From the Principal


Online Learning and more

Dear Parents, Students, and Friends,

These are unusual times. I have heard the sound of families playing in their yards at home and I think that there are some interesting things taking place amongst the difficulty of this drama. There are real concerns facing families and I don’t want to underestimate their impact. It seems that we need to, now more than ever, make time for prayer, family, exercise, and wellbeing.

Working from home certainly seemed inviting until I did it. I found that there is a need for some real adjustment in the way we see our days. I have had some positive and supportive emails this week about the move that we as a school have made to online learning.

Interestingly, our attendance this week and last week while online is similar to our school attendance in normal days. We have some good procedures in place. Getting attendance is the first goal and our teachers are working to also get participation. Participation is the big winner in this form of learning.

If these shutdown measures continue into the next term we'll need to work together to provide a sustainable learning experience for the students. I have spoken with some parents who say that though their son is connecting he is finding the day to be a long day and in some ways draining. We will learn more as we go forward.

I am very proud of the work being done by our teachers and support staff to provide this Remote Learning experience. We are keen to learn how to make it more effective.

The leaders of education in NSW will be meeting in the next days to decide on the nature of schooling for next week. By tomorrow or Friday, we should have some indication if there will be a change for next week.

At this stage, our school continues to stay open for children of parents who are considered to work in essential services.

Under the leadership of Ms Brigid Taylor and with the support of our Leaders of Learning our remote learning has begun strongly and effectively. Mr Luke Hill has been working to ensure that we are developing our plan in regard to assessments and reports.

Our ICT Support Officers are always incredibly resourceful but never so much as over these recent weeks. So much of what we are able to do has been underpinned by their problem-solving abilities.

Our counsellor and the House Coordinators are working actively to support students who are in need. Please connect with them if your son is finding things particularly difficult. Mr Matt Fitzgerald is bringing together some great Wellbeing resources.

The Learning Support Department is working creatively and actively to ensure that resources are available to assist students who have learning needs.
Mr Gabriel Rulewski is holding the rosary online each lunchtime.

Our young men are responding amazingly to these changing circumstances. They have stood up and are giving it their best.

The above is a quick list of some of the things that are being done to support the young men of Marist. It is not comprehensive and much more is happening because there is a great team effort that is present in our school.

Tony Duncan

Faith Formation

Virtual Rosary

In uncertain times such as we currently find ourselves in, that leave us disconnected physically, it is very easy to become frustrated and feel helpless. Prayer can be a powerful way to overcome feelings of hopelessness and remind us that we are all united in our faith. The College will be hosting a Virtual Rosary at "lunch" every day while we work remotely. It is an opportunity for our community to come together and pray a decade of the Rosary for strength, hope and the resolution of the challenging situation we face.

Students can join the Rosary through the Zoom meeting link

The Rosary will take place at 1.45 pm during the week except for Thursday when it will be at 12.20 pm.

Gabriel Rulewski
Solidarity and Youth Ministry Coordinator

Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

Wellbeing Support


Kids’ Lit Quiz 2020

On the 17 March 2020, the “Kids’ Lit Quiz” took place in many schools. I was fortunate enough to be on a quiz team for Marist North Shore (MCNS). Both teams, Marist 1 and Marist 2, played extremely well. Marist 1 won the competition. MCNS held the quiz in a small meeting room in St. Mary’s Presbytery located next to the school. Due to recent world events, the quiz was held via Zoom. Questions were typed into the chat group bar and each team would write the answers on a piece of paper. Ms Dunne, Marists Lit Quiz coordinator and extraordinaire, sent all the answers to the quiz organiser, who then scored each team. It was a tough battle, with MCNS and Jasper Road Public School neck to neck throughout the competition. But in the end, Marist 1 came shining through as an undisputed winner. Well done to all the boys in Marist Team 1 and 2!

Tyler Sestito
Year 7, Moore 2

Cooking with Year 8

Year 8 Tec cooked Chilli Con Carne during their lesson this week. They both did their own cooking dem via zoom and were asked to follow the recipe (variations allowed due to ingredient availability) and cook the recipe at home.