From the Principal

Reflection by Mr Patrick Fitzgerald

This comes from the Jesuit magazine, Madonna.

How do we see the empty tomb? Jesus is not there, where we expected him to be; we still keep a certain idea of Him, contained, dead. Stuck in the angst of abandonment, and disappointment that follows His death, we, like Mary Magdalene in John's resurrection account, think that something more cruel and twisted must have happened. His body has been stolen. This is the way of the world we know. The resurrection is beyond the bounds of our conception, and outside of the world we know. We stay in the tomb watching the shadows on the wall created by the bright light outside. All we need to do is to turn around, and step out of the place of darkness where we thought Christ would be. Step out into the light of the resurrection and realise our salvation.

Happy Easter
Patrick Fitzgerald
Religious Education Asst LoL

Our Community

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students, 

As we approach the end of Term 1, I am pleased with the progress we have made so quickly to our understanding of remote learning.

In early March we anticipated the changes needed and began moving towards remote learning. Brigid Taylor and the studies coordinators have shown great leadership in enabling our school structures to be replicated in the online world.

At school, Stage One of our renovations is entering an interesting phase. All going well, the structured steel trusses and roofing materials will be delivered and installed to cover the O’Mara Plaza. This will then enhance our Year 7 and 8 yard for 2021.

The renovations of the Academic Resource Centre, Art Rooms and CC rooms are all well underway. The new girls’ and boys’ bathrooms are complete and looking excellent.

We are looking ahead with great enthusiasm to the return of our students to normal school life. MCNS will remain open in Term 2 for the sons of families who need it, especially those in essential services.

Each week and sometimes each day our College Leadership team meets to align our work with the emerging changes in society. Our staff have been gathering several times a week for staff briefings. The Leaders of Learning are meeting regularly to take forward Learning at Marist.

Teachers are working this week to ensure that lessons are ready for students as we begin Term 2. They have been reflecting on what has gone well and looking at ways to counter the challenges that we are facing in the virtual classroom.

This term our teachers and students completed two weeks of remote learning. It has been a strong and enthusiastic start to what looks to be a possible long haul.

Our Leadership team is under no illusions as to the difficulties faced by many students in undertaking this learning in a virtual world. It is our judgement that for this to be sustainable in Term 2, we will need to make some adjustments.

One such adjustment is to introduce our Wellbeing Wednesday on Day 8 or the second Wednesday of each fortnight. Our Pastoral Team has some good direction for families and students for Wellbeing Wednesday and this is included in today’s letter from Brigid Taylor.

At this stage, we are anticipating that remote learning will continue in Term 2. We will check in with you during the holidays to update you on this matter.

In closing, I want to thank the parents who have sent me messages of support this week. I am looking forward to a change of pace next term and then returning in Term 3.

I encourage each of us to take some time this Good Friday to reflect on the reality of death and resurrection.

Tony Duncan

Faith Formation

Rosary and Easter Liturgy

Dear Marist College North Shore,

As we approach Easter, you are encouraged to continue to make time to pray and reflect. I know that for myself personally, prayer has become a major comfort and support.

If you would like to connect with other members of our community to pray you are invited to participate in the opportunities below.

Virtual Rosary
The Virtual Rosary will continue throughout Week 11 and will be hosted on Zoom at 1.45pm as normal. You can join by clicking on this link:

Holy Thursday Reflection
There will be a short reflection on Thursday at 11am. It is a chance for our community to reflect on the importance of Easter as we do every year.

This will be done via Zoom and can be joined through clicking on either of the following two Zoom links:

Please begin joining at 10:55am. If you have issues connecting to one Zoom, please just join the other.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.
Wishing you all a very Blessed Easter,

Gabriel Rulewski
Solidarity and Youth Ministry Coordinator




Teaching and Learning

Remote learning at MCNS

COVID-19 NESA Update

Please click here for Up to date information from NESA.


Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

Your Wellbeing

Creative and Performing Arts

Shakespeare Carnival

Students who applied to perform in the 2020 Shakespeare Carnival were dismayed to find out that it was cancelled due to the pandemic just as we are all dismayed by the widespread cancellation of many exciting events.

Many students had started rehearsals of performances, developed original scripts and started scripting and filming their Shakespeare inspired film entries.

One group of boys, who had completed their filming before social distancing, decided to edit and complete their film entry by collaborating whilst isolated.

Riley Brown, Jackson Hales, and Liam Cunneen from Year 10 Drama have worked tirelessly to complete their film and I am sure you will all agree that it is an inspirational version of Hamlet.

I hope you enjoy the creative genius developing in the Drama course at Marist College North Shore as you move into the Easter Break

Wishing you a safe and happy Easter.

'May the Force be with You'

Samantha Slattery
Drama Teacher

Hamlet - The Jedi of Elsinore

School Notices

Embrace Your Space

To promote a positive learning experience we are asking the students to embrace their learning space at home and be inspired to learn.  Take a pic and send it to Mrs Pacifique at, each submission will receive a house point.  I look forward to seeing some creativity!!  Click here to see students in their learning space.


Philosophy Club


Ms Dunne's Zoom Meeting

Email Ms Dunne if you are interested in attending:

Community Notices

Uniform Shop

The College Uniform Shop will be open by appointment ONLY throughout Term 2.

The Year 11 blazers are ready for pick-up, if you would like to collect please contact Ms Mitchell on the email address below.

To book an appointment please email June Mitchell at 24 hrs in advance.

Holiday Program

An event for K-12 kids to get excited about tech this school holidays. Online coding games, kids engineering book readings, remote control robots! And almost a dozen tutors online to support from great places like Atlassian. Please register so we can balance the groups (it's free) visit

Cian Byrne
IT Support Officer