approximately one in five young people under 18 (20%) reported experiencing online bullying in any one year. The figure of 20% has been extrapolated from a number of different studies which found rates varying from 6% to 44% of students.

How can MCNS Improve?

Within our year groups:

  • Have a joke, but STOP using “Banter” as an excuse for bullying
  • Make sure our friends know we will support them if bullying is a problem
  • Have the courage to stand up for our friends - Stand up for what is right.
  • Don’t be a bystander

Across year groups:

  • There is NO hierarchy of year groups, we are ALL equal.
  • Have the courage to break the cycle and change the culture for next year.
  • Older students need to lead by example
  • We don’t kick other students handballs away when they come to us, we give them back
  • We share the playground space with each other
  • Older students don’t push younger students out of the way at lockers or on the stairs

What are we doing to show our support for this initiative?

Short Story / Poetry competition

  • entries close on Friday 20 March 2020
  • Short stories can be no longer than 500 words
  • Short story or poem must contain an anti-bullying message within

For more information about the Bullying. No Way! Please go to their website:

Creative and Performing Arts


The CASPA Performance Squad expressions of interest.
Students are to register their interest to Carolyn O'Brien:



MCNS Vocal Ensemble

Invitation for students to join the Vocal Ensemble with our Vocal Tutor Gabby Birmingham.

Monday 11.00 - 11.25am
Music Room 1

Please email or see Carolyn O'Brien about expressions of interest.


MCNS String Ensemble

Students who are interested in participating in a string ensemble at the College are to inform Ms O'Brien at: 
Based on expressions of interest a String Ensemble will be arranged aligned with the Music Tuition Program.



Project Compassion - Lenten Appeal

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent. As a Catholic community we are called to interrupt the usual comforts of our lives and reflect on the ways can seek the forgiveness and mercy of God through personal sacrifice. One way the Church asks as to engage with the season of Lent is through acts of Charity and giving to those in need.

Project Compassion's annual Lenten Appeal exists for that very reason. This year the theme is "Go Further Together" which reminds us that with a spirit of Solidarity and support for each other we can achieve great things.

Throughout Lent, the College will be holding collections for Project Compassion throughout Tutor Group to help raise money which will go to supporting local initiatives in countries such as the Philippines, Malawi, India and Papua New Guinea. This initiative aims to help end poverty and promote the dignity of the poor.



Career Opportunities

For up to date information on Career Opportunities please click here.

School Notices

Winter Uniform

Students return in full winter uniform at the beginning of Term 2.  This includes the College blazer.  If you have not yet purchased a blazer the Uniform Shop is open on Wednesdays from 10 am until 2 pm.

Thank you.

Community Notices

Stanton Library

Hi folks

I just wanted to let you know that following the Prime Minister’s announcement this morning, the library is now subject to further restrictions – we fall under the category of “non-essential indoor gatherings”.

This means we must limit the number of people in the library at any time to 100.

I’m hoping you could get a message out to your students/parents to let them know that if they are planning to come to the library after school, it’s possible they will not be able to come in.

We will have to restrict entry in and out once we hit that number.

Hopefully, the majority of students still have the option of going home instead.

Kate Stewart
Library Customer Services Coordinator

Be Bus Aware

Road Safety

We are very conscious of educating our students in the importance of having safe practice in regard to crossing roads and walking near roads. Each day our students negotiate many roads on their way to and from school. Please ensure your child is road aware.

Looking Ahead

MCCNS Progress


MCC Swimming

The 105th Annual MCC Swimming Carnival was held on Thursday 5 March at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre. Our Swimming Squad of 50 boys had been training for the first 5 weeks of Term 1 under the watchful eye of Ms. Oliver in preparation for the event.

The Marist College North Shore Swimming Squad performed beyond expectations in age groupings.

Juvenile Cup – 12,13,14
Junior Cup – 15,16

As the carnival progressed it was obvious that Randwick and MCNS were going to be the top 2 schools at the end of the carnival.

At the conclusion of the carnival 5 trophies are awarded to the school that accumulates the most points in the Juvenile, Junior, Senior, Aggregate and Most Improved [the school whose point score in 2020 compared to 2019 have improved the most]

I am very pleased and proud to announce that Marist College North Shore won 2 trophies. MCNS was crowned Junior Champions [ages 15 and 16] and also Most Improved School, while finishing 2nd in the Juvenile, Senior and Aggregate divisions.

The following boys won races at the carnival:

Lachlan Roche - 15’s 50 metre Freestyle,15’s 50 metre Backstroke, 15’s 100 metre Freestyle

Jayden Screen -16’s 50 metre Freestyle, 16’s 50 metre Breastroke, 16’s 50 metre Butterfly

Jack Dowd -16’s 50 metre Freestyle, 16’s 100 metre Freestyle

Jay Chee -13’s 50 metre Freestyle

Marcus Farmer - Senior 50 metre Freestyle

Kip Chee -13’s 50 metre Breastroke

Bailey Screen -14’s 50 metre Breastroke

Oliver MacDonagh -15’s 50 metre Butterfly

15’s Medley Relay 4x50 metre – Lachlan Roche, Oliver MacDonagh, Daniel Devaris, James Frost

Two swimmers broke long-standing MCC records.

Lachlan Roche -15’s 50 metre Backstroke 30.21 sec

Bailey Screen - 14’s 50 metre Breastroke 32.86 sec

Congratulations to both boys on this outstanding result.

I would like to thank and congratulate ALL members of the College Swimming Squad along with the team coach Ms. Oliver on an outstanding result. A special thank you to Year 7 students who attended the MCC carnival to support the College Swimming Squad.

Again congratulation and well done.

Peter Giles

Year 7 Study Skills Seminar Alternative Presentation Format

As the College has decided to cancel the Year 7 Study Skills Evening due to concerns around public gatherings during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we have instead arranged for you to be able to access a filmed version of the study skills presentation online in the comfort of your own home anytime during the 2 weeks access period beginning Friday 27 March and ending on Friday 10 April 2020. We did not want you and your child to miss out on this valuable learning experience. Now that the students have settled into high school, it is time to fine-tune, assess and adjust as needed their approach to their learning with tips and techniques from the study skills expert, Dr Prue Salter.

Ideally, it is best that you watch these videos together with your child, just like you would if you attended the Study Skills Seminar in person. The Study Skills Seminar has been broken down into bite-sized chunks so if you do not have time to do it all in one go, you can work through the session at your own pace. You can also go back and watch again any of the videos during the 2 week period. The video page will prompt you to download the workbook for the session and will show you at the end where you can then access all the slides from the session that are shown in the video.

A letter to all Year 7 parents will outline how to access the video and accompanying workbook on Wednesday 25 March.

Thank you for your understanding.

Carolyn O’Brien
Director of Diverse Learning